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To go where the ocean was deep

Posted on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 @ 4:11am by Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. & Ensign Trevor Andrews Ensign & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok & Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson & Andarin of Amithian
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Mission: The Road From Atlantis
Location: Amithian
Timeline: Md 5 11.00hrs
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[Mission Day 5 11.00 Hrs]


As the Montana rounded the planet and moved into its shadow the viewscreen returned to normal, ahead of the vessel lay a small flotilla of ships. There were several smaller craft, inter-system capable only by their size and configuration.

A little further off were two larger ships, though still smaller than the Montana. Slender, elegant designs, with what appeared to be three warp nacelles mounted around a central spherical hull.

"Mister De'luvia. Find us a place near their ships and set up orbital station keeping so we remain in the planet's shadow"
Sykon requested

Angelus gave a particular look at the area for a few good moments before picking a spot. Finally moving them into that spot.

Below the Montana lay the planet of Amithian, slightly larger than Earth it had a rotational day of around thirty hours. It appeared to be a brownish, yellow, rocky, inhospitable place. Much of it was flat, open plains, with occasional outcrops of higher ground. Along the edges of these were the abandoned ruins of what had once been coastal cities.

There were only a few dotted areas of water, all of these were in sunken basins within the arid plains. The largest body of water lay within a deep trench, several thousand miles long, that ran a jagged course near the planet’s equator.

Down within the trench could be seen the lights and energy signatures of the planet’s last surviving cities.

“It would appear they have retreated to what were once deep ocean trenches” Sykon observed from the sensor data.

“They are some four miles below the plains, or what was once ocean floor. The depth and relative narrowness of the trenches are slowing the evaporation of their ocean, but the situation is dire. Every rotation they must lose many thousands of metric tons of water.”

“Can you estimate how long they have left Mister Ryson? Commodore Reynolds said less than six months...” He asked the Science Officer.

"According to my calculations, I'd say about 4-6 months, tops" he reported honestly.

"Understood, it would seem that our mission will be urgent" Sykon commented. Then activated the comm system.
=^= Mister McCulloch and Mister Andrews, you may transport up and analyze a small quantity of their water in the lab for comparison with the pool water. =^=

=^= We Rodger, that, Bridge. proceeding ASAP. =^= James, acknowledged.

=^= Inform Mister Ryson of the results =^= Sykon concluded.

"Okay, Andy, Your on." James said after finishing signing off to the ship's Bridge.

ENS Trevor Andrews, activated the Ship's Transporter System through the ship's Mainframe. "Spot Beaming" as little, as needed of the planet's remaining water supply, to make an analytic comparison.

While 'ordering' the ship's Mainframe, to run every conceivable test on the "sample" and their "copying attempt" for any variation between, the two.

"The full sequence of tests will take in earth standard time One hour; 27 Minutes; 32 seconds, to fully complete, James, Mr. Ryson, Mr. Sykon, Capt.", replied, by directly talking to James, and comm.-ing Directly the Bridge and the Sci-Lab, through the ship's Comm-System.

-Andrews immediately stopped moving and was at parade attention; with only his eyes blinking. While James and everyone-else in Cargo bay-3 were cleaning-up 'the construction site'. Making Cargo-Bay-3 ready to receive Their Guests.

When Andrews still not moving said:
" Everyone the Preliminary Transporter Molecular Signature Trace Tests showing only minor differences. ...Owing to when the original work-from-formula, for "The Copy" and The Present conditions existing on the planet." Andrews reported very-flatly, owing to the fact that he and The Mainframe were operating as one-unit.

=^= Congratulations, Mr. Ryson, sir. You only need adjust the amounts of only a few Trace Elements. Their list should be at your work station storage buffer in the Sci-Labs and on the Bridge now. The exact compounding with each other and other common elements we be there in 52 Minutes; 31seconds. =^=

=^= Acknowledged. Thank you Mister Andrews =^= Ryson said as he began to examine the list.

