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Lieutenant S'Relle

Name S'Relle

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 112
Hair Color lite brown/blonde
Eye Color green
Physical Description S’Relle is a strong willed Caitian she she goes where the action is and follows orders to the bone. She was well fit in Starfleet when they had her in the gym doing exercises. She was good with a phaser exercises too, she was very good at what she did.
Favorite Phrase: I am what I am, and Thats all That I am" Robin Williams "Popeye"


Father Rrelar
Mother M'Risil
Brother(s) M'Grus
Sister(s) K'Mois, M'Neia
Other Family Grandparents dead due to old age.

Aunt & Uncle Missing,don't know why

Personality & Traits

General Overview
S’Relle has been in the fleet since she finished the academy. She has been a security Officer and She is very bright and intelligent. S’Relle was studying to be a fine Security officer in the Academy, and she has done a very good job.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths & Weaknesses -- Strength- S’Relle is a mighty strong Caitain she worked in the Starfleet gym to hance her Security skills and was brought into a special room for shooting with her phaser different colored dots, and enemy pictured heads only to shoot at.

Weaknesses- There are times she would slip up in some of the training exercises, and known to be bothered by that, and tells them it won’t happen again.

Ambitions To be the best in Security as she can, and hopes to move up to Chief Security, or XO/CO
Hobbies & Interests S’Relle in her physical fit she likes to jump onto trees or when she's at Starfleet Academy she's a very good rope climber.
Interests - To show security what she's got.

Personal History S’Relle being born on Cait she grew up learning how lives go throughout the Universe and to stay strong and never give up as a Caitian and that was what she was born to do, she did some security work on Cait making sure non of the Caitain ships weren’t taken by Thieves, and made sure the ships were in tip-top shape...

She was always around helping people on Cait, even Family before going to Starfleet Academy...
Service Record Starfleet Academy

Being a Security officer at Starfleet Academy to show the skills she has before moving on.

Starfleet Shipyards: Security Officer

Now: USS-Montana- Security