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The Approach

Posted on Sun Jul 4th, 2021 @ 2:59am by Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant Commander William Jefferies & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant S'Relle & Lieutenant Stuart Mann
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Mission: Welcome Aboard

Lt. Commander William Jefferies was in his own type of Hell, he was being held by a man that hated everything the Federation stood for...a man that wanted to start another war--one that the federation could not afford.

"Let me go and I will help you" said Jefferies.

"Not when my plan is working so well, Commander. Either the Federation leaves or you all die...." responded his Captor.

The Shuttle approached the Starbase on the port side, it was the hope that the sensors on that side would recognize the shuttle as Federation and ignore it. Otherwise, they might be in for a bumpy ride.

T'Ponga was sitting in the Co-Pilot's seat watching the approach as she had an idea hit her. Quickly pulling the internal sensors, she masked the bio sidns of the crew so the station's sensors would not pick up their bio signs giving the impression of a drifting shuttle. Then she masked the engine signature to really give it the appearance of being abandoned. If it was recognized as Federation, and posed no threat, it should be ignored, or that was the thought here. "A little bit of engineering magic and a lot of prayers and we might just pull it off without getting shot at!" she said watching the shuttle's control panel.

Lt S'Relle was with the others, with her seat belt fasten, and sat with the others while the pilot was flying the shuttle she looked over at the Window and asked T'Ponga."What do you see out there anything dangerous." She asked them.

"T'ponga set this thing in the nearest spacedock. "
Marcus commanded

Suddenly the crew found themselves aboard the base. Clearly abaonded.

Marcus was walking in front of her crew when she heard a voice. "Ah well-well if it isn't Emmalyn Marcus. " the voice said.

"How the hell....." T'Ponga was completely bewildered as to how they were detected. She thought she had literally masked all their bio signatures. "This does not abode well at all", she muttered.

"Crew meet David Tallmage. a old nemisis of mine."
Marcus informed.

" what do you want Connor you have a heck of a lot of nerve to endanger my crew. Let alone a innocent Starfleet officer."

Marcus asked.

Back on the ship Lt. Mann sat in the Commander Chair.

"Helm move us out of range of the Starbase, but not so far away. Let us give the impression that we are doing what this person demands....however, I want to be able to move back in and assist at any time" he said.

"Aye sir" came the response.

The shuttle moved into place as it locked up with the Starbase. After a minute docking would occur. Now the crew would finally get to see what was going on.

"Well isn't this just wonderful." Angelus shook his head a little bit as they were docking.

"Not good at all," she said, as the shuttle had hard dock with docking port. T'Ponga was not a happy person at all.

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Lt S'Relle
Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia
Chief Navigation Officer

Lt. Stuart Mann
Acting Executive Officer | Navigation

Lt. Cmdr. T'Ponga Shemara
Chief Engineering Officer/2XO

Capt Emmalyn Marcus
Commanding Officer


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