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The Future Has A Way Of Arriving Unannounced

Posted on Sat Dec 24th, 2022 @ 3:13am by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson & Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: USS Montana briefing room


Commander Murphy entered the briefing room. He saw that no one else was there yet, so he began getting settled in his usual seat. It was still about fifteen minutes from the time that they had told "Future Murphy" he could arrive. He was to arrive alone and be escorted to the briefing room by security personnel. That way the rest of the staff could be prepared for whatever he would have to say.

Lt Ryan entered the briefing room with the uniform in perfect order and a data PaDD within his hands. Clearly not at ease with the situation he marveled at himself finding the room almost empty with the exception of commander Murphy.

"Sir" he saluted him with a nod, finding a seat in a tactical place so he could have a good visual of everyone in the room.

Murphy silently nodded in response to Lieutenant Ryan. He took a measured breath as he continued to wait for the rest of the officers.

"Nervous?" he asked the superior officer as soon as he comfortably sat.

Murphy attempted a smile. "I normally wouldn't say this to anyone I serve with, but I guess it's okay to admit to being nervous when you're supposed to be meeting yourself from the future."

Steve nodded. "Being nervous is not something to shield and hide from colleagues. We are humans, it's normal we are nervous...and wearing those" he nods towards the commander's pins "doesn't change the reality." he concluded with a shy smile towards the superior officer.

Murphy didn't answer right away but nodded slowly as he gave serious thought to the advice. "Thank you, Lieutenant. I'll certainly take that into consideration."

Captain Adams walked into the room. "This had better be for real," he said. The Captain took a seat and wondered what the "Future Murphy" might have to say.

Lt. Jefferson walked in with a couple of padds. She was more puzzled than before and nothing that her science knowledge could prepare her for. She gave a nod to the others as she took a seat.

Lt. Ryan nodded a shy salute to the captain and Lt. Jefferson, waiting for the meeting to start.

Murphy wondered what Lt. Jefferson had downloaded on her pile of padds, but said nothing. He looked to Captain Adams. "After this is over, I'm thinking about writing a book about it. Think it'll be a best seller?"

Before anyone could answer, the doors whooshed open and in walked a man who looked like he could be Commander Murphy's brother. There was more grey in his hair, but the similarity was undeniable. Then, in a voice that sounded the same as Commander Murphy's, Future Murphy said, "I'd buy it."


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer

Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson
Chief Science Officer


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