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Meeting "The Boss"

Posted on Tue May 25th, 2021 @ 5:30pm by Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: The USS Montana's Shuttle Bay
Timeline: "Appropriate"

After Finally Catching up with the USS Montana, NCC 1889,
Lt. Niles James McCulloch and Ensign, Trevor A. Andrews in their Fighter Class Shuttlecraft request landing clearance.

" This is Star Fleet Shuttlecraft Tyco-1, to the USS Montana, NCC 1889. Requesting Clearance to land." Lt. Niles McCulloch states succinctly, "This is Lt. Niles James McCulloch in the Star Fleet Shuttlecraft Tyco-1, to the USS Montana, NCC 1889. Requesting Clearance to land."

"We're glad you finally caught up with us, Lt. McCulloch." the Montana's Shuttle Bay Flight Controller said jovially, "You Clearance to land thorough the port side Shuttle Bay Entrance, Tyco."

As Niles Piloted the Fighter Class Shuttlecraft 'Tyco', into the USS Montana's shuttle bay, Niles said, "Sorry, I didn't catch you at Mars, but my connections from Earth were late getting there."

While Niles landed the Shuttlecraft, the Flight Controller, Laughed, "Aris Base, Told us you'd caught a Shuttlecraft and would eventually be rendezvousing us, but I didn't know you'd be piloting."

"Graduated as a Helmsman as well as an Engineer." Niles replied confidently, as he un buckled his safety harness. "This is Tyco signing off, Montana."

After the flight controller's confirmation Niles killed, the comm connection and turned to his passenger and Copilot, Permanent Ensign, Trevor A. Andrews.
"Well, Trev, this is our new home."

"I knew we'd catch-up to the USS Montana, NCC 1889, eventually, Niles." Ensign, Andrews said flatly, " I guess that our next task is to report in to Captain Emmalyn Marcus, and Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander T'Ponga Shemara. "

T'Ponga's head was deep into engineering reports in her office. Warp core overhauls were completed and impulse engine modifications were complete. All ODN lines were checked, or either repaired or replaced, and jefferies tubes were inspected. All in all, a good report for the captain. PaDD in hand, she made for the Captain's ready room to deliver her report. Hitting the door chime, she waited patiently.

“Ah yes my second officer. Everything good with niles?” Emmalyn said with no actual idea of what she was saying. “I think so yes.” T’ponga replied.
“Great can you send him in? Also is everything clear to warp from starbase 12?” Emmalyn asked, sounding more sincere than before. “Yeah hes actually on his way to report to you also I belive this report on engineering should answer your question.” T’ponga replied.

“Thank you commander. Go have fun with engineering and try not to blow up stuff in the process.” Emmalyn replied followed by a laugh.

She began to pick up the PADD when she heard a heavy knock on the door. She knew that had to Niles. She signaled him telling him to come in.
To her dismay she hadn't realized how large the Orions were. Growing in a non Starfleet family would do that to you.

"Niles I assume?”
"Yes! Capt. Marcus, Ensign, Lieutenant Niles J. McCulloch and Permanent Ensign, Trevor A. Andrews, Reporting for Duty. Sir."
Niles Said crisp and precisely as he "poured" through the Capt.'s Door, followed by Permanent Ensign, Andrews.

Niles and Trevor Came to full attention as Niles presented his Orders of Transfer to the USS Montana, NCC 1889.

"Everything looks good. Okay so go report to your station T'ponga is ready for you" Emmalyn ordered.

"Yes, Sir. Capt. Marcus." Niles and Trevor replied together crisply, as they saluted. Trevor exited the Room First followed by Niles.

As they made their to a lift, " That went well?" asked Trevor.
"Yep, Laddy, it was short and "sweet"." Niles replied, as they Politely made their way to deck 4. "Good, she seemed like nice person. I hope Lieutenant Commander T'Ponga Shemara is too."

Nile's mused to himself as they Made Their to Main Engineering, "I hope so too". Knowing that he has had mixed encounters with Half Vulcans, in the past. Especially when the other "Half" was 'Human', they had a tendency to over "compensate", and could be "Stiffer" than 'Straight Vulcan', more often than not.


