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And 'Away Team' We Go

Posted on Wed Jun 16th, 2021 @ 12:21am by Lieutenant Stuart Mann & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant S'Relle & Petty Officer 1st Class Samuel De'luvia
Edited on on Wed Jun 16th, 2021 @ 12:47am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: At the Space Station


The shuttle bay crew was forming when a voice came over the intercom:

"Lt. Mann, Jefferies is reaching out..."

"Pipe it down here, please..." responded Mann.

Looking over at everyone to be quiet the message came through,

"Greetings, I am Commander......well that does not matter. What matters is I have your people and you will never find them. If you want them to live you will leave this system have 15 minutes to comply......" with that the voice went dead.

Looking over at the Captain, Mann repeated his earlier statement, "Ma'am, I think one of us should remain here. The ship may now be in danger, do you really want to leave it to another officer?"

"I don't think so. Not anymore. I think I'm gonna need some help and avoid as many people as possible going to the star base" Marcus replied.

"Number one I need you to come with me." Marcus asked.

Mann responded, "Ma'am, I think you should go and I should stay here. But you also should take our CMO, in case anyone is hurt, a security officer or two, and at least one other person. Both of us going is an unnecessary risk to the ship. Plus, what if we were both captured?

About this time the Chief Medical Officer walked into the room and said, "I hear we are going on a little away team?"

"Good point number one. Can you assume command should something happen? If so then I'll need the CMO with me. "

"Ma'am if you don't mind I would like to stretch my legs a bit with you." the CoB asked.

"The more the merrier I suppose" Marcus replied. "Permission granted."

Marcus quickly turned back to her second officer. Since Mann is staying here I need you to come with me. "

"Geared and ready captain," T'Ponga said slinging her bat'leth onto her back. "Never leave it home when l going into an unknown situation", she added.

"Let's hope we don't have to use it Commander." the CoB said removing the 9-inch boot knife from his right boot, checking it over, and putting it back.

"Your right on par De'luvia." Marcus said. "Holstering a rifle over her back.

Everyone in the shuttle. Marcus ordered as everyone followed her. "Alright any volunteers to co pilot with me?"

A few minutes later the shuttle was cleared to leave the bay and Mann returned to the bridge.

S'Relle had just hopped into the shuttle with the others, as she sat down worrying bout her tail, be squished so she fixed her tail on her back with her tail facing up . She nodded to everyone as they took off and hope this ride they were gonna find out next.
S'relle had her phaser in her hand for anything that would happen.

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Capt. Emmalyn Marcus
Commanding Officer

Lt. Stuart Mann
Navigation | Acting First Officer

Chief Petty Officer Samuel De'luvia
Chief Of Boat

Lt S'Relle
Chief Security

Lt. Commander Mara Naago
Chief Medical Officer


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