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A Doubtful Friend Is Worse Than A Certain Enemy

Posted on Wed Mar 30th, 2022 @ 3:58am by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Seth Munro & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara

Mission: The Sound of Thunder
Location: Klingon Spaceport


Murphy felt a sense of relief. The Montana was safely docked at the Klingon spaceport. Now the crew would have a chance to see firsthand how relations between Klingons and the Federation would be. Once some preliminaries were out of the way, they should be able to explore the Klingon spaceport, assuming it was okay with the Klingons of course. He was jealous of the Engineering team, who would for sure be working hand in hand with the Klingons.

"Commander, let's make sure that the crew knows we are guests here, and if it were not for the Klingons, we would be in real trouble. Everyone better be on their best behaviors while we are here. I am going to my quarters to put on my dress uniform. I suggest you do the same. Let's treat this as a first contact situation for the time being. Understood?" ordered the Captain.

"Aye, Captain. We won't let you down," Murphy answered.

Murphy put on his serious face. "Open a ship wide channel," Murphy said, and when it was ready, he continued. "Attention all hands. We have successfully docked with the Klingons. As Captain Adams said previously, let's all be on our best behavior. For many of these Klingons, we may be the first of the Federation they've encountered since peacetime began. Thank you all for your exemplary work in getting us this far. First Officer out."

(Captain's Quarters)

Captain Adams dawned his dress uniform. He looked in the mirror to ensure that he was presentable. He could not help but stare at his rank every time he saw it. Yes, it was good to be the Captain.


Seth walked around sickbay silently, his hands behind his back. He was inspecting the facility to ensure that everything was fully stocked and in its place. The five medical staff on duty stood to attention as the Chief Medical Officer looked around the room. Finally he spoke aloud, “Well done folks, everything is looking good here from my point of view. If the Klingons decide they want a tour of the ship, sickbay should dazzle them.”

“And if they require any medical assistance, sir?” One of the nurses meekly called out.

“Then we’ll be ready to offer it.” Seth smiled confidently. “For now, I’ll be on the bridge if anyone needs me, but I’m guessing the Captain will want all of his senior staff present when we finally meet the Klingon’s face to face.” He looked down at his dress uniform and straightened the tunic. “Do I look okay?”

“You look fine, sir. Very smart.” Another nurse answered reassuringly.

Seth nodded gratefully before leaving the room. Judging by past encounters, he wondered if this exchange with the Klingons would end well.



Seth rushed out of the turbolift, almost tripping over his feet as he did. The crew present all lifted their heads up from the various consoles dotted around the bridge to look up at the doctor.

“Sorry everyone,” Seth apologised whilst straightening his dress uniform, “I’m looking for the Captain and Commander Murphy?”

“They’re at the main airlock, sir.” The Ensign currently occupying the CO chair informed, “The Captain left the bridge about half an hour ago.”

Seth turned around and reentered the turbolift, hoping he wouldn’t be too late to join in the diplomatic contact with the Klingons.

(Airlock--Adams & Murphy)

Since the ship was moored inside a Klingon Space Port, Captain Adam's and Commander Murphy was present to greet their 'hosts.' Not since Captain Kirk and party escorted the head of the Klingon Empire and the Kitamer Accords had any Starfleet Ship been this close to Klingon space. Nor, had any Starfleet ship, as far as Adam's knew, ever asked for assistance like this before.

Captain Adams looked at Commander Murphy as he arrived,

"You just made it Commander. Here goes nothing....or everything..."

"Sorry, sir, I wanted to make sure my dress uniform was all set. It's my first time wearing it as a first officer," Murphy said.

"You look great! You know, this can only go one of two ways. Great or bad. Either way, I feel like a ton of reports will be due."

Murphy allowed half a smile, "I know what you mean. I'm sure Starfleet will want this well documented."

Adams shook his head, "Commander, I hate reports. Remind me to request an assistant when we get back to earth."

Captain Adams pushed a few buttons and the airlocked opened to show a Klingon. While Adams and Murphy did not understand the Klingon rank system, it was clear this guy was not an Admiral or anything.

The Klingon said, "Which of you is Captain Adams?"

"I am" he responded.

"Okay then, let me get to the point (and excuse me if my English is not great) we will assist you because of interstellar agreements, but many Klingons still do not fully trust humans. Thus, I suggest that you take care as you move about the station during repairs. Also, we will be sending the federation--how do you say it---'the bill' at some point. Everything part or component that this ship uses from us will be accounted for and logged. Also, we are not here to fully repair your ship. We will get you up and running enough to get home and then you will warp out of our space. Are we clear" asked the Klingon?

"We are" answered Adams.

Murphy cut in, "Of course, we appreciate any help you will give. We understand that this is no small ask on our part."

The Klingon just looked back at Murphy and said,

"Who are you, again?"

Murphy stood up straighter. "I am Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy, Executive Officer of the Montana. Who do I have the honor of speaking with?"

"I see, Commander. Here, first officers only speak when spoken too. But I will not kill you today, because we are now friends."

Adams just smiled and took the comment as a joke.

Seth came rushing around the corner, breathless from his hurried excursion down from the Montana’s bridge. He reached the CO and the XO, and tried catching his breath as best as he could before speaking. “Apologies for my tardiness sirs, it couldn’t be helped.” He then noticed the Klingon warrior stood before them and audibly gasped. He bowed his head in respect and addressed the Klingon, “Humble apologies to you as well.”

The Captain looked back at Seth and said, "Thank you for joining us, even if you are tardy..."

Seth looked towards his Captain, and shook his head disappointedly. “It won’t happen again, sir. I assure you.” He glanced towards the Klingon before allowing his eyes to settle back on Adams.

"This is Lieutenant Seth Munro, our Chief Medical Officer," Murphy introduced him to the Klingon.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Seth nodded.

The Klingon nodded. "One last thing, Captain. Your crew will be allowed, how do you say it, R&R while here. We have places to eat and bars. You can go the planet below if you like. But remind them that this is a Klingon facility and they must follow our laws."

"Agreed" responded Adams.

Looking over at Murphy Adams said,

"Commander make sure that all crew know that they must go on shore on the buddy system. No one will be allowed to be alone and anyone that does not follow the rules around here WILL answer to me."

"Yes, sir," Murphy replied. He didn't want to test the Klingon any more than he already had.

"Well then, we will have our engineers come around in two hours and meet with your Captain of Engineering. We will start there and get you up and running, Captain" said the Klingon.

"My crew and I truly thank you for everything. Do you think you could first have your engineers look at the parts needed for to our cooks up and running? We have been living on rations for weeks" asked Adams.

"I think so" replied the Klingon.

T'Ponga came around the corner of the bridge and nearly ran into the XO and the Klingon Officer. "I beg your pardon sirs but the matter/anti-matter containment tank needs to be repaired asap. I just one engineer to fix it then I can get started on repairing the warp drive" she said.

If the Klingon attempted to hide his annoyance, he didn't do a good job. But he did grunt in a way that seemed like he was going to get an engineer go help the Vulcan.

(Back on the Bridge)

The Captain returned to the bridge. There were only a few of the crew on duty as the ship was now in port. Looking at the Communications Officer he said,

"Please ask our hosts if there is a way we could get a channel open to Starfleet. By now they must be wondering why we can't contact them."

"Aye sir" came the reply.


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer--USS Montana

Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer and Chief of Security--USS Montana

Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara
Chief Engineering Officer--USS Montana

Lieutenant Seth Munro
Chief Medical Officer--USS Montana


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