The Road From Atlantis

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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission

The Montana is directed to assist a species on the edge of extinction...

The amphibian inhabitants of Amithian are dying. Their ancient sun has become a Red Giant, causing a drought and famine that has lasted four hundred years, killing millions.
The Amithian's entire civilization is based on water, it provides their food and fusion power. As their oceans dry and turn to dust the last few thousand survivors must find a new home world or face the end of their existence.
Desperate and dedicated research has brought them Warp technology and, with their first forays into space, contact with the Federation, who has agreed to assist them in their search.

Start Date Wed Aug 18th, 2021 @ 3:43am
End Date Wed Feb 2nd, 2022 @ 3:43am

Mission Summary

The Montana and her crew must:

Journey to Amithian, meet and confer with her leaders.

Take aboard a party of Amithiadites to help them explore a planet that could become their possible new home

Establish that the world is suitable and arrange for the transportation of the remaining survivors.