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Lieutenant Niles McCulloch

Name Niles James McCulloch Lt.

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half-Human /Half Orion
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 7' 11'
Weight 302 Lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Physical Description Basically James is like a Big Green "Human".


Spouse None
Children none
Father Matthew Karl Ellison (Human) {Left before he was born.}
Mother Teagyan Beyla-Zhànshì ( Orion ) {Died in Childbirth}
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Other Family: “Uncle”: Brian Chester McCulloch (Human)
"Aunt”: Heide Nandi Syvadida ( Orion )

Personality & Traits

General Overview Basically a slightly "Nerdy" Jolly Green Giant. Socially challenged when comes to dealing
with "peoples" in on age group because he grew-up with mainly grown-ups. James was hardl,
if ever socialize/played with anyone his own age growing-up.
But once he got into the Star Fleet Academy at 18 Terran years of age, he improved by using
the socialize skills he built up working with "Uncle" and his "Aunt", in the "Family" Businesses they ran.
By dealing with Various "Peoples", as his Uncle Brian called the different 'Species" they did custom with
over the years Niles was growing up.
Strengths & Weaknesses Niles' main, of course Strength was/is his Physicality, which allowed to adapt early to situation he found himself in.
Namely growing-up with grow-ups that never talked down to him because he was younger and inexperienced.
As time went on it was also a kind of "weakness". In that he was awkward in dealing socially with his peers,
especially when he first entered the Star Fleet Academy. How to deal with "females" in other than a brother and sisterly fashion.
His "Bar Tender" bonamy/persona help adjust, to work with his peer group through his academy years. He developed male
as well as female friends but never really "dated" any female academy acquaintance. He was almost always more the slightly
"nerdy" friend you went to when you were in academic trouble.
Ambitions Becoming Chief Science/Engineering Officer on Star Fleet/UFP Science Research/Exploration Starship.
At least a First Degree Red Belt in the Mixed Martial Art of "Hùnhé WǔShù".
Retiring eventually and taking over his Uncle's Trading Company and using more "Exploring" rather than
"Exploiting" new Places in the Cosmos.
Hobbies & Interests Niles likes Old Earth Music: Bach, Beethoven, etc. and 1950s;60s and 70s Rock & Roll. He's main hobby
building 'things'. He also enjoys reading about everything from the Latest in "mixology", aka high end upticket
Bar Tending to the latest Engineering Manuals.
And of course his favorite way to unwind "Hùnhé WǔShù", in which he is four degree Black Belt.

Personal History Briefly Niles is an Orphan "Technically", because his mother Teagyan Beyla-Zhànshì died in child birth and
his father Matthew Karl Ellison left before he was born.

Matthew Karl Ellison and Brian Chester McCulloch were partner in the "Ellison & McCulloch, Trading Company.
Which basically ran from there Pub the "Thar a ’Chnuic", "Over the Hill" in Scots/Gaelic.

The "Ellison & McCulloch, Trading Company consisted of two old low warp cargo/freighters the “Gigantrodon”
and the "Rionnag Alpha". Matthew Ellison and Teagyan Beyla-Zhànshì, one of the "Thar a ’Chnuic's" Orion bar maids,
were quite a "item" for lack of a Better Word. Heide Nandi Syvadida was one of the "older" Orion bar maids.
Matthew had a knack for getting into Paralegal side deals to make more money. 'One Day' he got involved that was
purely illegal with two rather shady Ferengi. Who were in fact Gun-Runners. Let's just say the deal went "South"
and so did the Ferengi. Before Matthew went "South" too he and Teagyan had a "Long Good Bye".

Matthew Karl Ellison left not even knowing that Niles even "existed", and Teagyan Beyla-Zhànshì died in child birth.
Leaving “Uncle”: Brian Chester McCulloch and "Aunt” Heide Nandi Syvadida to raise Niles James McCulloch.

In Short, by the age of 5 Niles was learning to read and write with the aid of Bar Tending Tome and Technical Manuals.
At 10 he was big enough to be the Pub's Chief Bouncer. Also, Assistant Chief Engineer and Co-pilot of the “Gigantrodon”
and the "Rionnag Alpha" and the other "Ships" the "McCulloch & Son, Trading Company" leased or rented as needed.

By then Aunt Heide; Skylar Anderson Kowalski (Dru) the "Pub's" once part-time Bar Tender was fulltime; and along with
the "Pub's" longtime cook Fēngzi Fēngle were running the "Thar a ’Chnuic". Uncle Brian ; Niles and other various peoples
were running McCulloch & Son. Niles still sat in occasionally as Chief Bouncer.

By 16 Niles was Chief Engineer; Pilot for McCulloch & Son and Back-up Day Time Bartender.
At 18 Niles as Chief Engineer/ Pilot of the “Gigantrodon” he on an Earth run staid and joined the Star Fleet Academy.

Service Record Graduated the Star Fleet Academy, the top his class at 22, as a Lt.jg, First Class, Engineering Officer/ Helmsman.

Was then Assigned to Star Fleet Special Projects Unit/Cybernetics Division. Under Rear Admiral Trevor X. Andrews.

At 24 was assigned to the USS Montana, NCC 1889 to Field Test The Totally Autonomous Android
"Trevor Andrews" Series, No# 1A-4.., aka, 'Ensign, Trevor A. Andrews' as possible use as a Hazardous Duty Droid.