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A Brief Conference

Posted on Mon Dec 5th, 2022 @ 12:19am by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: USS Montana bridge

Takes place immediately after "The Next Move"


Commander Murphy walked over to Captain Adams and said softly, "Captain, may I have a word with you?"

Adams looked over at the Commander,

"Alright, we have a few minutes. In my quarters. Mr. Mann, you have the bridge."

"Yes, sir" came the reply.

Once they arrived at the Captain's quarters, Murphy spoke. "Captain, have you considered whether or not we should alert the United Earth and Vulcan Resistance about this?"

"Yes, I have, and I am not sure what to do. If we are dealing with a change in the timeline, everything we do will have consequences. There are similar consequences if we are in another universe that will need to continue after we leave. What if we warn everyone and someone that was supposed to die lives or the other way around? On the other hand, if we are stuck here...well...."

Murphy nodded, "This is definitely a difficult situation. When we left Vulcan, the admiral told us that we work for him. I wanted to suggest that since we are not from here, we might be better suited to work independently. I think it might be better not to let them know what we're doing right now."

Adams took a drink of his diet Pepsi and then responded,
"I am not sure what the Admiral meant by that. however, you are likely right. I will inform the Admiral."

"Thank you, Captain."


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer, USS Montana


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