Upon, finally finding Lt.-Cmdr. Shemara, he waited until she wasn't busy...."Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Niles J. McCulloch and Permanent Ensign, Trevor A. Andrews, Reporting for Duty Assignment, Sir." Niles Said Clearly and Crisply Saluting with his Right Hand And presenting his Transfer Orders to CEO, Lt.-Cmdr. Shemara.
Both were standing at attention and P-Ens. Trevor also stood Saluting the Lt.-Cmdr. awaiting a reply.

As usual, T'Ponga had her head deep into the bowels of a console's innards, some what angry that the optic cables were the wrong size of all things. "Damned Starbase engineers! Got the wrong guage optical wires. These are too damned fat!" she said angrily. Hearing the new voice, she pulled her head out to fast and connected with the console's outer layer. "Thud", followed by, "Augusfratt! That's gonna hurt later", she cringed. Looking at the two, " relax before you snap in two," she said. "Hm.....Niles and fast you want to get dirty?" she asked.
"That's what we're here for, sir." Niles said happily as he dropped his Belongings on the deck. Then get getting down the his Giant frame would let him., to see what's wrong.

"What seem's to be the problem." Trevor mechanically retorts. Putting his Back-up Memory "Brain-Box" next to Niles' Pile.
"Optical Cable Problems, if I heard right." He added. He Continues by asking, "Sir, should I go to ship's equipment stores for replacements?"

While awaiting a reply Trevor Interfaces with Ship's Computers, to access the blue prints. So, he can find the correct equipment storage locker, at the same time checking the Ship's Inventory, to see if the correct replacement cables are aboard.

Niles notices the "cable problem", "This seems to be a usual rush-job screw-up, Sir." Upon, hearing Trevor's usual Sussing out of the Situation, "Give Trevor the go, Sir, and he'll have the right parts here, afore we un-boil this Hagos." Niles Chuckles.

Raises her eyebrow, "What?.....Hagos? What on.......better yet how on Earth did they send you two out here? I need help, agreed but this is a blessing! Be my guest Treavor," T'Ponga said laughing hard as she watched Trevor recede from sight.

"That's, Trevor, Sir, and I'll be back before you Know IT." Permanent Ensign Trevor A. Andrews intoned before disappearing.

"Sorry, Sir, being an Android he is and always likes to be precise." Niles, interjects trying to excuse Trevor's bluntness.
"Hagos, in this context, Sir, is in reference to the mess before us." He added trying not to let his Massiveness make things too cozy.
"Actually it was what's on Mars and It was the Shuttle Tyco-1 "bored" from Mars Base Aries, that got, us here, Mama." Niles Said jokily, as he Cleared out the cables already taken out.
"Before, we go any farther, can i call you something other than, Sir." Niles asked hopefully trying, to sound as business like as possible.
He awaited a reply as noted hopefully conveying a 'streamlining ' in what he knew would be an on going relationship. He hoped would be between colleagues, and not CEO & Assistant.

Not sure which to answer, and still a bit confused, "Well, Niles, you and Trevor can actually call me Chief or T'Ponga, which ever suits you easier. Just stop calling me Sir please. Hell you can even call me boss if you like. My engine room here is very informal. We are family here so you will fit in quite well," T'Ponga said chuckling. She was ready for the question as to how come she had a sense of humor being Vulcan. It was something that always popped out.

"T'Ponga, I prefer being called 'James'." He replied, cordially, trying a to get a better work area in the middle of the mess in front of them.
"I find it less formal than 'Niles'. ... I hope we don't disconnect something important we are fairly Operational, at the moment say What." as he sat back to pile out the disconnected cables.
"Oh, and Trevor will answer to Trev." Pausing as he turns toward a rustling and clattering noise headed toward them, "Speaking of Trev he is back already."

"You can put them over there, Trev, old boy." as he pointed to a clear spot on the floor between Himself and T'ponga and the pile and their pile of belongs, they made before going, into 'the fun', of fixing 'the yard's rush job.

