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The flares of hell

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 7:19pm by Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. & Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson & Ensign Trevor Andrews Ensign

Mission: The Road From Atlantis
Location: USS Montana - Amithian System
Timeline: Mission 2 Day 5


[Mission 2 Day 5 – 0940hrs]


For five days the Montana had cruised across space at high warp towards the region of space surrounding the Azure Nebula. Now they had reached their destination.

“Coming up on the Amithian System, arrival in six minutes” The Helm announced.

"Thank you" Sykon responded. "Right on schedule, well done Mister De'luvia"

"Thank you, sir. Wasn't to much of a problem."

"Mister Ryson, standby to make observations and sensor recordings. This will be an opportunity to closely review a Red Giant star" Sykon suggested to the Science officer

"Aye sir. Standing bye" The science officer said to Sykon.

"Very good" Sykon nodded back and crossed to the Captain's Ready Room to alert Marcus.

"We are arriving at our destination Captain"

"Thank you number one. Raise shields just in case condition yellow." Marcus ordered.

Angelus glanced down and hit a few things, "Raising shields." Also another to set them at Yellow alert.

No sooner had the ship dropped out of warp, than it was violently and suddenly shaken. Warning klaxons began blaring and the view screen was filled with an intensely bright deep orange glow.

The entire Bridge was bathed in the angry orangey-red light of Amithian’s Red Giant star.

Beyond the star lay the scorched planet they had come to save, so close it was almost being consumed by the giants expanding corona. Within a few short months it would be gone.

Now, out of the almost blindingly bright glow a pulsating stream of molten stellar plasma material erupted. The stream was coming directly for the ship!

"How long do we have before it hits us?" Marcus asked. "Well it's unpredictable but at its current rate less then five minutes" the reply came.

Marcus didn't have a lot of time to think she had to act quick. "Is it possible to reverse Warp? " she asked.

"Negative Captain" The Helmsman replied, "Barely able to maintain head-way due to the high gravitational flux"

That was the last thing any captain wanted to hear. For a moment Marcus was defeated.

However, that was a luxury she could not afford.

Upon thinking over the next course of action she had come to a decision. "Helm engage max warp full impulse power. We may not have to escape the gravity. Instead we may be able to use it to power the warp engines." Marcus had ordered. "Number One any input on this?"

"I'd advise against trying to jump to warp this
close Captain" Sykon replied "l doubt we could create a stable warp field in the first place"

"True." Marcus thought.

Sykon looked over to Science and Navigation.
"Our observations may be a little closer than expected Mister Ryson." He commented dryly, holding on to a railing as the ship was buffeted again by a gravity surge.

"And Mister De'luvia, any suggestions from Science or Navigation?"

TAG Ryson

"I've no idea. Not exactly my area."

"No, but navigation and path finding are Mister De'luvia" Sykon replied. "Can you not find a path through the gravity waves to avoid the flare?"

"I thought we were going to ride one of the waves, not go around it."

"On it or around it, as long as you get us moving Mister De'luvia" Sykon replied, wondering why the navigator was not plotting them a way out.


The collision alert sounded and as the intense gravity waves bounced the ship around alarms began sounding through out engineering.

"Offt!!!!!.....Augusfratt, Shut that damn thing off. What hit us?" T'Ponga said as she stumbled towards her main display panel and pulled up a picture of a snake of yellow came for the Montana. "Hold on!!!," she yelled as the ship got hit again.

"Augment the SIF and IDF from fusion reactors A5, B8, and G9. Then add more power into the engines from the rest of the standby reactors. We're gonna need it to ride out the next wave," She finished.

=/\=Bridge if you know how to surf do it now. We won't have enough to try a second try. Turn her stern towards the wave. Warp has been enhanced as well as the SIF and IDF to compensate. Anymore damage should be minimal, but you must do it now=/\= T'Pongs shouted above the noise in engineering.


"You heard the Chief Engineer Mister De'luvia." Sykon stated "Find us away out of here and get us to Amithian"

"Yeah..not towards we want to be moving at a speed for it to cradle us as it hits us. Sorry, Chief but towards it will tear us a part in a split second." Angelus gave a little sigh. Turning back to his console.

"Wait a second Warp field that's it!" Marcus added "Helm engage one-quarter impulse power, head to the nearest gravity wave and use the impulse to hit the next. We should be able to build enough friction to get Amithan.

"No offense intended ma'am, but I said that about five minutes ago. Before T'Ponga chimed in." Altering the course and the calculations to jump in the way and catch the next wave when it hits. Sending it to Helm and a countdown for when to engage full impulse.

[Cargo Bay Three]

Meanwhile, down in Cargo Bay Number Three, as all "Bleeping Armageddon" was taking place all around and in, USS Montana.

Lt Niles McCulloch, the ship's Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, and his assistant Engineering/ Science Officer, Ensign Trevor Andrews, were trying their best, with the help, of the few Science and Engineering Personnel left to them.

Because of the "Bleepin' Bloody Mooshauvah" that the ship dropped out of Warp into.

Hold "Humpty Dumpty" together, namely the Amithian's "Pool". They were assigned to construct and test.

As Ensign Andrews with Androidly calmness leading the pools first shakedown of it's operating systems. McCulloch was wondering, if his first command assignment would his last.


Sykon gripped onto the railing tightly as another gravity wave caused the ship to buck and roll again.

On the view screen the incoming stream of plasma was filling the entire image as it closed rapidly on the ship.

Angelus gave a bit of a glance. Switching his console over to dual mode, since they didn't need Tactical systems at the moment. preforming the maneuver he mentioned before.

“Captain, we are being hailed!” The Communications Officer called out.

=^= -sel! Federation vessel This is Central City Control. Are you alright? We saw the flare nearly take your ship. Are you alright? Come in Federation vessel! Do you need assistance? =^=

"All systems functional I believe we only suffered minimal damage but nothing Engineering cant fix" Marcus replied with enthusiasm. She felt a sense of relief come over two more seconds and they would have been melted.

=^= Acknowledged Thank you for coming! We are glad you are safe. We will send you coordinates for a stationary orbit on the far side of our planet. Our own ships are there, it is safe from the flares =^= Came the response.

“Course and vector coming in now Captain” Communications reported. “Routing them to Navigation”

"Well what we are waiting for. Set a course for Amithan Maximum Impulse" Marcus ordered

"Aye, sir." Calling up the info and putting the ship into a standard orbit. Angelus gave a nod once done.

[Cargo Bay Three]

Andrews, while monitoring the test results, of the Amithian's pool systems test, had been monitoring everything else in and around the USS Montana.

Including the ship's communication with the planet. The ship's bio-sensing capabilities of it external and internal environment and state of being.

Also, he specifically included McCulloch and the crew in the cargo bay, all with the help of the ship's computer.

Andrews during his visual and auditory observing of their forced conversational aplomb. added in their attempts, at controlling their general actions and facial expressions, to what was going on in the ship around them.

He felt it was time, to assure everyone, that: everyone had done a great job on the project; by congratulating, everyone and a few specifically by name.

With an amazingly successful attempt, at moral boosting humour, he assured James and crew that they were about to safely settle into orbit.

Finally that they were about to receive the people the Amithian pool project was intended for.

McCulloch eventually informed Marcus and the Bridge, of that fact when Andrews let James know there was a break in the hub-bub on the Bridge, with the help of the ship's computer monitoring Bridge activity in general.



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