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Welcome aboard, Admiral

Posted on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 8:50am by Vice Admiral C’Raal & Captain RS Harrison & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant Victoria Mason & Lieutenant S'Relle
Edited on on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 9:30am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Utopia Planitia Spacedock
Timeline: Current

Marcus was glad that was over. She really didn’t like anything about the whole situation and felt great relief as the security team beamed off the ship with the unconscious traitor prior to Admiral C’Raal coming aboard.

Marcus hit the comm after a brief pause but heard Admiral C’Raal finishing his conversation before she could speak herself.

“Thank you, take it to Medical. Keep it sedated until I return. Do not leave it unguarded,” C’Raal could be heard ordering someone. “Montana, C’Raal and Thelin ready to beam over.”

Marcus turned to the Transporter operator, “Energize.”

"It's good to be nervous," Marcus said to herself. "It means I'm invested,” she suppressed the urge to tap her fingers on the console.

Starfleet Vice Admiral C’Raal, Chief of Military Operations, was imposing. Tall and imposing. His mane was impressive. Marcus had never seen a Caitian in person before. And Captain

Thelin was one of the few Andorians he’d ever been this close to. He was a different shade of blue than she imagined. And his hair was like a giant cotton ball. Very white. Lots of volume, maybe more like a cloud?

Admiral C’Raal seemed to glide off the Transporter pad. Captain Thelin followed. “Permission to come aboard, Commander?”

“Of course, sir. Welcome aboard, Admiral.”

C’Raal indicated the Captain, “My aide, Captain Thelin.”

“Welcome aboard, Captain,” Marcus added.

C’Raal could see that Marcus was thinking.

“Thank you, Commander,” Thelin volunteered as he also noticed Marcus was in dep thought.

“Yes. That Thelin. I requested him before he replaced Captain Spock at the Academy. He’s more suited to Military Operations in my opinion.”

Thelin nodded to C’Raal with a smile.

“I’m glad I got him.”

Marcus visibly relaxed as she nodded slightly, happy that she recognized the Captain from keeping up with Fleet News and such.

C’Raal quickly got back to the business at hand, “We’d better see Security first. I understand the Chief, Mason is aboard with some staff?”

“Indeed, sir. A Caitian.”

“Her staff includes just one Caitian?”

“No sir. Just that I’ve only noticed Ensign S’Relle in Security. Other personnel are en route. Mason and S’Relle may actually be meeting right now.”

“Let’s see,” C’Raal acknowledged as he moved off toward Security.

Captain Thelin followed immediately behind him and C’Raal briefed Commander Mason as they walked to Security.

“Your Chief Engineer is quarantined on New Providence where you will get him and the Captain. Chief Medical is also going to have to meet you in the field. And your acting Chief needs to brush up on the situation and ‘plagues,’” C’Raal paused.

“Aye, sir.”

“And now you need a Chief Comm,” C’Raal seemed to sigh with irritation as he looked over to Marcus and continued walking; before turning to look ahead he added “If you have any suggestions, this is your chance. It might not happen again,” C’Raal finished as they stepped into the turbolift. "I might know someone. An old friend of captain Kirk's who can probably tell us what we’re dealing with here." Emmaylyn boasted.

Mason looked to Thelin. There was a rumor that Thelin almost replaced Spock on the Enterprise for some reason. Or some thing.

Thelin remained stoic.

“Thelin must be a good match for C’Raal,” Marcus thought. They were both pretty serious. But this was not a social call. Apparently.

“Security.” C’Raal directed the Turbolift as Marcus wondered how to bring up his friend. Now was her chance bring them over if that is what C’Raal was offering.

“Perhaps, I need to bring this up now,” Mason thought to herself and was interrupted by the Turbolift doors opening before she could speak.

Admiral C’Raal stepped out into the corridor and toward the Security Office.

They walked briskly to Security. When they entered, a Caitian, Ensign S’Relle, was turning to leave and stopped abruptly to look at who she didn’t want to bump into.

S’Relle was visibly shocked to see a Caitian Vice Admiral, an Andorian Captain and her First Officer walking in. She snapped to attention.

Lieutenant Mason jumped to her feet as well.
“As you were, Ensign. Lieutenant,” C’Raal directed. I’m glad you’re here. I need to brief you, Lieutenant and the Ensign” he paused.

“Ensign, S’Relle, sir.”

