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Posted on Fri Oct 27th, 2023 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Spacedock
Timeline: Present

[Spacedock science lab]

Leaning down to peer into the large specimen container “I am not sure what it is Ensign but it is hungry.” Kestra stated that much she could be sure of.

“The USS Genesis brought it in and well Lieutenant I said you could get it back to being healthy. You are so good with things like this.” The woman waved a hand to the animal as Kestra raised an eyebrow.

“That might be a problem since I will be leaving in a few days.” Kes continued talking even when she felt confusion coming off the Ensign about her leaving. The Ensign would have to take care of this on her own.

“Let’s put it in bigger home. “ beaming it into the specimen holder 3 she nodded feeling the creature relax more “What food have they tried “ Taking the PaDD she looked over what had already been offered. The creature was a cute little thing but from her experience cute things could be downright dangerous "what are they calling it?” Kestra asked

“It’s tag said Harry”

Kestra laughed. Humans she thought.

Taking a scalpel she cut her own finger and let the blood well up and moving towards Harry.

“That got it’s attention. Ask ensign Ronald if he can spare a few beetles or mice. Preferably both. I am betting this cute little thing eats live animals. “

Taking a skin regenerater she healed her finger then smiled as the Ensign showed back up with Ensign Ronald in tow.

Ensign Ronald looked at the creature with interest then transfer a few beetles and one mouse to container. Sure enough the cute little beastie turned savage and ate them all. It wasn’t as cute with blood on its mouth.

Surprised she laughed “Well I would use special precautions with this guy.” Kestra add with a smirk wondering how it hadn’t bitten someone.

“Ronald you might as well know now I have been transfer so I am putting you in charge. Some of my plants can be added to the arboretum but a few will need to be kept here.”

He nodded “ I wouldn’t mind taking them.”

Kestra smiled , “Good they are yours then I will only be bringing the Andorian Dionaea muscipul.” That had been with her for a few years now.
She gave each of her staff a hug then left.

Lt. Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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