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A Lonely Arrival

Posted on Wed Jul 28th, 2021 @ 9:06am by Lieutenant Owen Meezo

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Shuttlecraft
Timeline: Current

{ Shuttlecraft Missoula }

Lieutenant Owen Meezo had been travelling for what felt like weeks, but in reality it had only been a few days. The medical officer had been trying to catch up with Montana since Starbase 23, and so far had been failing.

It had been a lonely journey, one that he hadn’t particularly enjoyed spending on his own. But he was sure that his new posting wouldn’t be too far away now. He’d kept himself occupied by looking over the latest medical journals and crew medical records.

As he sat at the helm of the Galileo-type shuttlecraft, the sensors suddenly bleeped loudly. Owen leaned forward and started to look over the read-outs. “Montana has come to a stop just up ahead.” The man said aloud. “I’ll start slowing down to intercept.” His hands slid across the controls of the shuttle, slowing the craft from warp three to one half-impulse.

Just up ahead, Montana was stationary near a Starbase. “Shuttlecraft Missoula to the USS Montana.” The man attempted to open a channel with the ship.

“Montana here.” Came a semi-surprised response.

“This is Lieutenant Owen Meezo requesting docking clearance.” He paused for a moment and smiled, “I’m the new Assistant Chief Medical Officer.”

“Standby.” The voice on the comm-system answered. “Permission granted.” Came the final response.

Just a short one, but I needed to get my character onboard.

Lieutenant Owen Meezo
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Montana, NCC-1889


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