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Lieutenant JG Aubrie Fox

Name Aubrie Fox

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Second Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Trill
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 190
Hair Color Blond Silver High Lights
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slender, Fit, Average Height, But no Trill Spots, But can host a Trill if wanted


Father Bryan Fox-Human
Mother Jen Fox-Trill
Brother(s) Jake Fox(1), Alan Fox(6)
Sister(s) Alexis Fox(7), Elizabeth Fox(16)
Other Family Grandma/Grandpa Fox, Uncle Ian,

Personality & Traits

General Overview Uses her Intelligence and Beauty together to get answer to her questions, A Leader and not a Follower
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligence,+Decisive, +Beauty

-Attitude, -Easily Bored, -Too Openly Honest(No Filter Honest)-About Everything
Ambitions Learn all she can about the Trill/Human Race, Maybe even Become a host
Hobbies & Interests Reading Books, Staying Fit,Running, Playing with her Dog, Sniper Practice, Marksman Practice

Personal History

Aubrie was born on Trill and had not known much about the Trill race or its culture. Not too long after Aubrie was born Her Father got a Job Teaching at a Top Notch College so The Family moved to Earth. Jen, Aubrie’s mother knew at some point She would have to teach her Daughter about Her Trill Culture, But after some deep thoughts between both sides of the family, Jen and Bryan decided to let Aubrie choose which side she would learn from.From a early age Jen had noticed Aubrie didn’t have the traditional Trill spots, which cause Jen to take her to the Doctor. But she had some Trill features, But none of them Visible, And what made Jen happy was her daughter could even host a Trill symbiote, Out of all of her Kids, Only 2 could host one. Besides Aubrie, Aubries 2nd Sister Elizabeth had the Trill spots and could Host a symbiote just like her older sister, The Two sisters were closer than they were to the other siblings, While Aubrie was away at the Academy she always called Elizabeth to check in, and how school was. When Aubrie was 1, her Uncle Ian told her, “If you put your mind to something, it will be done”. At age 2, when she could walk she was non-stop moving, Her parents even called her speed demon.By the time she hit middle school, she was learning about the Trill Culture and its people, and she loved both sides of her Heritage. For her Early education she did extremely well, by 5th Grade she was already one of the prettiest girls of them all. During her Middle school years she did Track. For those 3 years every meet she had her team won first, Due to her efforts, Plus the school won 8 Titles, and 4 National Titles with the help of Aubrie. During her time at the Middle school her grades were already A+, leaving middle school with a GPA of 3.0. When she entered High School, She did softball and track, once again, Her team won every game but one due to her falling in the middle of the field trying to catch the winning catch. Her Softball team had competed in State Finals, Never done by that school. When track season came, she switched gears from Catching Balls to Running Fast. During her First High School track season, Her team once again won every meet due to Aubries hard work. By the Time she hit 10th Grade, She was one of the Top and Prettiest girls in the School. Everybody wanted to date her, But she kept herself away from the boys, Even through her beauty jaw dropped every boy in the school. She did go to some of the Dances but always went with one of her friends. Once again her 10th Grade year ended with 5 State Titles, and 2 National Titles, Which continued all the way up to her Graduation year, By the Time she graduated her GPA was a 3.2. When she left High School at 17, she joined StarFleet, At First she didn’t know which branch to choose, Marine, SEC/TAC, Medical, Engineering, Science, Or go down a Command pathway. But soon she chose SEC/TAC, She knew her Brains and her Athletic Body would be useful. Once more she was at the top of her class in everything she did, She even won two of the hardest StarFleet Academy Marathons. All of the Instructors knew she had a very bright future ahead of her, He GPA there was again 3.2, She graduated from the Academy with Honors, She had also Trained and Got the best score yet, on Marine Sniper Training, Marine Marksman Training, Marine Basic Training, Heavy Weapon Training, Hand to Hand Combat Training. One of her instructors even said she should get the Most Beautiful Woman on campus, and that came from a Female Marine Instructor. Now She has Graduated from the Academy ready to Serve StarFleet, she might look small, But looks can be deceiving.
Service Record StarFleet Academy
-Star Fleet Sec/Tac Training
-Star Fleet Marine Marksman Training
-Star Fleet Marine Sniper Training

USS Montana-Assistant Chief Security Officer