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Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara

Name T'Ponga Jareel Shemara

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Weight 65.77 kg
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Well built, graceful moves but sure, soft voiced but with a firm controlled tone. Scar on left side of abdomen through and out her back.


Spouse CEO Lt. Mark Arca (KIA)
Children 1 daughter T'Pring Jareel Shemara Arca Born 10606.22
1 son William K'Vas Shemara Arca Born 10606.22
Father Cmdr. Jake Jareel Hanson. (Human)
Mother Ambassador T'Lompa Soonat, Vulcan House of Soonat. (Vulcan)
Brother(s) Brother, Syrok Hanson

Sister(s) Adopted Sister, J'Loni Shirlak Mo'Bri (Randolph married name)
Other Family Vulcan Engineering, Vulcan Geological University of Science, Grand mother Vulcan Ambassador to UFP

Personality & Traits

General Overview Her schooling was intense as her mother guided her in the arts of meditation, logical thought, knowledge of many techniques to aid in the Vulcan rites and rituals and self defense. Father on the other hand, completed her basic training in Engineering, showing her the various specifications of SF ships and the Klingon bird of prey. He also taught her the Romulan ships as well. She joined Starfleet Academy after serving many years in the Vulcan merchant marine, and studied every aspect of Warp Propulsion, Engine designs, Impulse propulsion, and many more aspects of Engineering.
She also studied ancient Earth history and in particular the American Indian Tribes. She found their ways simplistic and very logical because they had the ability to coexist with nature in ways that we can't.
Being the curious type of person that she was as well, she also took on more studies in all aspects of computer technology and programming. She also studied computer logistics and learned some new tricks that she has and will continue to use during her tenure in Starfleet.

Ambitions To be the best CEO in starfleet. And in any other position I may be at. Eventually have my own command again.
Hobbies & Interests She is still learning things that are new and old. She has a pet passion for meditation music and she even took up Music and Instruments as a hobby and a course from the Academy but not from Starfleet but on my home planet of Shondrel 5.

Personal History The house of Soonat is a distinguished house. Her mother was a professor in the University of geological section, and she was the Ambassador to Vulcan. Being Vulcan herself, she was well known for her Ambassadorial prowess. Her father was Head of the Vulcan Engineering shipyard on Shondrel 5 even though he was human. He was it's Chief Engineering Officer. Her father was a renowned Chief Engineer. Growing up on Shondrel 5 was ok she'd guess except when her schoolmates gave her the nickname of "Vulman". You know half Human and half Vulcan. But more of a Vulcan than a Human at times. She has her mothers control and logical mind but when the Human side gets the best of me the quiet side disappears and then you need to take great care in not making my blood boil. :: smiles sweetly::

During her time on the various Vulcan ships she served on, there were occasions where she would lose control and have to take two or three short LOA's because of this but there was one saving grace here and that was Squiggy, her pet and companion since childhood. The bond between her and her companion grew very strong and quickly. Now he is constantly intertwined in her life and when she thinks she would lose all control, he is right there to add his strength to hers and stop her and hold her together. She was soon promoted to CO on the Slovaco and she had a brave and wonderful crew.

It wasn't long before she had made the Ancient American Indian traditions a part of her lifestyle as well. T'Ponga had always been intrigued by them since her mother had genuine love for their lifestyles and history. T'Ponga's adopted sister, J'Loni, has made many friends and he has met some of them, one of which is a pure American Indian of the Northwestern Cheyenne tribe. It was J'Loni's friend who sent her a gift of a Grey Wolf pup who she quickly called Lone Wolf. It was from this gift that she came to know her Spirit guide which is believe it or not the Grey Wolf. So now she has two wonderful companions in her life. On SD 10507.07, she married the man of her life, fellow crew member CEO Lt. Mark Arca. The wedding was wonderful and she is truly blessed as many of her friends and his including both families were there along with her old Admiral from her time on the Slovaco, Vice Adm. Sheridan. T'Ponga is truly blessed. Her beloved fiancé and herself quietly left the reception to be by themselves. As things would be dictated by fate, it was not long after their marriage that she had the honor in promoting her own husband to the auspicious job of being her XO. This was accomplished as she herself was the XO and with the captain retiring, the command spot fell to her. Her husband did deserve it as she had been observing him for the longest. Also with his receiving the medal of Valor for his covert mission that is classified, she was proud to have him next to her as her XO.

Life there on the Slovaco is enjoyable and about four months later she had her babies. Twins to be exact. Her daughter T'Pring Jareel Shemara Arca and her son named William K'Vas Shemara Arca after the Captain of the Slovaco who officiated along with Admiral Sheridan. As usual in the past four months they have had some difficult missions and she guessed with the birth of the twins and all the overwhelming workload, she had to take a two week LOA from her duties and get some rest before the CMO relieved her of duty. Something she didn't want to appear on her record. T'Ponga had to listen to her husband and her parents more because they were quite right as well. But one thing still bothers her, she is not the type of CO to sit on the bridge and let everyone else do something and she just sits there. But she was warned that being a captain, no matter if you are married or not, it is a lonely job.

Time flew on the Slovaco while she served in the Vulcan Merchant Marines. Her children grew up to enlist in the Vulcan military and they served with honor. T'Ponga was happy in the knowledge that her family was progressing and making a honored name for themselves. There were times when she missed her children and now, her husband was on detached leave to the Federation, doing some work they needed done. Not knowing just what it was, she tried not to worry.

T'Ponga served Slovaco with all the dedication that was required of her. They had many successful missions and there were a few that weren’t so good but all in all they did just fine. She got word from Mark that he was assigned to SB 315 and it wasn’t long before she resigned from the Vulcan Merchant Marine and went to join him. For the next few years she was happy to be with Mark until the day came when she received the news that Mark was killed in action. She fell apart and had to go through Vulcan medical for the mental breakdown from his loss.

However, as fate would have it, she got that longing for the stars and to be among them flying around in a starship. T'Ponga asked the Admiralty to see if she might join the Starfleet Academy and become an officer. She was granted the opportunity to study engineering and took it on with a vengeful appetite. She studied everything she could in the 4 short years and graduated in the top 3% of her class.

Now the time had come for her to join a Starfleet ship. She had been away too long and now it is time for her to enlist. Knowing that she was returning, she convinced the Admirals to start her as a Lt. Jg. and not as her official Vulcan rank of Captain and they agreed.
Service Record Seriously?
Graduated SF Academy USS Montana ACEO Lt. Jg.