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New beginning

Posted on Tue Oct 24th, 2023 @ 5:16am by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Spacedock
Timeline: Present


[Spacedock, Gym]

Kestra laughed as her friend held the punch pad higher each time she managed to kick it. "So not fair, Jack!" The man was over 6’ and she was 5’ nothing.

He just grinned down at her. "Try it."

"I can't make a control jump that high and kick it. I might miss and kick you in the head." Kes told him out of breath right now. They had been at this for an hour. " You might deserve it too." She chuckled. Jack was really enjoying using his height against her.

Kes did a jumping spin round house kick, her bare foot connected the pad making her laugh.

“I told you “

Grinning Kes said, “ what would you have done if I missed?”

Leaning down he whispered “I would have been embarrassed being kicked in the head.” he kissed her cheek.

He turned a little serious then told her. "So your transfer came in."

Kestra looked up at him and frowned. So far, Starfleet has done this every year to her. "But I have only been here a month." That was unusual even for them. "What base is it to be this time." She asked a little disappointed. Jack and her had just gotten to the point that she could relax around him.

He smirked. "Not another desk job as you love to call them, its a ship.”

Wiping the sweat off her and then laid the towel around her neck, eyeing him curiously she asked. "How did you find out before I did?”

He shrugged, “it came in while I was at Comms. I couldn’t help it, you never get messages.”

She just rolled her eyes at him “What ship and when does it dock?”

“USS Montana and its already here I think they are in some kind of meeting. They don’t have a Chief Science Officer. “

“Lovely when were you going to tell me? After they left? I have to get cleaned up and pack.” She gathered her things.

Kes had to head out but she kissed him goodbye.

[Personal quarters]

With all the traveling she did as she grew up and after joining the academy she had learned not to keep things. Tossing her belongs into a trunk and duffel bag she had it sent it to the ship

Kes had to head to her office to settle things there but as she walked she got the message there was a meeting taking place right now and she was to be there.

Lt. Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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