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On the planet surface

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 5:08am by Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok & Andarin of Amithian & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. & Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson & Ensign Trevor Andrews Ensign

Mission: The Road From Atlantis
Location: Amithan
Timeline: Current


[Transporter Room]

The trio had found themselves ready to leave then Marcus realized the need fo the Science officer. =^=Captain to Ryson meet us in the transporter, I need you to come with us =^=

While Travis was at his station, he sent Andrews, in Cargo Bay 3, the corrected pool water formula. When he received an in-coming call signal, on his communicator. He flipped open his communicator, to reply.

After listening to the in-coming call, Ryson answered, =^=On my way Captain=^=

Then he left his station; as he entered the turbolift, he paged a replacement to take his station until he got back from the planet.

After the short ride on the lift, he made a quick stop by his quarters to grab his away kit. After that he made his way to the transporter room.

"Hello Ryson got everything you need I presume? We could be down there awhile?" Marcus asked.

To which Ryson nodded.

[Cargo Bay 3]

After running a systems check, McCulloch and Andrews confirmed to the Captain and senior staff that the pool was ready, to go whenever needed.

[Palace of the Council of Amithian]

After Captain Marcus, "rogered" the message the four were soon quickly reduced to a new location. A giant building that resembled a gold Palace. Submerged deep underwater.

"Ah Starfleet welcome. I am Andarin it is good to meet you. The man welcomed them, coming to each in turn.

"Im Captain Emmalyn Marcus here with the crew of the Starship Montana on behalf of the Federation.

"I'm am Sykon, the Executive Officer." Sykon lifted his hand in the Vulcan manner and gave the traditional greeting. "I come to serve"

"Welcome, welcome" Andarin deftly raised a hand and spread his web d fingers, returning the gesture. "Is that correct?"

Sykon nodded in appreciation "Indeed it is" and introduced the other two.

"This is Commander T'Ponga, our Chief Engineer"

Andarin noticed Sykon and T'Ponga shared the same features and raised his hand again in the Vulcan salute.

T'Ponga returned the Vulcan salute.

"And Lieutenant Ryson, our Chief Scientist" Sykon said

"Ah, I have heard much of Federation science" Andarin said. "Our own technology is based on hydro-fusion. I hope we have time to show you some of our designs"

"It would be an honor to see your designs," Ryson said simply.

'Let me introduce you to our own scientists," Andarin waved forward a group of five others.

"By all means please do." Marcus replied.

"This is Amarantith our head of agriculture. Followed by our biologists Armin and Ammon." Andarin explained. "The two younger ones Araki and Alin our Herbologists. The tall one over there is our meteorologist Alma.

They have been monitoring the situation very closely. It is our hope they can help you." Andarin ended.

"Now if you wish to follow me, we have prepared a feast in your honor. Traditional Diarite Fish wrapped in fresh Amithan seaweed, as well as Quininon tea.”

Now Marcus could tell that even Sykon, a Vulcan no less, was intrigued.

Marcus and the crew quickly followed the aliens down a long semi-dark highway. Andarin had led them into a large room at the end of the hall. Something that had resembled a dining room and kitchen.

"Take a seat?" Andarin gestured.

The crew did as followed with a meal placed adjacent to their plates. Round circular discs oddly similar to Sushi.

"What do you make of this Sykon? Out of curiosity it looks like what we earthlings would call sushi." Marcus turned to ask her first officer.

"I am familiar with that Earth food Captain" Sykon nodded taking a seat at the table. "It is a healthy and nutritious diet I believe. Although as a vegetarian I do not eat fish"

"Right just curious of what you thought of it. Did you tell Andarin?"

"Fish and aquatic plants would be the logical food sources on a predominantly oceanic planet Captain." Sykon replied "What would you have me tell our host?"

"That's a good point Sykon. Anyway, let's get on with this meal alright?" Marcus replied as she tossed the fish in her mouth.

"How is Everything?" Andarin asked.

"This is truly exceptional, thank you." Marcus Replied trying not to indulge.

"Im glad you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to ask for more should you desire it" Andarin chuckled.

"Thanks" Marcus replied

About an hour later the crew had finished eating and we're now awaiting instruction from Andarin.

"I am glad you all enjoyed the meal now if you wish to follow me once more. We would like to introduce you to the rest of us." Andarin explained.

Marcus was Intrigued. So she followed him to something of a Auditorium. The room was filled with all kinds of Amithans. Young, old and children none quite as old as Andarin though.

"As you can see I am the leader here. Nearly five hundred years ago our species were under an extreme dictator. It was I who freed our people." Andarin boasted.

Suddenly Marcus and the rest of the party were motioned to the front where the children had decorated them with cultural necklaces.

"Welcome Among our people Starfleet" Andarin said.

Soon the ceremony ended and they were escorted to the rooms they would be staying in.

"Ryson, T'ponga meet me here in the morning and be ready to head back home." Marcus ordered.

T'ponga seemed to agree as well.

"Yes ma'am" Ryson replied. He didn't exactly have much of a plan while there. Though based on what he heard on the hydro-fusion technology, he was quite interested in seeing more of Amithian technology.

[USS Montana - Cargo Bay-3]
McCulloch and Andrews, monitored the filling of the pool and conducted full operational systems run of the set-up. Then after leaving Officer Tremane Sutton in-charge of the poo' and the maintenance crew, they made their way to the Bridge, using the conventional method, the ship's turbolifts instead of having Andrews point-to-point beam them, to temporarily take Engineering and Science Stations on the Bridge.

McCulloch who at the Bridge Engineer Station ran a ship wide system's check. He noticed that the Transporter Heisenberg coupling problem has been taken care of, and continued on checking the ship's other systems.

Andrews at the Bridge's Science Station was similarly concerned of any germane developments in that regard.
As well as keeping abreast of any change no matter how small in nature, to the Ship's precarious Solar-Planetary Orbital environment. Not least because the clock was running on the Montana and especially on the Inhabitants of the planet below and as to whether they would be able to successfully complete their joint mission.

Angelus turned in the center chair a little to look as he asked "Have we got any update from the cargo bay, or the away team?"

In reply to De'luvia’s request for information the Communications Officer reported, " Nothing to report at this time, Sir, from Captain Marcus or any member of the Away Team, on their status, or concerning the mission”

McCulloch looked at Andrews. Andrews nodded back at McCulloch.

Then McCulloch, replied calm and crisply to De'luvia." Engineering Officer, Tremane Sutton and Engineering Pool Maintenance Team, in Cargo Bay-3 are ready to receive our guests, at any time. Sir."

“Thank you” De’luvia acknowledged. “That will be some time tomorrow when the Captain returns”



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