"I hope this is enough, Chief." Trev said crisply as he laid down his burden. "Shall I hand them into her, James, or will you?" Trev asked blankly staring at James as he awaited further instructions.

"I think it would work better if you hand them to her. Trev, it's gettin' a tad cozy in there for me." James replied, as he made his way clear for Trev to articulate himself in next to T'ponga.

"Is this what you looking for?" Trev asked as handed T'Ponga a length of optical cable.

This was too funny for her to keep a straight face. T'Ponga could no longer contain the laughter that exploded. Looking at both Trevor and James, "I'm sorry but both of you are going to be the highlight of my life here in engineering," she said laughing. "Both of you make me laugh and ease my frustration of bumbling Starbase Engineers. I love the two of you...," she continued to chuckle as she took the cable from Trevor. Putting the cable into the open port, the unit came to life as it should. "Now why on Earth would they put all this in here when all you needed was one simple cable?" she said.
" I presume that is a rhetorical statement?" Asks Trev as he crawls out and stands-up. "But, if not, unfamiliarity with the system, most likely, I would you say, Chief, and being rushed."

"Any other messes, to deal with, T'Ponga?" James asks as he offers an extended gentlemanly hand to T'Ponga, in lieu of her might needing some help getting-up.

"I'll put the excess Cables in a Engineering storage locker in case they are needed later." Trev said as he gathers them up and scuttle-off, temporarily.

Raising an eyebrow, looking at Trevor scamper off, she looked at James, " Is he always like that?" she asked before chuckling as she remembered the big man next to her looking in the console.

" He doesn't like "clutter". He thinks it's "inefficient"." James replied, as T'Ponga politely refuses his offer of assistance. Getting up with no trouble, from the "crawl space" she was in, by herself.

"Oh, before he gets back. If, there is anything else, around here you need any extra equipment for or whatever." James adds, as he pulls back the right sleeve of his "uniform", with his left hand.

Revealing a "Dick Tracy" 'Sci-Fi' looking wrist device. "I can tell him to bring it so he doesn't have go back and get IT.", he concludes, activating IT, as he looks at her Quizzically, awaiting an answer.
T'Ponga's eyes went wide, "Is that what I think it is? Oh my heavens, I haven't seen one of those since I was in school. Yes...yes...please ask him to bring two magnetic constrictor joints please," she said.

" Hello! Trev, old chap could you please be nice enough to pick-up two magnetic constrictor joints, on your way back here.?" James Asked Trevor via his 'classically designed' wrist communicator.
"No! Problem, James." was Trev's Mechanically crisp reply.
"Oh, will there be anything else? ." Trev inquired as his muffled conversation could not be clearly heard from Jame's Wrist-Comm.

Then Trev added clearly, "You Two must be pretty well nackered?" , he inquired, in what almost sounded like real concern , "Should I bring a bev and a knosh?"

"I'll ask." replied James.

( Reference note Trev can Communicate over the "Wrist Comm" , as well as "hold" a conversion on his end, afterall he is a "Droid". A 'term' the 'units' 'like' Trev prefer to be referred, to. Rather than the "term" Android.)

He turns to look toward T'ponga quizzically asking, "Well, anything else and I'm a bit tuckered. How about You?"

"No and I agree with you on being tuckered. I need my beauty sleep," T'Ponga said laughing.

"I'll admit I'm Tired. But, What I really Meant, my dear, is I'm Hungery." James said laughing.

"Any Who. Trev should be on his way with two magnetic constrictor joints, any Second Now." James continued trying to be more business like. "Along with a small picnic."

Hunger hadn't entered her mind until James mentioned it. "Yes, now that you mentioned it, I haven't had lunch either. Sounds good to me.", T'Ponga added.

"Here Trev comes Now." James replied, as Trev rolls up with two magnetic constrictor joints; a gallon or two of water; and an assortment, of Food Replicator Fabricated sandwiches. All artfully laid-out on a mess hall serving cart.

