Explanation: What in the World?

Posted on Tue Sep 20th, 2022 @ 11:27pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The World We Never Knew

The Shuttle landed safely on the ship. As the crew was leaving the shuttle the Captain's voice came over the intercom....

"Red alert, all hands man your battle stations. This is not a drill, this ship is under attack."

A second later the ship rocked, and it rocked hard.....

Commander Murphy lost his footing and fell into the wall just left of the shuttlebay exit. He was agitated with himself since he was in front of other crew. He turned to Crewman Fuller, "Call a med team to help with Crewman Davis." He then turned to Lieutenant Ryan and Captain McDaniel, "Captain, I think you should come with us to the bridge.

The rocking of the ship made Ryan lose his stability and he fell on the floor, luckily without any injury.

"Well, I guess they found us" he commented while getting back on his feet and, nodding to Murphy, joining them towards the bridge.

On the Bridge:

As Commander Murphy and others came to the bridge, the ship rocked again.

Lt. Stuart Mann shouted,

"Captain, two Klingon bird of preys off our starboard bow. Two more are heading this way from our port bow, estimate three minutes before they arrive."

"That's it, helm warp us out of here, warp factor 6...NOW!"

"I will try, Captain" came the reply.

Turning his chair he said, Murphy and a female come to the bridge,

"Commander, thank you for joining us..."

Murphy quipped, "You know I like to make an entrance, Captain. This is Captain McDaniel..." Murphy lowered his voice to keep the next part between himself and Adams, "...of the U.S.S. Montana-A."

Captain Adams looked back at Murphy as if to ask if he heard right.

Murphy's face was serious as he nodded his head.

The ship started to move out of the way,

"Captain, I am setting a course out of this system and towards Vulcan" said Lt. Mann.

"Very well, then....get us out of here" replied Adams.

Lt. Ryan silently entered the bridge along with Cmdr Murphy and Capt. McDaniel. He briefly shot a glance towards the operations console to see who was manning it before turning his attention back to the exchange between the commanding officers.

"Should we move into the briefing room, Captain Adams?" Murphy suggested.

The Captain nodded, "Commander take our, guest, into the briefing room and get her whatever she needs. I will join you soon" replied Adams.

"Yes, sir," Murphy answered. He turned back to Captain McDaniel and gestured towards the briefing room, "Will you please come with me, Captain? I'm sure you're anxious to have some of your questions answered."

Captain McDaniel frowned, "I'm trying to be patient, Commander, but I'm not used to being kept in the dark." Still, she went along with Commander Murphy and they entered the briefing room together.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Captain McDaniel
Commanding Officer, USS Montana-A?

Commander Michael Murphy,
Executive Officer, USS Montana

Lt. Stuart Mann
Navigation Officer

Lt. Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer