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A Meeting Of Kindred Spirits

Posted on Fri Dec 2nd, 2022 @ 8:18pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The World We Never Knew


The bridge was tense as the other Federation ship grew closer to the Montana.

"Lieutenant Mann, give me an update, please," Commander Murphy requested calmly, despite the anxiety within him.

"Five more minutes, Commander," Mann answered.

Captain Adams sat in his command chair, what will be next? Is there going to be some short of battle?

Finally, Lt. Mann said,

"Captain, should we arm the weapons?"

"No, not yet. We should not appear overall hostile until we must."

Lt. Ryan, silently manning the communications console, kept scanning the airwaves trying to intercept all the possible incoming and outgoing communications related to the incoming vessel. Up to that moment, with no luck.

The ship grew every closer and then suddenly opened communications...

"Captain, we are receiving a hail" said a voice on the bridge.

Adams looked over at Murphy and said (quietly) "here we go."

"On screen" ordered Captain Adams.

The screen flickered and a man in a uniform that was not recognized appeared."

"Captain Adams, Commander Murphy, I am part of Starfleet. Please drop your weapons, we mean you no harm. Everything will be explained once I am onboard. Assuming, you will allow that."

Murphy held back a smirk. Surely this person didn't expect them to take this on faith. Why would they let anyone aboard with no explanation? He said nothing and did his best to keep a straight face.

Adams looked over at Murphy, "I am afraid the Commander and I will need more of an explanation than you are offering."

The voice went slient and then spoke:

"Captain, I am your Murphy. Yes, your Murphy 16 months from now. Unless you want to be stuck here, I suggest that you lower your shields and let me on board."

Murphy was unable to keep his face from betraying his shock. He waited to hear what the Captain would do next.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer-USS Montana

Commander Michael Murphy
First Officer-USS Montana

Lieutenant Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer-USS Montana

Lieutenant Mann
Navigation Officer-USS Montana


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