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Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia

Name Angelus Stark De'luvia

Position Chief Navigation Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 177
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slightly aged looking, however more than physically fit. Do not let the look fool you. Under the lining and clothes, seen more than enough of wounds. Not all of them left scars, however, some did.


Spouse Frejah - Deceased
Children Mirari Victoria - Deceased
Tiergan Vincent - Deceased
Father Vincent - Deceased
Mother Victoria - Deceased
Brother(s) Samuel Dean - Rumored Half Brother
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle: Admiral Giles De'luvia (Judge Advocate General of Starfleet)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Angelus is certainly headstrong, intelligent, outspoken. Even to a fault. At times will not take flak from anyone, including Brass and senior officers. There is a point between right and wrong, even bending or breaking the rules he will take depending on the situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: His will, determination, strength(not just physically.) His loyalty is probably his most defining quality, which also makes it a weakness.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, his loyalty, once its earned in his eyes. His passion. He has underlining demons he keeps hidden, which make him vulnerable depending on the situation. That being pushed more than he can take can even make him volatile and dangerous..
Ambitions The side focus of all of those. It has always been for tactical, and engineering. Helping people. Or just about anything else he can learn really. Flying is a big thing, if its fighters. Not only that, law. That is another big thing for him. That is why she made sure to enlist in the JAG program and passed with flying colors. He's the only knows of one person that has every passed with a 100%.
Hobbies & Interests Actual hobbies, He loves to cook and eat food. Playing the Violin and singing. Mysteries, be it real, or otherwise He can not get enough of. Writing them are also a large interest, as well as writing on real paper and trying to publish books. retro-video games, archery, ballistic weapons(firearms), martial arts, Bushito, and swimming.

Personal History Born: August 3rd. He and his family lived in Dallas until he was the age of 16. At the age of 16, terrorists attacked and destroyed one of the Federations weather control posts in Dallas, killing both of his parents. After that he was moved to San Fransisco to live with his Uncle, who was an Admiral at Starfleet command. He decided at the time he did not want to join starfleet, so joined the Merchant marines instead. He was assigned to the Merchant Marine Cruiser, the USS Lexington-M(Merchant), a Constitution(TMP)class starships that had been bought and refit for heavy cargo runs, with the benefit of decend defence. He remained assigned to the same ship, until his 21 birthday, retiring at the rank of Commander, and XO. Upon turning 21 his Uncle got him an application with recommendation to Starfleet academy.

After his Temprorary assignment on Deep Space Nine, as the station's Judge Advocate General the real story began. His assignment to the USS Constituion.He couldn't believe it. A real top of the line Constitution class refit. He had been so excited he couldn't sleep for three days until he got on board. Once there it was amazing. At the time he'd never seen anything so beautiful. Adjusting to his new post wasn't to difficult. And only little over a year later he'd been bumped up to Chief Navigation/Tactical Officer. With a Jason Roberts, under him at the time.

While things had moved along as normal, the missions onboard never dull or boring. There was something just not completely right sometimes, when they were in the middle of a mission. Something always felt off when trouble was about to arise. And everytime he felt that way, something did go wrong. Angelus never could figure out why, but after long enough he just forgot about it.

As time passed his subordinate, Roberts had actually surpassed him and ended up assuming command of the Constitution. He was happy for his friend of course. Their missions just got more and more interesting. Until one fateful mission. The destruction of the Constitution. Angelus would never forget that day, so he thought.

After Jason had ordered the ship to be used as the focal point to destroy an asteroid outpost. Angelus and the rest of the crew had to await rescue. It gave him alot of time to think about what he'd done so far. His past and future. One of those things was what he was missing. He had his was going up and up all the time. He couldn't place his finger on what the other was at the time.

On to the charges. His previous work as a Judge Advocate General gave him prime opportunity to defend Jason on the charges he'd been brought up on for the destruction of the Constituation by Captain Andrews. Whom he did not like to begin with. Eventually the chargers were dropped, which put a notch on Angelus' belt for winning his case.

While the case had been going on he had also been helping with the technical specs for the new Excelsior-Refit Class vessel, that would be the next Enterprise's class, albeit would not be finished for another 20 years. Along with the departure of the executive officer, Lieutenant Commander Pheonix, there was need for a new one. Angelus was flattered to find out that Jason had him in mind. He accepted the post and been there ever since.

A new turn of events had taken place recently.

