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Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok

Name Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00
Weight 200
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sykon is tall and athletic, with classic male Vulcan features. Dark hair in the traditional style, dark green eyes. By human standards he appears younger than his forty one years and most would think him being no more than thirty.


Spouse Unmarried
Father Sran
Mother T'Elka

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sykon generally displays the aloof calmness and emotional detachment characteristic of Vulcans, along with a certain air of superiority. He is mostly quietly spoken and considers his words carefully. While his mental and emotional control is well established and he has purged extraneous passions, those who know him well believe him to have a dry and pointed sense of humor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sykon has formidable mental acuity, like many of his species his brain can operate like a machine, able to grasp and resolve complex problems with relative ease.
Able to apply clear and concise reasoning to any problem, event or situation.
A wide knowledge of weaponry and tactics gained through training and hands-on practical experience.
Can undertake complex tactical and combat thinking with a deliberate and unemotional detachment
Able to quote rules and regulation from memory
Natural Vulacn physiology provides enhanced physical abilities, superior to Humans.
Has a high level of telepathic abilities, even by Vulcan standards.
Sykon can be aloof and distant, his emotional control making it difficult for people to become close friends
His cold, clear, logical style can lack a personal touch. This can be compounded by his mission-focused demeanor, which does not always take account of the emotional needs of more sensitive colleagues.

Personal History Sykon was born on Vulcan in 2244. He is the second child of Sran, an architect and T’Elka a stellar cartographer and senior research fellow of the Vulcan Science Academy. He has one sibling, an elder brother, Sytar, who is a teacher.

The family lived in the Raak Province, a coastal area that borders the Voroth Sea, one of Vulcan’s few bodies of open water. The Voroth is known for fierce storms and rough seas.

With highly educated parents and a mother who was a respected member of the Vulcan Science Academy it was only natural that Sykon would be channeled into a career in the sciences from an early age.

A dedicated and hard-working student he was always within the top five percent of his classes. As well as his regular education his parents also engaged him in learning about their own specialisms.

Sykon’s great grandparents, on both sides of the family, were early members of the Syrannite group, who fully embraced the teachings of Surak and rebelled against the Vulcan government in the 22nd Century and brought about the Vulcan Reformation in 2154. If Vulcans admitted to such emotions, then it could be said that they were proud of their family’s heritage and role in changing Vulcan culture.

Further back, in Vulcan’s more passionate and violent past his ancestors were members of prominent warrior clans before accepting the calm of logic and reason. Sykon father ensured he was taught the ancient Vulcan skills and he trained in Suus Mahna with a Master of the defensive martial art.

This personal heritage and a trip to view the giant statues of Vulcan warriors overlooking the lava fields of the Fire Plains, gave young Sykon an early interest in history, which grew into side studies in archeology and anthropology. While at school he was fortunate to visit an archeological dig at the T’Karath Sanctuary in the desert canyon of Vulcan’s Forge.

This experience of the harsh conditions, scorching temperatures, electrical sandstorms and geomagnetic instabilities scare food, water or shelter stood him in good stead when, at sixteen, he returned to Vulcan’s Forge and the Plains of Blood to complete his maturity initiation ritual, the Kahs-Wan. This is a ten-day survival test, where Vulcan teens are left alone without food, water or weapons. Many do not make it the first try, some do not survive at all.

Passing the grueling test brought about a change in the young Vulcan. He developed a deep interest in his family’s martial heritage. He persuaded his parents to allow him to continue his studies in Suus Mahna and other forms of Vulcan martial arts. They saw it as beneficial to his development, providing him with both physical and mental discipline, and encouraged his studies.

However, matters came to a head when, at twenty-five, he decided not to sit the entrance exam for the Science Academy and instead informed his parents he was going to be applying for Starfleet.

His father while disappointed was accepting of his son’s decision. His mother however refused to countenance Sykon’s decision and their relationship deteriorated. She did not attend his graduation ceremony and they rarely speak.
Service Record 2374 Starfleet Academy
Year I Cadet - Majors: Tactical & Security
Year II Cadet - Majors: Tactical & Security; Flight Control
Year III Cadet – Majors: Security; Command
Year IV Cadet - Academy Training vessel: USS Raleigh
2378 – 2379 Ensign; Security Officer USS Ark Royal
2379 – 2382 Lieutenant Junior Grade & Lieutenant: Tactical Officer & Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Amundsen
2382 – 2385 Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer USS Marco Polo
2385 – 2385 Lieutenant, Advanced Tactical Training and Bridge Officer’s Course, SFA
2385 - Lieutenant, Chief Security Officer USS Montana

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