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The Next Move

Posted on Tue Nov 15th, 2022 @ 5:31am by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The World We Never Knew


Approximately one hour after the meeting, the landing party returned to Montana. Captain Adams did not feel like the meeting went well. Even if they did not belong here, it did not sit well with him that the Federation---at least this Federation--wanted them to duck out of the fight. As they exited the shuttle, Adams looked over at Commander Murphy,

"Commander, we need options. The Admiral is right, we cannot remain here--wherever here is, but I don't just want to leave this Federation without help. There must be another way. Find it...and that, Commander, is a direct order."

"Happy to, Captain," Murphy answered right away. It was the kind of vague order he hated getting, but it kind of came with the territory of being the first officer. He stood back by the shuttle while the rest of the away team disembarked.

Lt. Ryan stood by the airlock of the shuttle, waiting for the landing party to get back onboard. While Capt. Adams and Commander Murphy were on Vulcan he took the time to work on the Montana's systems to patch up what was left of the damages from the initial encounter with the Klingons in this universe.

A small nod of salute to the commanding officer as Adams disembarked to then wait for Mr. Murphy -

Adams nodded as he passed.

"Sir, how was the meeting? Do we have further information to work with?" he asked.

"We do," Murphy answered. "We are in a parallel universe of sorts. I have a feeling this Starfleet is not as friendly as the one we know from back home. Oh, and Captain Spock is dead in this universe." He left out the part about Captain Adams on purpose. He wasn't sure how people would feel knowing about their counterparts, and he hoped not bringing up the Captain would keep them from asking about their own.

Lt. Jefferson said nothing as she exited the shuttle. She quietly made her way toward the bridge to her station. She wanted to research more into this science to see if anything could help. She hoped for something of an answer, but she had doubts.


The Captain went to his quarters and then (about 45 minutes later) emerged onto the bridge.

"Report," Adams ordered.

"The ship is working order, sir. All systems had been restored and are working within parameters," Lt. Ryan promptly answered.

Amelia Jefferson emerged in her readings that she hadn't noticed him entering or saying "report." Not the first time that she's unintentionally ignored a commanding officer, but she wasn't quite sure what the readings were telling... She knew this was not their universe, but she didn't know how they could return. She did feel inward that they might be there for a reason. However, lingering longer could be a serious matter. The answer was there, but reviewing the logs from the beginning to the current would take some time to see the difference. The time that she wasn't sure was on their side, though that's what she was doing. Reviewing current readings to the logs recorded.

Lt. Stuart Mann sat at his station assisting in keeping the ship in orbit when what seemed impossible seem to occur,

"Captain, long-range sensors show a ship coming our way."

Captain Adams had just sat down,

"What type of ship?"

"Sir, I don't know. but the interesting part is that it matches a sensor from our Starfleet....."

"How is that possible? asked Adams.

"I don't know, sir, but they are coming at warp 4. Hence, they will be here in nine hours thirty-two minutes, sir.."

Adams did not know what to do.....

Adams then said:

"Someone get me some more information on this approaching ship, and fast, do it fast."

"Sir, the ship is too far away for a clear reading from our sensors" Steve started while quietly tapping on his console "it has matching Starfleet recognition but it may be a possibility that it's a non Starfleet ship with our very same transponder frequency to mask their true nature" he suggested while awaiting for more information to appear on his console.

In the meantime, "Let's take the ship to yellow alert."

Someone tell Commander Murphy to get up here on the double.

"Yes, Sir, I will," Steve answered the CO while punching buttons on his console in order to route a call to Commander Murphy to the bridge.

=^= Commander, this is lieutenant Ryan; the captain needs you on the bridge as soon as possible =^=

Murphy was already on his way to the bridge while lost in thought when the communication snapped him out of it. He flipped open his communicator. =^= On my way. =^= He quickly closed up and holstered his communicator, stepped up his pace, and continued towards the bridge.

"Captain, the ship is still approaching, but it has picked up speed. It is now coming at warp 8.5."

"That is impossible," responded Captain Adams.

"Be that as it may be, the fact is, sir, the ship is coming."


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer, USS Montana

Lt Steve Ryan
Chief Communication Officer, USS Montana

Lt Amelia Jefferson
Chief Science Officer, USS Montana


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