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Diplomatic Shore Leave

Posted on Sun May 8th, 2022 @ 10:21pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Seth Munro & Lieutenant Stuart Mann
Edited on on Fri May 20th, 2022 @ 1:35pm

Mission: The Sound of Thunder
Location: Klingon Spaceport


The Montana was still at the Klingon spaceport. Murphy was certain the repairs would be done any day. He had spent his fair share of time interacting with the Klingons and had begun picking up pieces of their language. So far, he had learned Hlja' (yes), ghobe' (no), jlyaj (I understand), jlyajbe' (I don't understand), Hab SoSll' Quch! (Your mother has a smooth forehead), and the rest he believed were not appropriate to share. So far, it was safe to say that this had been a successful visit.

Murphy headed to Sickbay to check on Doctor Munro. Everything seemed neat and organized. The staff was working, but not rushing.

"Ah, Doctor, thank you again for accompanying me to the spaceport. How are things here?"

Seth crossed the room towards the executive officer, “Everything is ship shape as far as I’m concerned, sir. We only have two people currently being treated in sickbay. Ensign S’uki who is getting over the flu, and Crewman Frazer, who is suffering from Reduklion disease.” The doctor saw the concern quickly cross the XO’s face, “Oh don’t worry!” the Munro smiled reassuringly, “Reduklion disease isn’t transmissible. He’ll just need to be monitored here for a few days. The disease tends to play havoc with a person’s blood pressure. If I let him out of sickbay now he’d be passing out after only taking a few steps.”

Murphy smiled. "Well, we don't need that. Great work, Doctor!"

As Dr. Munro returned to supervising his staff, Murphy made his way to the Bridge to give an updated report to Captain Adams. Murphy would make sure to notate in his mission report the exemplary work he was seeing from the Doctor.

Captain Adams and Lt. Mann were both on duty doing some repairs when Commander Murphy entered the bridge.

"Hand me the....." and before Captain Adams could finish Mann gave him the needed part.

"You see sir, I can read your mind..." Mann said with a smile.

"Telepath?" Murphy asked.

Mann looked over, "No sir, I am just that good."

Before Murphy could respond, the Captain looked back at Lt. Mann and replied, "watch your tone with my XO, Mr. Mann."

"Aye sir", came the reply.

A about a minute later the computer starting working again.

"Okay, Mr. Mann finishing cleaning this up and let's try to get out of here."

Looking at the Murphy, Adams said, "Commander, I want repairs completed and the ability to leave this place, and head for Earth, in less than 24 hours. Please see what you can do to make this occur" ordered the Captain.

Captain Adams usually asked his XO for stuff, but this time it was clear, he wanted this order to occur, on time, and without any excuses. Adams only hoped that Murphy knew him well enough now that he meant what he said.

"Yes, sir!" Murphy knew what that meant for himself. Probably 23 hours in Engineering helping Shemara make this happen. But if they were going to let the Captain down, he knew the blame wouldn't lie with him. Murphy entered the turbolift from the Bridge and stated, "Engineering."

Once arriving in Engineering, he found it to be a bit more chaotic than Sickbay. Staff was moving quickly from place to place, trying to shorten repair estimates. Murphy wasn't sure what he could help with, but if nothing else he could repair wiring with a hyperspanner. He saw Lieutenant Shemara, and made his way over to report to her.


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Seth Munro
Chief Medical Officer


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