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Defining the job

Posted on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 8:54am by Lieutenant Victoria Mason & Ensign S'Relle

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana Security Office

Mason finally made her way to the security office. She wanted to ensure that her quarters were set up to her liking before she delved into her work. Because once she started, she would not stop until she knew everyone in the Department.

As she looked through the records, one really stood out to her. It was a Catian, a species that she had never worked with before, but she figured since she was a cat person and loved them on Earth, she should get along with one that could talk and communicate like a human so she could not wait to meet her.

She used her communications device.

"Ensign S'Relle please report to the Security Office. I’m sending you directions as the ship is still under construction and I’m not sure the built in systems will assist you properly!” Said Mason as all security personnel were issued a device that you wear on your wrist like a watch with everything built into it.

“Come in please and have a seat.” Said the Security Chief. “I must say I’m enthralled. I’ve never met a Catian and I’d like to find out all I can since were going to be working together.” Replied Mason sitting back in her chair

Ens S’Relle walked to the security office and smiled at her Security chief and sat down trying not to sit on her tail. S’Relle looked at her Security chief. ”I was in the area and I figured I’d find your office sooner or later.” S’relle smiled to her and kitty giggled at her reactions. ”I’m pleased your enthralled that you never seen one of my kind before. I was born and raised on my planet Cait. Ma’am.” S’Relle grinned to her with a slight purr in her voice.

“What would you like to know ma’am?’ She purred as her whiskers moved and her tail wagging.. S’relle looked at her security chief. ”I like to know about you too ma’am?” S’Relle grinned and purred as she fur ruffled.

“Well first of all, I want to apologize. On Earth the animal species have not matured to where your race is as you know, and some of us have what we call pets. We love them and they love us. I am a cat lover and seeing you in real life like this is like wow, mind blowing. So I figured we would get our initial meet out of the way so we can be friends and coworkers. I hope you’re not offended.” Said Victoria

S’Relle purred ”Don’t worry bout it ma’am , I’m here in starfleet to follow your command ma’am.” S’Relle smiled to her security chief Mason.”I’ve read on your human pets ma’am , they sound cute and cuddly from what I’ve read too Ma’am.” S’Relle said to her.”But It has nothing to do with my race ma’am were quite different than you think, you should read about us Caitians ma’am to get a clear Idea who we are.” S’Relle. “If I was being a little bit rude ma’am I’m very s-sorry ma’am” S’Relle purred. She didn’t want to sound rude to Lt Mason.

“On the contrary if anyone was out of pocket it’s me. But you and I are going to spend a lot of time together. So you can personally teach me about your people and what not to do when I meet your family which I’m sure if we work together long enough. I will and I’m looking forward to working with you. We have a big task before us. The ship is almost done but the sensors need to be physically checked and there are areas that require hands and eyes on. To verify we are safe to disembark. Will you help me?” Asked Mason in her kindest voice.

S’Relle smiled, “ sure Ma'am whatever you need, your the Security chief im just what earthlings call it, Your right-hand man.” S’Relle kitty -giggled as she stood with Mason at attention while looking around her office just liking the atmosphere and Surroundings of her office it brought a warm cheer to the young Caitain Security Officer. S’Relle was enjoying the company of her Security Chief Lt Mason, she has never met anyone like her probably being the only Caitain in Starfleet S’Relle wondered she heard some Caitians were scooped up, so she won't know if shes the only Caitain on Montana or what.

“Ok. Glad we got that out of the way. Now our mission is to get to know each other so we’ll that we can cover each other effortlessly. To do that we have to work dude by side and share our thoughts on things. First thing we got to do is check this ship from stem to stern and ensure there’s no stowaways or dangerous items left behind. You are uniquely qualified to help me with this mission. So the sooner we get going the better off we will be. I’ll get the rest of the department to help and it shouldn’t take long. But for now, you are dismissed." replied Mason needing a few moments to herself to get her head around working with this beautiful talking kitty cat.

Lt Victoria Mason
Chief Security Officer
USS Montana


Ensign S'Relle'
Assistant Chief Security
USS Montana


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