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Posted on Sat Dec 2nd, 2023 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Present

[USS Montana, Bridge]

Kestra took notice as the ship began to move. She placed a hand on the console, feeling the slight vibration it gave off. This was going to be the new normal for her. She let her body tune into the feeling of the ship.

It wasn't the first time she had been on a ship, but from her experience, each ship had a different feel to it. She would more then likely sleep on her floor tonight to let her body rhythm tune into the ship's rhythm. She found it was the fast way to adjust to the feeling of the ship.

Running a passive scan of the space ahead all seemed to be running smoothly. Sitting still was hard for her. There were a dozen things she still wanted to do, and seemingly nothing needed her attention here.
She had never been one to deal well with inactivity.

Besides, now that the ship was moving, the crew were all getting emotional. Some were excited, some scared, and others worried about entering into Romulan Space. It was all a bit overwhelming trying to block out such strong emotions. Kestra did her best to keep positive and excited.

Lt Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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