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The Next Mission

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2023 @ 10:17pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson & Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: In The Briefing Room


Captain Adams looked amazed, this guy could indeed be the Murphy of the future, at least this future.

Future Murphy took a seat, "Let me be blunt; your ship does not belong here. However, you have been here before. By that I mean, you are in a loop where the Montana ends up in this "hell hole," and then everyone but me is killed. Captain, this time, let's send you home."

"How?" responded Adams

Amelia blinked after hearing this, she couldn't find the science in it. None of her information seemed accurate, but if this is to be believed... They were staring at a future Commander or in this time period, Captain. This was bizarre, but she had questions and she knew there would be no accurate answer for. She shook her head, waiting for this stranger's response.

Murphy was curious to see how this conversation went. He trusted Captain Adams to sort this out. Just in case, Murphy already had an idea for them returning home. But he would wait and see what Future Murphy proposed.

Lt. Ryan widened his eyes at future Murphy's speech. How could that be? If it's a loop it's bound to happen over and over again, he thought, waiting for further information to fill the voids of his doubtful reasoning.

"Captain, your ship is stuck in some type of timeline that should not have occurred. The way to get you home is to return you to the moment your ship left. So, when another Montana comes here, your ship will take its place and return home. The only issue is...the return will not be easy and it is very dangerous. It is either this or you all stay here" said future Murphy.

Adams blink, "Commander Murphy, I don't know about you but I want to return to our universe. Your thoughts? Anyone else around the table have any comments?" asked the Captain.

“Sir, but…what about the <i>other</i> Montana?” Ryan asked interrupting the senior officers’ speaking “I mean, if another Montana will take our place aren’t we condemning another crew to the same fate we are in?” he asked pondering his words. He definitely wanted to reach home but, at which cost? Other lives, other stories, other people?

Commander Murphy nodded in agreement, "Good point, Lieutenant Ryan. We signed up for Starfleet knowing it was all about the bigger picture. I wouldn't feel right if we got home only at someone else's expense."

Amelia spoke up, "What about tracing back the source of the anomaly that caused this and use that to keep the other Montana from arriving?" She pondered out loud of this and then wondered if she even made sense.

Steve nodded to Amelia’s suggestion “That would make sense, there must be a way to isolate and fix this anomaly.” he then turned his attention towards the senior officers “If we know when and where the other Montana would show up we can understand how much time we have to track down this anomaly and work out a solution” he offered acknowledging Lt. Jefferson’s idea.

Commander Murphy nodded, "Lieutenant Jefferson, you're in charge of determining when we got here, and whatever else you can learn about it. This is a priority one assignment. Use whatever resources and crew you need to accomplish it. You're all dismissed for now."


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer

Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson
Chief Science Office


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