Departments & Positions

  • Command (Primary Manifest)

    The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.

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  • Helm (Primary Manifest)

    Responsible for the Tactical control of the vessel such as movement and weapons firing in and out of combat. Shuttlecraft pilots are also trained to man the Helm station on the bridge.

    Helmsmen and Shuttle Pilots are responsible for Tactical defense of the ship, operating ships weapons and ships shields.

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  • Navigation (Primary Manifest)

    The Navigation Department is responsible for general course plotting and knowledge of the areas of space where the ship is located particularly in regard to general layout such as planets in the system, presence of Asteroid fields, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, etc.

    Specific and detailed information on these items is provided by the Sciences Department usually after close examination but also after research.

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  • Communications and Operations (Primary Manifest)

    The Communications and Operations department is responsible for keeping ship systems functioning properly, rerouting power, bypassing relays, managing Damage Control, overseeing Personnel moves, communicating everything to the Command Staff whether from a Landing Party or from Starfleet Command.

    Communication and Operations also maintains the ship records and monitors the IT infrastructure as it were and delegates many duties to Engineering to keep the ship operating at peak efficiency.

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  • Security (Primary Manifest)

    Responsible for the physical security of everything on, in or (as applicable) away from, the ship.

    Security is responsible for training everyone in hand to hand combat as necessary and works with Medical to train crewmen in physical fitness.

    Security provides guards for every kind of duty and Security personnel are always on the alert for danger of any kind from any quarter.

    Some Security Officers also have highly specialized, elite training extending to esoteric and obscure areas. Starfleet Security Officers enjoy wide-ranging and varied opportunities.

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  • Engineering (Primary Manifest)

    The engineering department has the enormous task of keeping the ship working; they are responsible for making repairs, fixing problems, and making sure that the ship is ready for anything.

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  • Science (Primary Manifest)

    From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

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  • Medical (Primary Manifest)

    The medical department is responsible for the mental and physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combating a strange plague that is afflicting the crew to helping a crew member deal with the loss of a loved one.

    Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors and some ships may have a Ship's Psychiatrist or even a Ship's Counselor such as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner from Where No Man Has Gone Before:

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  • Mission Characters (Primary Manifest)

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  • Independence Fleet Admiralty (Primary Manifest)

    The Admiralty of IDF

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  • Starfleet Command (Primary Manifest)

    Prominent NPCs in the Sim

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  • United Federation of Planets (Primary Manifest)

    Prominent Federation NPCs who are not in Starfleet.

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