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meeting the new Capt

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 8:35pm by Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant S'Relle

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS-Montana

S'relle was on security rounds by the bridge she walked in caitian style with her paw feet,and her tail wagging.. She looked around the bridge seeing whats been hopping in command central she kept walking around seeing how things were going, she was near the captains door as her whiskers twitched very nervously,as she rang the captains door so she could introduce herself to the new Captain...

"Come in" Marcus replied.

Suddenly Marcus saw her. S'relle the caitain. Fur tail and all. Something about them drew her in. Although she couldnt explain it.

"So here to introduce herself?'

S'relle purred.”hherrroo I'm Ens S'Relle one of the security officers, I was born and raised on Cait. And I came here from Starfleet and started my aaasssignment here on the Montana.” S'relle purred. S'relle was standing attentively with her tail wagging slowly,as she felt a bit nervous her whiskers twitched a little faster, for her being nervous near the new command.

"Ya know up until a couple months ago I had never seen a caitian before. So please excuse my staring. Anyway so your my security eh? Well I look forward to having you." Marcus explained" Do you need anything else?" Marcus asked.

The young caitian looked at her Captain,.with a slight growl-purr.”nnnnnoo sir, just introducing myself.” S'relle purred as her tail wagged a little faster not by much. S'Relle kept standing at attention the whole time while facing the good Captain Marcus.

'Well in that case your dismissed." Marcus said standing from her desk.

"Got to get back on the bridge" she thought


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