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Meet and Greet

Posted on Tue Oct 24th, 2023 @ 10:22am by Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Commander Katja Becker

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana - XO's Office


It had taken some creative reconnaissance to locate Commander Murphy's office, however Katja was nothing if not resourceful. As she was not one to put things off, she chose to report to the XO's office to present her orders and hopefully be welcomed aboard. Or shipped off back to San Francisco. Surely that was a distinct potentiality as well, right?

The route to the XO's office turned into a comic book rendition of "Family Circus," as she combed the decks, asked other personnel, and generally showed herself to be utterly lost a number of times before making it to the doors that hopefully held Commander Murphy.

Katja stopped just outside of the sensor range of the door itself. She took a deep, cleansing breath and pressed the door chime on the side of the entryway and waited.

Commander Murphy had been going over the previous day's reports from the various department heads when he heard the door chime. It was a welcome relief from the routine. "Come in," he called out to the visitor.

Katja heard the muffled voice of the person within call out, and she stepped up to the door and waited for the doors to hiss open before walking into the XO's office, padd in hand.

"Good...morning is it still?" She shrugged slightly. "Regardless. Lieutenant Katja Becker, reporting. Here are my orders, sir."

"It's easy to lose track when there's no sun to watch," Murphy said with a smile. He accepted the PADD, and gave it a quick once over. "We're your first starship assignment?"

"Ja. I spent about 2,5 years at Starfleet Medical, abouts. This is the new frontier for me." She looked about the office and motioned to the chair with a wave of her long fingers, "May I sit, or is this to be fast?"

"On the business side, it's to be fast. If you'd like to sit and talk longer, that's fine with me," he answered. "Do you have any concerns about being posted here?"

"Concerns? Oh, that I'm leaving my home world and might never come back?" Katja quipped with an easy smile as she took a seat. She had lost the feeling of being intimidated by others above her early during her residency. So the man here was a Commander - it just meant that he had some more experience than she had. Everyone played their part, after all.

"This is not my first's just my first bier in space, sir."

"Now, however you have met YOU have any concerns?" Katja returned the question.

He smiled. "None at all. Welcome to the team!"

Katja smiled. "That was completely painless. Excellent bedside manner, sir. Now, and this is very important...could you tell me where main sickbay is? I have a terrible sense of direction, ja?"

"Just take the turbolift to Deck 7, and then you can't miss it. Even with no sense of direction," he answered.

"Thank you Commander. Owe you one." She nodded respectfully and headed on out, her destination Deck 7.

Murphy made a mental note about her sense of direction, and then returned to going over the different reports.



Lieutenant JG Katja Becker
Chief Medical Officer
USS Montana

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer
USS Montana


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