Mr. Andrews, replied =^= You're Welcome, Mr. Ryson, Sir. I'll be sure you get the correct adjustments in Trace Element amount calibrations when test are finished. =^=


"Did we suffer much damage, and any estimate on repair time Commander?" Sykon asked T'Ponga who had come up to the Bridge

"I do not see anything major that should interfere with our current mission. I also have damage assessment teams double checking all, other problems that are minor and where necessary temporary-work-arounds are in place. If anything major is hiding somewhere they will let me know immediately should they not be able to fix it" T'Ponga said smiling.

"Thank you Commander" Sykon acknowledged.

“Incoming transmission Captain” Communications announced.

The viewscreen flickered and the image of a Male Humanoid figure appeared. Looking a little shorter than the average Human, a face that was rounder, with a small flatter nose, instead of round nostrils there were two slits. A wide mouth, with thin lips; small, tucked-in ears. Larger eyes, with dark pupils, an open and frank look to them.

His skin completion was a soft grayish color that dappled and lightened around his face and neck, almost to a sandy-white. The man was trim and athletic, but elderly to judge by the short gray hair that ran back over the middle of his head in a wide central stripe and the trace of thin lines in his skin.

He wore what looked like a sort of brightly colored kimono, with swirling blue and coral-pink patterns, over a dark gray undershirt; a large silver chain, with seashell motifs, hung around his neck. There were a further series of slits each side of his neck, like the ones that formed his nostrils.

As he raised his left hand in greeting, it could be seen there was webbing between his fingers. He gave a thin but genuine smile, although he had a deep air of fatigue and tiredness about him.

=^=Greetings. I am Andarin. First Speaker of the Council. Welcome to Amithian! I hope you were not damaged by the solar flare. They get worse every day.

We are so very pleased you have come to help us!

It is a miracle for us to have found the Federation. Welcome, welcome! =^= His voice was soft with a slight lisp and accent.

=^=Well that's what we're here for. Lets just hope we can get you all relocated.=^= Marcus replied =^=With your permission we will come down to meet with you in person=^=

=^=Gladly=^= Andarin agreed. =^=Come to the Council Palace, we will send you the coordinates =^=

"Number one follow me to the Transporter. Angelus You have the bridge tell I return"

"Aye sir" The Vulcan fell in behind and followed Marcus to the Bridge turbolift.

"Yes, Emmalyn." Standing up and signaling for his relief to take over there. Angelus moved to the center chair.

"T'Ponga you and Mister Ryson too. We're gonna go down to the surface" Marcus instructed.

"Understood Captain," T'Ponga said calmly.

The group entered the turbolift and headed for the Transporters

McCulloch reports to the Officer on Duty on The Bridge. Then over the Ship's Comm. System, once he finds out the Capt. has left the Bridge, to meet the Amithian Representative Andiran.

=^=The pool in Cargo Bay-3 will be completely ready, to receive our "Guests" in at least Two Hours, unless Mr. Ryson, needs longer to put some essential finishing touches on the Pool's Water Formula, Sir. =^=

=^= Once the pool is set up, I will inspect it visually, not that I don't have confidence in my people, but the last thing we need is an interplanetary disaster happen, =^= T'Ponga replied, on her way, the Transporter Room. In Person to the Capt. Marcus and over the com-link on her way to the Transporter Room.

"It should take me more than half of that time frame. The formula itself is about 75% complete. After that, we just need to fill the pool," Ryson reported.

[Cargo Bay-3]

Andrews while running the Pool water formula comparison assessment, is also monitoring ship's mission essential systems. Such as the Transporter Systems, especially after the minor trouble he had getting the Planet's comparison water sample.

Thus, leaving a Heisenberg Phase Convert Coupling, Check Warning Light "Flashing" on the Ship's Transporter Control Panels.

" Okay gang CSO Ryson almost has the Final water formula ready. So, let's give the whole Thing one more Systems Checking out run." Assist. CEO James McCulloch , 'suggests' to The Engineering crew in Cargo Bay-3.

" Rodger, That, Boss." replies ENS Andrews, as he sets-up the Ship's Replicator System with Crews help. By literally fabricating a "Piping-In" set-up from a Ship's Replicator System Tie-in to "The Pool". Instead relying on the "Transporter" System, for more precise Quantity and Quality assurance.




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