There had been an influx of new crew members lately. Which wasn't necessarily unusual. Not in general. What was, is that there was one officer in particular, Chief of security, Frejah Roex, that he really did not think much about except that he found it mildly curious how she reacted around him. It was that way for a couple of weeks, until one day he was in her office and for whatever reasons she had she got bold enough to tell him what she'd been feeling. Angelus felt like a jackass at that point. He never considered the possibility.

Evidently, she had originally been engaged, but it was only after eight days of seeing the guy. After expressing her feelings for Angelus, she'd decided that Dylan was not who she wanted. They talked extensively about him, and about her ex, Axel. Who, Frejah was deathly afraid of. Angelus made a promise to her that he would never let him hurt her again. Then they found out Axel had escaped from prison.

Angelus had put out some alerts about Axel, but for a while that was it. Angelus and Frejah had started to spend alot of thier free time together. Though it had been agreed not to let anyone know, Angelus could barely contain himself. If the job hadn't kept him busy he'd spent all of his time with her in his thoughts. She was so wonderful. He hated having to keep it a secret, but it was what they agreed on so he'd honor it. Everything seemed so perfect until the last mission they were ordered to.

The USS Proteus had been disabled by an old mine field. The Constitution was dispatched to move in and find a way though the field, repair what they could, and get the Proteus out of there. Everything had been going, mostly as planned. Though shuttles had to be used to get over to the Proteus, instead of being able to get the Constitution close enough to transport, to begin with. About the time it was noticed the minefield had been disabled, Angelus had one of those feelings he'd long forgotten. It was not that he hadn't had them, he had. Only this time, it was so prominate and so strong he could not stand it.

Angelus thought his body would just shut down when he heard the call from Dr. Pierce. There was a medical emergency. One critical, one injured. He'd made his way to sickbay as fast as he could. When he got there and found out the situation, he snapped. So long ago, that part that he couldn't put his finger on that was missing from his life. He now knew what it was. It was love. He loved Frejah and the though of not being able to tell her that sent him reeling. He tried to kill the man who hurt her, who happened to be Axel. He'd somehow gotten on the Proteus. That of course put Angelus in a rather unpleasent position, such as being put in the brig. He didn't care however. All that was on his mind at that point was Frejah. His love for her was immense after seeing her in sickbay like that.

With Frejah still in sickbay, and Axel now in the brig the reprimand on Angelus lifted he spent all of his waking off duty, and sleeping time there, at her side. Unfortunately the freedom wouldn't last long. Somehow Axel managed to snake a phaser away from one of the security officers and get out of the brig. Jason had happened to be in sickbay talking to Angelus when it happened. Axel had used the jeffress tubes to get to sickbay and now held Frejah at phaser point. Angelus tried to make Axel angry towards himself. Let her go and in the least take it out on him instead of her. All he cared about keeping her safe was his primary concern. His own life was secondary. As it worked out, the phaser wasn't set up for anyone else to use. When the click of the trigger was made, Angelus' heart stopped. Literally for a moment. Someone yelled 'fire' and that's what he did. Unfortunately, he hadn't lied when he told Axel he had the rifle directly aim at his eye. Axel fell down dead in a blink.

Since that time there were charges of murder placed on him. And that's what it was to be technical about it. Angelus thought his career was over. He didn't care. He loved Frejah and she was alive for him to tell that to. So she would know, no matter what happened. Those too were dropped, some kind of technical matter.

Angelus had found any time he spends with her to be cherished and precious. When he thinks back to that time in the escape pod, and not realizing what he was missing, and now what he has, he understood it all. Why he'd done what he did, how much she meant to him. Even what the gut feelings were. It was a connection, something that wouldn't be broken lightly, and something he'd fight to his last breath for.

Unfortunately in with that fight, Frejah had not survived her injuries and the complications during child birth some days later. The two children, Mirari Victoria, and Tiergan Vincent, after their parents died as well.

Of course being utterly destroy, and a long grieving process, Angelus decided that ship, at least for him was utterly toxic. He put in for a transfer request. Anything, even an Oberth class. Now, that story continues.
Service Record Merchant Marine Cruiser, the USS Lexington-M(Merchant) - Commander and Executive Officer (Retired)


General Tactical and Advanced Tactical, General Navigation, Advanced Navigation, General Engineering, Advanced Engineering, Command, Senior Officer's Training, Operations, Basic Medical, Basic Security, Advanced Close Quarters Combat level four, Judge Advocate General (Passed the Bar)

Deep Space Nine - Judge Advocate General

USS Constitution - Chief Navigation/Tactical Officer

USS - Chief Navigation/Tactical Officer


- Most Improved(June 2021)

- 20th Anniversary Award(June 4th 2021)

- Genesis(August 2021)

- MVP(August 2021)