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Questions and no answers

Posted on Fri Jul 15th, 2022 @ 5:23pm by Captain Jackson Adams & Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey & Ensign Geneviève Boudreaux

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: Badlands


The Montana had warped out to the Badlands. Ships generally avoided this region of space, and sensors weren't reliable there, either. This would buy them some time to figure out what to do next.

Murphy was standing near the tactical station, watching the readouts from the nebula. This was a dangerous place to be, but the least likely place to run into another ship.

Captain Adams came back onto the bridge after having taken a shower and eaten. "Report, Commander" came the bark from Adams. It was clear to everyone that he wanted to go home and, now that seemed impossible.

Murphy straightened up and turned to face the Captain. “We are monitoring the storms closely, Captain. Any transmissions we’ve been able to intercept or monitor have all been in Klingon. No signs of Federation ships anywhere.”

"Can someone please explain to me what the heck is going on? There is no way the Klingon Empire took on and defeated Federation forces while we were on our mission."

Murphy shook his head, “If there had been a war it would have taken longer and there should be signs. It’s like we evacuated and the Klingons moved in.”

"Commander, assemble the Senior staff in the briefing room in one hour. We will then decide what to do from there" said the Captain.

"Yes, sir!" Murphy agreed. He began contacting the department heads.

“Sir, our sensors are impaired to some degree in here” Ryan spoke “We can’t assess much of the situation out there.” As if to give a possible explanation to why no Federation ship could have been detected.

“The hit they pulled on us made minor damages and we are working on it to fix them.” The operations officer continued reporting to the CO and the other senior officers in the bridge.

"Very well. Please keep me informed. I will be in medical. I have a headache. Commander, you have the bridge" responded Adams.

“Yes, Captain,” Murphy answered. He walked over to Lieutenant Ryan. “Lieutenant, what systems are still damaged?”

"Our field generators are almost fully working but since the shot hit close to them I got a team to oversee and test them for any possible failure. Long range comms are currently offline, it will probably be back in say...20 minutes, probably a bit more." he reported to the XO.

Murphy nodded. "That's good news. When the senior staff meeting is over, everything should be back to normal. Thank you, Lieutenant."

(Meanwhile in Medical)

Usually, Geneviève would be grateful for another quiet morning, it meant no accidents, no fighting, and nothing malfunctioning enough to cause harm..but it meant she was a touch bored. She'd already finished her patient check-ins and had charted any updates, there being only a few this early into shift change, and had sat back down at the nurses' station with a fresh cup of lavender tea as she began the long and time-consuming process of braiding and re-braiding her hair. She had used to hate it- having once upon a time been happy enough to have thrown it in a sloppy ponytail and be done with it, but more often than not her mother would sit her down in a chair and stand behind her as she brushed and braided for what felt like hours. It made her want for the sensation of a brush gliding across her scalp suddenly.

But the pang in her chest drew focus to the fact that she maybe missed it more than she realized.

She gave pause, her sudden reminisce interrupted by having realized she'd braided the left loop wrong. She would have to start over. Giving a verbal drag of a sigh, she shook her head clean of her annoyance as she slipped quick fingers through the braid, letting the thick red curls hang back down as she regathered them evenly.

A hiss of compressed air from the sick bay doors brought her out of her musings as a tall Human male approached the waiting room with what looked like great intent and purpose. 'Hoo boy, perfect timing, can’t keep him waiting long..' She thought with a touch of alarm. Standing up with an almost hop to her step, she brushed a quick hand over the front and sides of her uniform dress to smooth it out from any wrinkles that may have formed from her sitting down. Putting on her sweetest smile, she left the nurses' station, quick to grab one of the sickbay PADD's before she did so, and stepped into the waiting room where the tall male stood at attention, apparently waiting on her.

"Good mornin’ sir~" She cooed politely, giving him a charming smile that split to expose straight white teeth as she approached. "And what can I do for you, Captain?"

Adams smiled and said, "Yes, I have a headache. Do you have anything for it?" Also, we are having a staff briefing on our current 'situation' in about an hour. Maybe you should attend?"

Did she have anything for it? Geneviève took a moment to raise a questioning red brow at the Captain before giving a quick snort of amusement. "I have everything to turn you inside out, back in again and into a woman, sir. You bet I got somethin' for a headache." She chuckled, throwing a hand out and then inward and behind her, a gesture for him to follow her.

"Just come sit on one of these biobeds, any one ya like, and I'll fetch you a hypo." True to her word, she'd walked off quickly, the click-clack of her high heels were loud against the metal floors as she whisked herself off to grab the intended medicine. "So what's gone off and given you a headache? Or is that kind of a permanent state of bein' as Captain?" It was only when the Captain had settled himself onto the biobed did she appear once again next to him, her kind expression still much the same.

"Headaches comes with the rank of Captain I think" responded Adams.

"Yeah I suppose I ought to go, ya'll got a bit of a skeleton medical crew, no offense sir. But since we're small, best to be tight-knit."

Slowly getting up from the bed (after the shot) Adams answered, "I will see you at the meeting then. Don't be late."

"Aye, sir." She responded in a saccharinely sweet voice, giving him a wave of goodbye as he walked off and out of sickbay, his heavy bootfalls sounding off into the distance of the hallway. What a way to meet the Captain-= but at least he was far more amiable than her last one had been. She was sure she could have cut the tension with a brick.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer--USS Montana

Lt. Commander Michael Murphy,
Executive Officer--USS Montana

LT. Steve Ryan

LT. Peter Ramsey

Ensign Genevieve Bodreaux,
Head Nurse | Medical


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