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Underway Again

Posted on Wed Nov 29th, 2023 @ 5:52pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Commander Katja Becker & Lieutenant Kestra Ral & Lieutenant JG Aubrie Fox & Petty Officer 3rd Class Valentia Ferrón & Lieutenant JG Charlie Dubois

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Onboard the Ship


The time at earth had flown by and now the Ship had new instructions. All the crew was onboard as the Captain walked onto the ship from the Space Dock. He shook the Admiral's hand as he was ready to leave.

"Be safe Captain and bring your ship home. Head to the zone and as you get closer you will hear from us with your first mission. Captain, be sure that everyone comes home."

"Yes, sir that is the plan." replied the Captain.

With that, the Admiral left the ship and Adams headed to the bridge. There were only two hours before the ship was due to depart.

Valentina accompanied the Captain to the turbo lift and the command deck. They parted at the bridge and she returned to the command vestibule to continue with her duties. The information that she had gleaned from the conversation between the Admiral and the Captain was enlightening and fit well with the data from the reports that she had read.

[Science lab]

Kestra sat on the desk and smiled as her people came together for the first time. There weren't as many as has been on the base, but everyone had multiple degrees.

"A little bit about me if you don't know already I am Betazoid and no do not expect me to be reading your minds. Don't use that reason not to report in or send in reports. Yes, I will be reading them. each and every one of them and not your minds. if you don't want me reading you, dont touch me. I do not expect perfection, but I do expect your best. I have a very open door policy. This means that if you need me in the middle of the night, walk in my quarters and wake me up. Please bring coffee with you." There were some laughs at that. Then she asked. "Any questions?"

"Are we really going to Romulan space?"

The ship was moving out, so she nodded yes. "I am not expecting any real scientific discovery on this mission, but we are here to have better ideas if asked. Anything else?" Nothing more was asked. She smile "good if I am not in the lab, I'll be in the gym or arboretum. You're all dismissed." Kes looked to Wilson. "We are ready." he gave her a nod.

Kes picked up PADD sending a message into the XO. The Science department was secure and ready.


Aubrie had decided before leaving the dock to do a quick check of the ships weapons. She knew they had a new mission but she had yet to find out where. Romulans? Vulcan homeworld? Other Federation Enemies? She didn't know, all she knew was she was going to do her job, Protect the ship and its crew when the need arose. After a Bit she decided to head to the bridge and take up the secondary Tactical Station.

[Personal Quarters]

Steve finished suiting up into his uniform while checking his nose once again in the mirror.
He shook his head. They were departing and he basically spent the only free time recovering from an injury.

His eyes departed from his own figure in the mirror and ponited to a little note on his desk.

Get well soon.
Love, Deb

PS: I'm sorry

Unsure wether to smile or to feel the anger mount, he just checked he had everything and left his cabin for the bridge.


Murphy was standing by on the Bridge. He knew the Captain would be up shortly. He was anxious to get the mission underway because all the waiting was killing him.

Fox walked onto the Bridge and took up the secondary Tactical console, after dismissing the Crewman at the Station.

Lt. Ryan walked into the bridge at his usual pace, with a smile and a polite nod he acknowledged the other officers that were present, while walking to his consolle and logging in.

Fox started a quick Scan of all Weapon systems and ran a few checks. "Commander, All Weapon Systems are checked and ready roll"

"That's what I like to hear, Lieutenant," Murphy answered.

Entering this bridge for the first time, Kestra took a moment to explore the stations. Once she felt familiar, she slipped into the science station chair. Her hands roamed over the settings and deceased the high-powered scans in favor of the standard settings. The operations officer would have a fit at the overuse of power they had been set at. Running the standard check, she nodded to herself. All was working properly.


It had taken her team the whole 96 hours to ensure that the requisitions were received. Katja may have erred on the of caution with the supplies but given their destination, she figured it would be prudent to be well prepared.

Her office had been cleaned out and most of the supplies had been inventoried and tagged to be put away. As there was not much in the way of 'medicine' to work on at the moment, she chipped in with the rest of the medical staff to get the requisitions squared away.

The place still felt 'weird' to her. This was her first starship posting. She had already checked and the medical equipment was the same; it wasn't going to be 'meatball medicine,' but she was still unsure of the whole thing. Well, it didn't matter. Katja only looked forward, and they were, no doubt, getting ready to start one helluva ride.

"Alright peoples, let's get the groceries packed away. We are coming up on zero hour."


Captain Adams entered the Bridge.

"Captain on the Bridge," Murphy called out. Then, in a normal tone he continued, "Captain, all departments have checked in and we are ready for departure."

"Excellent," replied Adams. "Helm, let's not waste any more time. Take us out."

Fox Smiled. Time to Show off.

Lieutenant Dubois confirmed the console showed everything was cleared for departure, and activated thrusters to move them out. As soon as they cleared the doors, he switched to impulse power. "Warping out in 5, Captain," he said as he made the necessary adjustments. As promised, five seconds later, they were at warp.


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Petty Officer 3rd Class Valentia Ferrón

Lieutenant JG Charlie Dubois
Assistant Chief Helmsman

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer

Lieutenant JG Aubrie Fox
Assistant Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant Kestra Ral
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Katja Becker
Chief Medical Officer


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