"I hope this fills the bill?" Trev cheerfully chimes in, as he hands T'ponga two magnetic constrictor joints.

"Now What would You All, like?", he asks as the patience stands wait like an old Earth Lunch Lady, while pouring T'ponga and James each a glass of water.

"Why yes it definitely is exactly what the doctor ordered," T'Ponga said taking them from the droid. "Now for food......Old Earth Lunch???" she said with a typical Vulcan raised eyebrow.

"I'm sure Trev has something Vegetarian in his selection somewhere." as he notices T'ponga's facial expression. While he accepts the Two Glasses of water, as he waits for T'ponga, to put down at least one of the magnetic constrictor joints.

Putting down the joints, T' Ponga takes the water. "Thankyou, but as for I eat anything especially a good hamburger," she said chuckling.

James, Thought 'She's definitely nut yer avurage Vulcan, is she.' to himself as he hoped Trev remembered his favorite in culinary category of hamburgers.
Chili-Cheese-Burger, with "Aunt” Heide's 'Everything' Coleslaw, on IT, and not fer-gettin' Her, Sugar/Cinnamon Sweat-Potato Frys wit' jost enough sea-salt.

Trev noticed the gleam in James' eyes when T'ponga said the word "Hamburger". He then pulled a tray from the the bottom shelf of the Mess Hall Cart. Opening It on setting It down on a Fold-Out Serving 'Leaf' on the Cart Top Self.

"Me, not forgetting Your Favorite, James." Trev seeming delightedly gushed, as he Presented Two of James' Favorite Hamburger Creation, with hopefully enough Sugar/Cinnamon Sweat-Potato Frys, ala "Aunt” Heide's, for the two them.

"I brought something "Harder" than water, but I figured You Two would rather Hydrate. Yes." Trev said tilting his temporarily slightly to the right, to accent his hopefully quizzical tone of voice.

As James stared at Trev's display of memory-replay, and before he could ask if T'ponga would like to have one of the Replicator renderings of one his "Aunt” Heide's Culinary Masterpieces, Trev added, "Is There anyone-else around so all this goes to waste.", gesturing toward the other sandwiches and Sides.

"I'll take a doggie bag home with me. It is delicious, and won't go to waste," T'Ponga said finishing the last bite of the wonderful meal.

"I sure miss "Aunt” Heide's home cooking." James opined, "I'm surprised the ship's replicator did her creations justice." he continued, as he tried not eat more than his "fair-share", of the Frys. "But still nothing beats real cooking."

"I'll try and make the 'left-overs', as portable as possible." Trev said as he packaged up what T'ponga and James didn't eat.

James was glad T'ponga liked the replicator version of his "Aunt” Heide's cooking. Plus, the fact that she "volunteered" to take the "left-overs", because it was going to be hard enough getting his belongs to his new "Home Away from Home".

As Trev presented T'ponga with her "Doggie-Bag", James asked her, "Anything Else need our immediate attention?"

"No this is great. Besides you need to get your gear to your quarters and settled. The gama shift is about to arrive so shall we make for our respective quarter's?" T'Ponga suggested.

"Sounds Like a Plan." agreed James, "Nice meeting you T'ponga. Be seeing You." he said as gave her a brief salute.

"Like Wise, Miss. Aloha, until later." Trev chimed in.

After, Exchanging pleasantries with T'ponga James & Trev negotiated the USS Montana's maze of Lifts and Corridors to their Quarters on Deck-5.

Upon entering their quarters they're greet by," It's about time you < Clowns, showed-up. I'm hungary, tired, getting claustrophobic in this blasted thing.". Coming from a large Vented container in the middle of the room.

"Is that You, Squeazal, o0lde man?" James said dropping his Personal bundle burden beside him.

""DUH!?! Moron, who else would come this way." Squeazal almost screaming in a sarcastic tone of Voice, "The Para Fau Goo of Baleon-5."

"He's got a point, James." Trev Chimed in Bluntly.

( To be Continued in Mission Post "SURPRISE!?!"


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