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The Plan

Posted on Fri Mar 17th, 2023 @ 5:13pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: USS Montana briefing room


Commander Murphy walked back into the briefing room. He couldn't remember the last time he had spent so much time using this room. He had a PADD in his hand and was reviewing some of the scans they had comparing their ship to the ships, planets, and people of the universe they were currently in. He knew their science department was all over it, but you never knew when you might find something that someone else had missed. He took a seat, knowing that Lieutenant Jefferson would be there shortly to give them more information and her recommendations.

Lieutenant Ryan walked in, acknowledging the Commander with a nod. The Commander made no acknowledgement, and seemed lost in whatever he was reading. Ryan sat down, and began to wait patiently.

The doors opened again, and Lieutenant Wilson rushed in. He was red in the face and looked uncomfortable, but quickly took a place at the table.

He looked up, surprised that there were only two officers present. "Commander, Lieutenant," he greeting them, looking red in the face. "I expected more of a crowd, and the Captain, too."

Murphy smiled, "There's a lot going on right now, but go ahead and let us know what we're working with."

Wilson nodded, and gulped before speaking. "I was able to pinpoint where and when we arrived. If we go back, we can modify the deflector dish to reflect the radiation the anomaly is emitting back into itself. That might allow us to revert back to our own universe."

Murphy was excited to hear this, but did not let it show. "Get to the bridge and coordinate this with the helm. I want us there at maximum warp. I'll make sure the Captain is aware of this."

"Aye, sir," Wilson answered, and quickly stood up and rushed back out of the briefing room.

Murphy looked back to Ryan. "Finally, some good news," he said with a smile.

Ryan’s tensed expression finally relaxed. He nodded silently to Murphy and eyed Lt. Wilson as he left the door.

“Good news were badly needed indeed” he told the commander “Now, the only other thing to work out is the other Montana” he told the superior officer. “In all honestly I don’t feel good in just leaving this place and have another crew take our place trapped in this space-time distortion.” he scratched his well shaved chin while thinking about a possible solution “If the distortion happens only in a single place of the subspace, we might work on a buoy of some sort to warn passing ships of the danger....even if..." he stopped for a second pondering and backtesting his own reasoning. "...this will only work in our timeline" he breathed out trying to come up with something else "…or leave a set of instruction in this timeline to help trapped ships to find a way out, the same way we did” he shrugged eventually thinking about other options.

"The idea of leaving a buoy at both ends is a good one, but we won't stop trying to figure out a better one. For now, can I put you in charge of the buoys?" Murphy understood the Lieutenant's dilemma, but his first priority was getting the crew of his ship home safely. At least Ryan had come up with a way to help all subsequent Montanas find their way out, too.

Lt. Ryan nodded “Yes Sir, I’ll work on it” he took his PaDD and made a quick note. “I’ll get to it immediately, I’ll let you know once the buoy is ready” he stood waiting to see if there was anything else he was needed for, otherwise he would leave to go to Engineering to work with them on the assignment.

"Dismissed, Lieutenant," Murphy said. He sat a the table as Ryan left, making a mental list of what he would take care of next. After a moment, he also got up and left the room.


Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer

Lieutenant Wallace Wilson
Assistant Chief Science Officer


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