“Thank you, Ensign, S’Relle.” C’Raal turned back to Mason, “S’Relle may stay if you like.”

“Yes, sir,” Mason replied.

“This is Captain Thelin, my aide. Have you both met First Officer Marcus?”

“No,” Mason and S’Relle replied simultaneously.”

“Well, here we are.”

Thelin nodded to them.

S’Relle sort of nodded slowly, still amazed to see a Caitian Vice Admiral standing at about arms’ length away. It was exciting.

C’Raal looked at the desk where Mason was standing and noticed the nearby table had six places.

“Of course,” Mason motioned to the conference table as she moved to it and made sure to leave the head and right seat open.

Everyone moved to the table and Thelin immediately activated the viewscreen and put up some graphics.

“First,” C’Raal began. “The Communications Officer is now property of Starfleet Intelligence. It was a threat and has been neutralized. However, as the Communications Officer,” C’Raal seemed to take a minute to compose himself. Perhaps also to forestall vomiting…. “It had complete access to the ship. We should assume every system; every physical location has been compromised.”

C’Raal was obviously not happy. He continued.

“I may investigate how this got so far past Starfleet Command, but we are going to evacuate the ship to decontaminate and sterilize it. Before we re-board the crew, I want you, Commander Marcus to have Lieutenant Bailey coordinate his department with Lieutenant Mason and Biologically and Physically audit the ship. It is possible, that the shapeshifter introduced shapeshifting organisms into the ship as well.”

Thelin elaborated, “Fortunately,” he too had to pause, perhaps in disbelief as well; “the Chameloid was sloppy, immature and careless during its entire time in the Federation. We do not believe it had the ability to make a sophisticated effort to compromise the ship or any part of the Federation. However, as a Chameloid, we can not be certain that we are aware of all its activities. And as a security threat, we must assume the worst.”

C’Raal continued, “Once you have confirmed the ships condition, the entire crew should have arrived at Utopia Planitia and be ready to board.”

Mason seemed to glow with excitement at her new orders.

Marcus was worried about Bailey being able to handle this. He was really only the Assistant Chief Medical Officer because no one else had been assigned and the actual CMO was not here to make adjustments.

“Check everything,” C’Raal continued. I had meant to take a glance around the ship in the few hours I have until leaving for the border. I had initially hoped to meet Captain Harrison as well.”

“More updates coming in on New Providence,” Thelin interrupted.

C’Raal nodded his acknowledgement. “The situation on New Providence may be escalating,” he raised his brow at Thelin who nodded.

“How many of your medical personnel are here at Mars” C’Raal asked Marcus directly.

“Just Bailey last I looked Admiral.”

C’Raal looked to Thelin who updated them both, “seven Ensigns arriving now.”

“Trial by fire then, for Mr. Bailey? Let’s be sure he gets what he needs. Bailey has his work cut out for him.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Any questions from Security, Lieutenant?”

"No sir. I have no questions." replied Mason

Seemingly in a gesture of good will, C’Raal looked over to S’Relle as well. Perhaps they would speak directly after this serious business was addressed.

S’Relle looked at everyone around with a slight grin. “I have one, sir. Will you be with us for this Mission?” She purred softly and looked to Lieutenant Mason, purring at them all like a typical Caitian with her tail slowly swinging back and forth, and her whiskers twitching.

She hoped she wasn’t asking a stupid question about anything, in general, she just wanted to get her facts straight on the mission ahead.

Mason spoke up to take the pressure off. "If the Admiral decides to join us he will be welcome. Now you and I need to get ready." replied Mason to hurry along the process.

“I expect to depart for the Triangle before the Montana embarks. Captain Harrison and Commander Marcus will be properly in charge at New Providence.” C’Raal paused for a moment, “we may meet again Ensign. Perhaps there will be time to visit the range.”

S’Relle’s whiskers twitched as she smiled. Phaser practice with the Admiral. That would be a day to remember.

C’Raal turned to Lieutenant Commander Marcus, “Let’s go through Medical on the way to the Bridge. I don’t think we have time to do this again in the Briefing Room and I want to see how Mr. Bailey maintains his area. You can give the orders to disembark from the Bridge and then Captain Thelin and I will be on our way.”

C’Raal look around the room. This ship is in good hands. Thank you all.

S’Relle couldn’t help but swell with pride. Marcus followed C’Raal and Thelin back out toward the turbolift.


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