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And Away We Go!

Posted on Wed Aug 17th, 2022 @ 10:30pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Mckenzie Logan & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: Earth | Ship


***The Bridge****

Sitting in his command chair the Captain looked at his executive officer,

"Commander, take your landing party to the planet and figure out what the heck is going on. I will remain here with the ship. If you need us, we will be here for you. Only use your communicators if need be, and Commander, no unnecessary risks, clear?"

Murphy wanted to smirk and crack a joke, but he knew this wasn't the time. He kept a straight face and answered, "Yes, Captain. Don't worry, I'll get our crew and shuttle back safely."

"Great, remember, we are not here to save this world, we are here to get back to our own, if possible."

Murphy then left to do his own checks on the shuttle. As Murphy left Adams turned to Lt. Mann,

"Keep us hidden from Earth, but, at the same time, let's make sure we can get the shuttle team out, if necessary.."

"Aye sir, I will do the impossible.." came the response.

"Don't be a smart aleck" ordered the Captain.

As the Lieutenant comes to the bridge, he stood right next to the captain. He stood there knowingly that the away team is on a shuttle doing an away team mission. With the Lieutenant on board the Montana he looked at the captain.

Adams looked toward Lt. Logan and said, "Take your station and watch out for Klingons, you know that there is very little that would not rather settle without a fight. So, let's be ready. If necessary, run some battle drills."

******Landing Party****

Lt. Ryan was manning one of the shuttle's consoles. His eyes wide open scanning the surrounding trying to figure out the best way to hide the trail of the shuttle during its voyage towards Earth. For a moment he felt like he was in one of those old 20th century movies in which submariners were sailing submerged in hostile waters and literally crossing path to the enemy boats without being detected.

"So far so good" he muttered.

Murphy thought he sensed tension in his COO. He couldn't blame him. A complication could occur at any time. "Trust the polarization, Lieutenant. We've got this."

Just about this time two security officers came walking in. "Sir, the Captain thought you could use some extra 'help' as he put it."

Murphy nodded, “I’m sure we could, thank you both. Especially since we don’t know what’s going on. Are you ready for an adventure?”

"Yes, Commander," one of them answered quickly. Murphy wondered if they were as calm as they seemed or if they were hiding their true feelings. This wasn't exactly a routine mission, and they were definitely not as safe as they would have been staying on the Montana.

"About this time the Captain's voice came over the intercom,

"Shuttle team, remove any federation rank and--most of all--come back. This is not going to be anyone's last day in the federation, not on my watch."

Murphy turned to Lieutenant Ryan, "Alright, who's flying this shuttle, you or me?"

"Your choice, Commander" Ryan answered "I took a piloting course long time ago. I was quite good but not sure I am the best choice for this job but I can do my best, sir" he concluded.

"Let's dust off those old skills of yours, then," Murphy decided. "If you run into trouble I'll jump in and help. When you're ready, go ahead and take us out."

Ryan nodded and started to go through all the pre-flight checks. Once all the main controls were checked and green flagged, he actioned the maneuvering thrusters and got the shuttle to undock from the USS Montana.

"I suggest we maintain the most strict radio silence from now on" he suggested given his knowledge in comm systems and scrambling technology.

Murphy nodded, "That would be best. Let's keep scanners to passive for now as well." He had no interest in having a Klingon fleet intercept the transmission or scan and show up to see who they were. "Except in the case of extreme emergency," he added.

He then continued maneuvering slowly till he cleared the size of the Miranda Class starship to then calculate the best route towards Earth.

"I think this one is best" he told the Commander "It's not the fastest but should be the clearer given the presence of Klingon forces out here".

"You're reading my mind, Lieutenant," Murphy smiled. "I don't mind trying to negotiate with Klingons, but I'd rather not have to in the first place."

Ryan nodded and smiled at Murphy's joke then he tapped into the main console of the shuttle to insert the main waypoints. He would pilot it by hand but he needed a good track to follow.

Once he did so, he actioned the thrusters and pointed the nose of the shuttle towards Earth. "There we go" he said piloting the small ship out of the nebula and towards "home".

'Here we go,' thought Murphy. He kept an eye on the instrument panels for any irregularities as they got moving. He especially didn't want to be surprised by any Klingon ships.

Holding his breath Jack piloted the shuttle through the Klingon packed area pointing his nose towards Earth. From time to time Commander Murphy adjusted the route to avoid the intercept area of a Klingon vessel while Jack kept an eye on the readability of their own trail too, to avoid being detected.

Earth was becoming bigger and bigger. They should find a landing spot that was clear and far enough from civilization. He watched Murphy.

"Sir, where shall we land?" he asked.

Murphy pulled up a map on his console and pointed to an island near San Francisco. "Try landing here, it shouldn't be populated and it's close to where Starfleet Headquarters should be."

"hmm" Ryan scratched his chin "sounds like a good spot with lots of water all around hence less chances to be seen" he nodded adding those coordinates to the approach and landing of the shuttle.

It was a cloudy night and no moon shone in the sky when the tiny shuttle approached the landing spot. Pitch black and no landing lights allowed for a safe landing without being shot at or - possibly - being detected.

One of the security officers said, "Commander, should be bring weapons? I mean we are entering an unknown area."

Murphy nodded. "We'll be traveling light, but not unprepared. I'd like each of us to carry a weapon and a communicator. Remember radio silence, but better to carry it just in case. Lieutenant Ryan, grab a tricorder. We need to be able to move quietly and quickly."

As the officers gathered their equipment, Murphy steeled himself for the challenge ahead.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer--USS Montana

Lt. Commander Michael Murphy,
Executive Officer--USS Montana

LT. Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer--USS Montana

Lt. Mckenzie Logan
Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant Stuart Mann
Navigation Officer


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