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Gravity Keeps Us Grounded

Posted on Wed Jan 25th, 2023 @ 3:46am by Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Aaron Mitchell

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Before the current mission

(This occurs during The Ride No One Wanted, during the hours that the ship was warping back to Federation space from the Klingon spaceport)


The ship had been at warp for well over an hour as they made their way back to Federation space. So far the trip had been completely uneventful.

On the bridge, the lights flickered for a moment. Afterwards, the lighting returned to normal. The crew, however, began to float upward.

“Did we forget to charge the artificial gravity?” Commander Murphy joked, as he held onto a railing to keep himself in place.

Steve was patiently sitting at his conosole when he suddently felt light, really light. So light he started floating.

"The hell...?" he silently cursed while trying to get a hold on his console to assess possible damages incurred to the internal gravity control system.

Lt Jefferson held on to her console as she tried to work on it to see what was going on. She didn't like feeling weightless so much as she tried to keep from feeling slightly nausea. She preferred her feet on the ground, but she kept herself distracted from the environment by working at her console and holding on to it tightly while ignoring her feet.

Commander Murphy let go of the railing with one hand so that he could flip open his communicator. "Commander Murphy to Engineering, are you aware that we have no gravity on the bridge?"

A flustered voice responded after a moment. "This is Lieutenant Mitchell, sir. It's actually the entire ship."

Before Murphy could respond, gravity was restored. He fell to the ground, dropping his communicator in the process.

Lieutenant Mitchell's voice came over the dropped communicator, "That should do it. Do you have gravity now?"

Murphy picked up the communicator, "Yes, but a little more notice would be nice next time. I'll expect a full report on this by shift's end. Commander out." He flipped the communicator closed.

Ryan was holding to the console trying to assess the extent of the damage while gravity was restored. He fell on ground, bumping his left shoulder on a nearby rail. "Ouch" he said bringing his right hand over, holding and massaging it.

"Oh well, at least we're back to normal" he muttered while seating back at his post and running another set of diagnostics to see what caused the issue.


Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lt. Steve Ryan
Chief Operation Officer

Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Aaron Mitchell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer


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