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Captain RS Harrison

Name RS Harrison

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 182lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description 6ft tall
Trim, athletic build with muscle definition
Black hair
Blue eyes
Clean shaven
Good posture at all times


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rodney Eugene Harrison
Mother Majel Nichelle Harrison
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Prefers order. Understands we are exploring and he got here by being successful with calculated risks. Wants his crew to be successful and enjoy being under his command but not to the extent that they comprise their duties as Starfleet Officers which emphasize courtesy, respect, thoughtfulness, understanding, self-control and an awareness that Starfleet Officers are constantly scrutinized because they uphold such high standards.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
Will consult relevant shipmates regarding decisions;
Likes to follow the rules;
Knows how to bend the rules;
Will bend the rules to accomplish the mission;
A bit nervous now that he's Captain about taking too many risks;
Can be tempted to break the rules to accomplish the mission;
Likes to bend the rules when it accomplishes the greater good;
NO Tolerance for insubordination or incompetence;
Gets too friendly on occasion and has to pull back to maintain professionalism, this may lead to "course correcting" relationships and situations after they have drifted off course.
Ambitions To be a successful Starfleet Captain as long as possible.
To have a good crew that enjoys their time under his command.
To mentor junior officers to success.
To not get promoted out of a Captaincy for some other ambition. Being a Starfleet Captain is the best job he can imagine.
Hobbies & Interests Fencing, teaching, mentoring, being Captain in Starfleet. Exploring, learning. New experiences.

Personal History Born on Alpha Centauri in 2245, Rodney Stewart (RS) Harrison was adventurous and curious as a child who idolized Zefram Cochrane.

His parents were both Scientists who encouraged his curiosity and spent much personal time with him as their only child.

Harrison's first actual job was as a private space faring merchant which he did for just under two years after graduating at age 15.

At age 17 he decided that Starfleet Officers had better equipment and more structure and was accepted to the Academy at age 18.

His parents deceased while he was in deep space on a Starfleet mission and Harrison is now fully committed to being a successful Captain, leaving his free-wheeling "merchant/privateer" days far behind him.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2263-2267.

2267 Graduated Starfleet Academy as Ensign

2268 Promoted to LtJg based on his leadership on Landing Parties and his skill at the Helm which prompted Captain Williams to want him on duty with him as much as possible

2271 Promoted to Lt after several distinguished incidents on and in command of landing parties

2277 Promoted to LtCdr, Chief Helmsman of USS Thetis after the Captain Robertson specifically requested a "good Helmsman and gunner" from Starfleet Command

2283 Promoted to Cdr, First Officer, Miranda Class USS Ares

2286 Promoted to First Officer of Constitution (refit) Class USS Republic

2289 Promoted Captain of USS Montana after distinguished service as XO aboard Constitution Class USS Essex