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A Quick Break

Posted on Sat Nov 5th, 2022 @ 9:08pm by Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The World We Never Knew

(During the 45 Minutes in the Captain's Quarters):

Captain Adams got a drink and sat down. He did not use the 'fake stuff" real whiskey was the only way to go; especially when one needed to escape and think.

Adams knew that the ship could not remain where they were, but, again, leaving this world in this shape was not what he wanted either. What could he do? In the middle of his second gulp, his door chime rang.

"Enter," came the response.

Lt. Stuart Mann walked into the Captain's quarters. Looking over, Adams said,

"How can I help you, Lt. Mann?"

"I was wondering if I could help you," responded Stuart.

"Excuse me, Lt. Mann?" came the reply.

"Sir, if I may, you seem troubled by what occurred on the planet. Is it that you just do not want to leave, that you feel we are better off here, or something?" replied Mann

Adams looked over,

"I do not have to explain myself to you or anyone else, Mr. Mann."

"Sir, I know that, but it is 1300 hours, and you are drinking. I figure that means you are out of ideas. Am I wrong?" he asked.

The Captain said there for a minute and failed to reply...

"All I will say, is that are options appear to be limited. With that, Lt. Mann, please return to your station. I appreciate what you are doing here, but we should stay in our own lanes. You make sure we don't crash, and I will make sure we all see our families again..."

"Aye, sir," said Mann as he got up and left.

Looking back at Mann, Adams exclaimed, "Truly, thank you for caring about me and this mission, whatever that is."

Lt. Mann smiled and then departed. He knew one thing, he was not far off from the truth. There was not much he could do now, but not much before he had the next drink either. Captain Adams poured another glass and proceed to continue his thought pattern.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Lt. Stuart Mann,


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