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The Hardest Times Call For The Best Of Friends

Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2022 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Seth Munro & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara

Mission: The Sound of Thunder
Location: Klingon Spaceport


Murphy was on the Bridge, checking in on their situation. It had been two days since docking at the Klingon spaceport. The Klingons weren't quite as harsh as their welcoming party had made it sound. Hopefully, things would be wrapped up in the next 48 hours and they could be on their way.

They hadn't seen much of Captain Adams since docking. He was almost constantly on the Klingon spaceport meeting with the Klingon leaders there. Murphy wondered if these meetings were more business than pleasure, or more pleasure than business.

Murphy himself had spent some time at the spaceport, meeting Klingons and trying new foods and drink. He hadn't found a food that didn't upset his stomach yet, but he was developing a taste for blood wine...only when he was off-duty, of course.

Murphy tapped his communicator. "Murphy to Lieutenant Shemara, how are things going in the engine room?"

"Well, to be honest, it's gonna be a miracle if we get what I need without having to try and replace our standard items with Klingon parts but it is coming along. Hopefully I can get the power taps for the warp drive to work properly so we have our warp drive. Most of the smaller problems have been or almost repaired. I need a vacation badly!" T'Ponga laughed.

"Let's hurry it up, and I'll fudge the paperwork to claim that this was a vacation. If I have to schedule you a real one, it's a lot more paperwork," Murphy joked.

Murphy tapped his communicator. "Murphy to Doctor Munro, care to join me on the spaceport for some cultural exchange?"

=/\= Doctor Munro here. That sounds like a fascinating opportunity to firm up our relations with the Klingons, Commander. Count me in! Let me just finish up in sickbay and I’ll be right with you! =/\=

"I'll meet you in transporter room 1 when you're ready, Doctor." At that, Murphy left for transporter room 1, eager to get back to the spaceport.

{Transporter Room 1}

Lieutenant Commander Murphy was the first to arrive in Transporter room 1. He acknowledged the Ensign working the transporter, and waited for others to join.

The Captain walked in, "Commander, remember that this is not our home port. If you get detained by the locals, Starfleet cannot assist you. Please be careful. I will remain here and keep an eye on our friends."

"Yes, Captain," Murphy answered. He smiled, "Just a little friendly networking. You never know when you could use a friend in the Klingon Empire."

"Very well, Commander. Just be sure we, 'friends' and not something (anything) else. No unnecessary risks commander" responded Adams.

"Yes, Captain," Murphy answered again. He knew better than to allow a repeat of the incident on Deep Space Station K-7. But he also knew that the Klingons he had met liked boisterous storytelling and drinking. He suspected the Klingons knew he wasn't normally boisterous, but they seemed to give him credit for trying.

Once Doctor Munro had arrived, Murphy nodded to Captain Adams as the transporter sent the Doctor and first officer back to the Klingon spaceport.


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer--USS Montana

Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer and Chief of Security--USS Montana

Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara
Chief Engineering Officer--USS Montana

Lieutenant Seth Munro
Chief Medical Officer--USS Montana


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