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The Ride No One Wanted

Posted on Fri May 27th, 2022 @ 3:49am by Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The Sound of Thunder
Location: Deep Space


The U.S.S. Montana was ready to move out of the space dock at 1800 hours the next day. Everyone was in their place as the captain came walking onto the bridge. Just as he approached his chair Lt. Mann said:

“Captain, we have received clearance from control to depart, and we are ready.”

“Very well, let’s go. Take us out, Mr. Mann.”

A few clicks were heard, and lights on the panel flashed as the ship moved out on its own power. Hitting a button on his chair, the captain said:

“Engineering, this is the captain, I know we just got the ship patched up, but we need to get out of Klingon space. Prepare to enter warp on my command.”

A response came over the intercom from an NE Ensign, "Aye, Captain. The Chief said to tell you we are ready as we are ever going to be, whatever that means......"

Adams did not have a response as he watched the ship start to back out of spacedock. The ship could be seen out the viewport of the Klingon Space Station. The station commander commented to himself:

“Goodbye Federation, let's not make this a habit.”

Lieutenant Commander Murphy felt a little queasy as he stood on the Bridge. He had eaten too much Klingon food in the last few days. He looked forward to eating food from the replicators on the Montana again.

Looking at the Commander Adams said, "Commander, you look like hell. When we get underway, you better get the doctor to check you out."

"Aye, sir," Murphy was in no position to argue. At the least, Seth could probably give him something to calm his stomach.

The ship continued to move as it found its way into open space.

“Sir” Lt. Steve Ryan, manning the communications and operations console recalled the attention of the officer in charge “we received clearance from the base. They greeted us and bid farewell. Cleared to warp once out of the safety area of the station.” he relayed what he received through the comm console.

“Very well, Mr. Mann, let’s go. Set a course for Earth, warp 6.”

“Aye sir came the response as the engines could be heard throughout the ship.
A few seconds later the Montana went into warp…

“Warp 2, 4, 6, sir. We are in full warp.”

The captain smiled as turned around to tell Commander Murphy to head to sickbay when the ship rocked. A few seconds later a bright light could be seen over the bridge that last a minute or so and then the ship fell continued its way to home.

T'Ponga was nursing her pride as she entered the bridge. Something did not sit right and it bothered her.

The Captain looked over at T'Ponga and acknowledged her as she walked onto the bridge.

(A few hours Later)

Captain Adams did not leave the bridge as he wanted to be there when the ship arrived in Federation Space. “Captain we are reaching the outer most point of Earth, sir” said Mr. Mann.

“Very well, take us out of warp” responded Adams.

The ship dropped out of space into the very heart of the Federation. Yet, there were no Federation patrols or signs of normal communications coming it. It was dead quiet…..

Murphy walked back onto the bridge, feeling better after his trip to Sickbay. He could tell from the atmosphere and the confusion on the crew's faces that something was off. "What do you have?" he asked Captain Adams.

"Something very odd. We have entered Federation space only to find nothing. No patrols, no contact from Starfleet...just simply nothing. It is as if everything we know does not exist" responded Adams.

The absence of normal communications, no ships in orbit caused her to stop what she was doing. "There is something very wrong here". Then she remembered the bright white light on the bridge as they warped. "What is the time now and confirm out coordinates please," T'Ponga said.

Lt. Mann responded:

"According to everything on my panel, we are almost to Earth."

Adams quickly responded:

"Communications open a channel to Starfleet Command."

"Open sir" came the response.

"Starfleet Command this is USS Montana on an open channel, please repond"

Nothing came it was, again, dead quiet.

As the ship got closer the crew noticed there were no other ships in orbit.


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer and Chief of Security--USS Montana

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer

Lt. T'Ponga Shemara
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Montana


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