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Lieutenant Mckenzie Logan

Name Mckenzie Logan

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 120
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Green
Physical Description During his time at the academy, he went to the gym. As he was going to the gym during the academy, he was working out and as he was working out, he gained a ton of muscle. He always did 60 lbs. of weights and then he'd do like 150 lbs. of weights.


Spouse Alexandria Logan (Deceased)
Children No children
Father Zayne Logan
Mother Virginia Logan
Brother(s) Only Child
Sister(s) Only Child
Other Family All deceased.

Personality & Traits

General Overview When he was growing up he was the only child in his family. He went to the academy and graduated. Once he graduated from the academy, he then got assigned to the USS Montana. He was very happy to be apart of the Montana.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strength is to be brave and coffee black and going to the gym to work out. He's always been someone who loved doing weights and never has he ever had to do more then 150 lbs before but he's more then willing to do that.
Ambitions McKenzie's ambitions is to be the best officer that his captain would ever have and get promoted to captain and command his own ship. Although, he knows that it would take a while cause he knows that he needs to be patient. Although, being apart of the Montana, he's happy to be the temporary Assistant Chief Of Security of the Montana. He wants to make it his home for his whole time in starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests His hobbies are lifting weights and listening to music. Lt. Logan listens to music when he lifts weights and knows that it can make him feel like he's calm.

Personal History McKenzie Logan is the only child in the family and noticed that his family loved him with all their heart. When his parents found out that their only child was going into the academy at Star-Fleet. They were so very happy to take Mr. Logan. Logan then graduated from Security classes at the academy and then realized that he was the top of his class. He was also then diagnosed that he has depression. His depression doesn't kick in all the time and the fact that he knows how to keep control of it.
Service Record His service record was studying security material at home before he went into the academy.

Once he went into the academy, he went on studying his security material.

After he graduated from the academy, he was then assigned as Temporary Assistant Chief of Security on the USS Montana.