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The arrival

Posted on Sun May 30th, 2021 @ 11:59pm by Lieutenant Commander William Jefferies & Lieutenant Stuart Mann & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Petty Officer 1st Class Samuel De'luvia
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Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Current

The USS Montana had been at high warp for almost two days. Lt. Stuart Mann had been in the command chair most of the time, while the Captain dealt with other issues.

“Lt. Mann, we are approaching Starbase 80, sir” said the Helmsman.

“Very well, take us out of warp and approach the station at one-half impulse” replied Mann.

Hitting a button on the center chair, Mann said,

“Bridge to Captain, we are approaching Startbase 80, Ma’am. Please come to the bridge.”

“Communications, see if you can raise anyone on the comlink” ordered Mann.

The Communications officer flipped a few switches and continued,

“Starbase 80 or Commander Jefferies, this is the USS Montana on emergency frequency alpha, please respond.” There was only static and silence.

Mann was worried about Jefferies, but he knew that his duty to the ship and crew came first.

“Very well, then. Helm, take the ship alongside the station and assume a standard orbit of it and the surrounding area. Keep scanning for anything unusual” ordered Mann.

Angelus gave a glance down at the console and the sensors, at least his anyway. Giving a check, theoretically there shouldn’t be anything odd there around the Starbase.

Suddenly Marcus ran to the bridge. That was after she grabbed T'ponga from engineering.

"So that' is the famous Starbase." Marcus said to herself.

"Looks a little…... well Dark." Marcus proclaimed as she turned to her XO.

That wasn't a good sign. However Marcus was still interested in seeing this base. As well as being on a Starbase again.

Last time she had actually seen one was the time she met Kirk. Even if it was for a minute.

Crichton exited the turbo lift to relieve the young Ensign that was covering his post.

"Captain, the preparations are ready."

"Helm, are we in transporter range?" As she acknowledged him.

After checking the sensor readings, hit a switch and a button or two. The ship was only moments away from transporter range of the Montana.

"Two minutes 23 seconds to transporter range Captain," as Crichton looked up as the station came into view. "We have visuals now."

"What the hell? It looks abandoned or something. Are you getting any lifeform readings?" T'Ponga said.

“Captain,” Angelus glanced up, “I’d recommend against getting into Transporter range at the moment.”

"I appreciate your concern, Angelus, but if there is any chance of life there we need to investigate." Marcus replied."

“We do have probes, as well as shuttlecraft, sir,” Angelus said.

"Noted," Marcus replied.

"What are your thoughts number one?" Marus asked Mann.

“Sir, I think one of us should go and one of us should stay. I will volunteer to remain here on the ship. All I ask is that you bring my friend home safe, Captain.”

"I'm afraid I'm gonna have to decline your offer. You know Jeffries better then any of us. We need to use that. Angelus, can you fly a shuttle?" Marcus asked with confusion.

Angelus gave a glance over his shoulder, “I would think so. All of us should have gone through basic flight training at the Academy, "sir. I do enjoy flying, so I would like to think so, more so fighters. However, I may or may not be as good as our Helmsman here.

Chief Petty Officer Samuel De'luvia stood at the back of the bridge, watching and listening, he saw two crewmen whispering back and forth instead of working. He looked at them and hissed a warning. “Stop gawking and get back to work or I'll have up on Captain's Mast by 1730.”

"I'm gonna need Chriton to maintain the bridge. Would you be willing to fly us in and out? Transporters do not appear to be available." Marcus asked.

"Also Angelus despite protocol I hate being called sir. Call me Captain" she added

“Alright, yes Ma’am-Captain. If the station’s automated systems are offline, we still should be able to get to a docking port for support craft. Manually get it open. We can work with using EVA suits in case there’s no atmosphere, or a foreign substance. We’ll be safe. Also let us move around well if there are hostiles. Security isn’t my position though, but it’s a recommendation.” Angelus pointed out.

"As Spock would say, that seems logical. Can you have the shuttle ready in about 10 minutes?" Marcus asked.
Angelus raised an eyebrow, “Just about all Vulcan’s say that, depending. You just really like quoting the Enterprise ‘heroes’ don’t you, Ma’am.”

"Would you believe it if I told you I met Spock?" Marcus boasted.

“I believe that many people have, Ma’am. I don't have a reason to disbelieve you in the least,” Angelus nodded.

"Yeah Kirk was at my graduation ceremony for some odd reason. Anyway back to the matter at hand. Don't get me distracted or I'll feed you to a tribble"

"Actually crichton are those flying skills you won't shut up about still on par?"

Ryson was on the bridge. He had been relatively silent until now. “Captain, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to scan the atmosphere of the station at the moment. That way, we know what we are walking into?”

"Permission granted" Marcus said

Lt. Stuart Mann
Navigation | Acting First Officer

Lieutenant Angelus De’luvia
Chief Navigation | Chief Tactical Officer

Capt Emmalyn Marcus
Commanding Officer


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