The Brief (What Now?)

Posted on Mon Aug 1st, 2022 @ 10:14pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: On Board USS Montana


Captain Adams sat in his chair in the briefing room waiting for everyone to arrive. In front of him was his usual old earth drink called, "Diet Pepsi." He had some made and brought onboard before the ship left earth--it was his "comfort" food. Captain's were allowed these types of amenities--it was good to be the Captain.

Murphy had finished contacting all the departments heads, and they all would be joining them barring any unexpected circumstances. Murphy straightened his uniform as he walked into the briefing room. “Still drinking that stuff?” He asked with a smile as he took a seat to the right of the Captain.

"Yes, Commander. They might kill me in the end, but, at least, I will go out with a smile."

Lt. Ryan cleared the door of the briefing room and briefly stood at the attention greeting the captain and the other senior officers in the room before finding a quiet place to sit and laying his PADD on the conference room's table. His face particularly tired and proven by the recent happenings.

"I've got news on the damages, sir" he spoke "We are now all patched up but that hit was quite impressive to say the least" he notified the CO and the XO while waiting for the rest of the officers to join them.

"That is great to hear, Lt. Ryan. However, I am not sure what we will do next. Things do not look good for the federation or, for that matter, us."

After everyone arrived the Captain started, "Okay, so does anyone have ANY idea what has occurred. Have we travelled to the wrong place? We are clearly not where we are supposed to be."

Murphy cleared his throat before chiming in. "From what I can tell, Captain, we're definitely in the right place. Planets and phenomenon are where they're supposed to be, hence us being able to find Earth and then the Badlands. I'm no scientist, but I'd guess that either we are not when we're supposed to be, or else we somehow in a parallel universe of some sort. I'm not sure which is the more likely of the two. Of course we also can't rule out that this could be some sort of illusion..." He hoped Lieutenant Wilson might be able to help them make more sense of the situation.

"Well, we cannot sit here and do nothing nor can we remain where we are forever. We need to find out what is going on. I would suggest that we take a small landing part down to earth and see if we can figure what the hell is happening. We should must likely use a shuttle because I am not sure the ship could get close enough to Earth to beam down" said Adams.

Adams went quiet for a minute and then continued, "Are there any other suggestions. Now is the time."

Lt. Mann took this time to speak up. "Sir, I think we must assume that the flux that we saw when we left Klingon space put the ship into a different place. In other words, everything is the same but us. What if we entered into some short of weird universe where everything is backwards? To me, nothing else make sense."

“hmm, captain…if I may” Lt Ryan tried to recall Adams’ attention “I’m not sure using a shuttle is a safe idea. The hit we took would likely blow a shuttle in million pieces and…considering we could be in a different time or a different type of reality, we shouldn’t give for granted that Klingon’s sensors are somewhat unable to identify our tiny shuttlecraft in the area.” He breathed overthinking.

“Maybe we need some sort of camouflage if possible to lower the chances of being detected”

"After launching the shuttle, we can use the Montana's deflector to polarize the outer hull of the shuttle," Murphy suggested. "That might keep it from being as noticable on any other ship's sensors."

Ryan nodded "makes sense, we'll work on it once the meeting is over" he acknowledged to then tap and note something in hid PADD.

Lt. McKenzie Logan walks into the briefing room and sat down. Once he has sat down in a chair he then looked at the captain. When he heard the captain ask if they were in the wrong place he spoke up. "Well captain. If you really want to put it that way we probably did. Although, if you take a look at these readings and data I collected you'll know how far away we are sir." As he handed the captain the PaDD.

The Lt. always wondered what was gonna happen with himself on board. With them being far or something? He doesn't know. Is he ever gonna see his friends again from the academy? Probably not for a while. Although, those questions weren't really on his mind. What was really on his mind was did they go to the wrong place.

Captain Adams accepted the PADD from Lt. Logan. "Mr. Murphy and Lt. Ryan, I'm putting you in charge of your plan for the shuttle. Draft any other help you need." He turned back to Lt. Logan, "And thank you, Lt. Logan. I'll look this over immediately."


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer--USS Montana

Lt. Commander Michael Murphy,
Executive Officer--USS Montana

LT. Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer--USS Montana

Lt. Mckenzie Logan
Chief Security Officer