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Into the Azure

Posted on Mon Sep 13th, 2021 @ 12:15pm by Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson

Mission: The Road From Atlantis
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Mission 2 Day 1


[Mission 2 Day 1]

[11.30hrs: Bridge]

“That’s the final transmission of data from Commodore Reynolds sir” The Communications Officer reported to Sykon.

“We have the location and course for Amithian; the chemical formula for the pool solution, anthropology reports on the Amithidates and the names of the party who will be coming aboard”

“Thank you” Sykon acknowledged, in the absence of a Security Chief he had been completing checks of the Montana’s weaponry and defensive systems. “Pass the solution data to Mister Ryson.”

Turning to De’Luvia he continued “Review the Amithian system and planetary data Mister De’luvia, lay in your course and standby for departure. I will alert the Captain”

"Yes, sir." Giving a nod and looking down, pushing along the console to bring it up, while at the same time, laying in the course for helm.

Sykon let the Helmsman review the data then asked. "Do you foresee any problems entering the system, Red Giants normally produce excessive radiation and expand out into the orbit of nearby planets."

Angelus shook his head, "Not that I am aware of. The defense fields should filter it out, and if necessary we can raise the shields. As long as we don't get to close."

"We will be relying on you for that Mister De'luvia" Syken replied dryly and then crossed the Bridge to the Captain’s Ready Room.

Tapping the chime, he entered. Marcus was at her desk.

“Captain, we have received the Mission data from Command. Helm is plotting a course and preparing for departure on you order”

"Well then when are we waiting for? Have Helm set a course for Amithan, Warp speed four." Marcus ordered.

[Science Lab]

The computer beeped and announced “Incoming data for USS Montana Science department from Commodore Reynolds”

The screen displayed a breakdown of the chemical cocktail for the Amithidates pool, instructions for manufacturing it aboard ship and ratios for mixing with water.

Travis leaned over the computer to examine the needed ingredients and data needed for the mixture. He then downloaded the instructions and ingredients to his PADD and began to replicate the needed ingredients to create a sample.


“We’ve ran the final pre-flight checks Commander” A Technician Chief Petty Officer reported to T’Ponga “Tightened up that starboard plasma manifold and brought on extra dylithium crystals as ordered. Everything looks good for departure.”

The Engineer nodded, "Inform the Bridge we're ready"

[Cargo Bay Three]

An hour ago significant quantities of eight by twelve foot transparent aluminum sheets; six foot lengths of lightweight but strong duralloy girders; boxes of bolts; pipes; hoses; connectors; filters; heating elements and the various parts of the pump system T’Ponga had ordered, had been transported into the empty bay from the Starbase’s stores.

The components were stacked neatly around the sides of the bay, leaving an open space for construction in the middle.

McCulloch and Andrews, assisted by a team of Engineers, started work.


Following Marcus out of her Ready Room back to the Bridge Sykon called to the communications officer. "Notify the starbase we are ready to depart and then give me shipwide hail"

"Aye sir" Came the response as he spoke with the Starbase dockyard control, then activated the Montana's communication system and nodded to Sykon.

"All hands this is the Bridge. Close the main hatch. Drop umbilical's and secure all moorings. Standby for departure"

He turned to the helm "Mister De'luvia standby to release docking clamps and get underway on the Captain's word"

He tapped along the console again, "Cleared."

Once Marcus had taken her seat Sykon asked "Captain, do you wish to address the crew as we set off on our first assignment?"

"Yes I believe I should, thanks Number One" Marcus replied. "Open a episode hail" Marcus added.
"Aye sir" Came the response.

"Attention crew this is your captain speaking. As you may or may not know we are embarking a mission to an unknown planet. Not much is known about it other than the planet is aquatic.

However, with that said their planet is dying. It is our duty, as we have been asked to assist them with relocation to another planet of their choosing. I ask that you all bear with me as this is the first mission we have attempted as a crew.

With that said let's get this Mission done. Captain out"

"How was that Number One?" Marcus jokingly asked.

"I'm sure the crew will find it inspiring Captain" Sykon replied. "Take us out Mister De'luvia"

Angelus gave a curious looks since he figured Helm should be doing that, but went ahead.



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