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Landing Party

Posted on Thu Sep 1st, 2022 @ 7:30am by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: Earth


The landing party found themselves on earth. As they left the shuttle Crewman Fuller, one of the security officers, said:

"Commander, I think we need to mark this location. You know what they say, "X always marks the spot, sir."

Lt. Jack Ryan finished overseeing the shutdown procedure of the shuttle and prepared himself for wandering outside. He just nodded at Fuller's suggestion awaiting for Commander Murphy's order but ready to mark the spot in his tricorder.

Commander Michael Murphy had a pair of binoculars and was scanning the horizon with night vision activated. "Capital idea. Lieutenant Ryan, do you mind?"

The brown haired Lt. nodded and, after having double checked the coordinates and the bearings, he noted down the landing spot information in his tricorder so as to being able to navigate back through it in case of need.

Murphy was focused on his observations. The architecture that he could see Not at all what he expected to see on his home planet.

"Coordinates saved and marked, Sir" he told Murphy and the two security officers before noting their expressions "What's wrong?" he asked just seconds before visually scanning the area and getting to the same conclusion.

"This is not where we're supposed to be" he said.

"But it has to be," Murphy said quietly. "The planetary coordinates, the's definitely the right place." It almost sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

"Then if you rule out the wrong place i can only think we are either in the wrong time or the wrong "type" of place" Ryan told Murphy.

"I'm no science technician but we could try and plot a star chart of what we see here. Stars do move with time since its creation and ..." he starts a simple scan of the space and the stars around "...if we are in a different time we should know. Otherwise we must have entered an anomaly and.." he shrugged "..somewhat ended up here in a different universe where at the same time we have a different history" he concluded awaiting for the results of the scans.

Murphy chuckled, "You make this seem like some sort of science fiction."

The landing party had left the shuttle and was on foot for what seemed like forever, but it was only really about fifteen minutes. Then they saw what looked like a human running from not one--but six Klingons.

"Help, came the call from the, help, help..."

Phaser fire was exchanged but the Klingons did not hit their target and she kept running.

"Help, came the scream again, help!"

"Phasers to stun, gentlemen, but priority is diplomacy since we still don't know what's going on." Murphy took aim as he was speaking, and fired a warning shot between the Klingons and the human. "That should get there attention!"

Jack put his hand to the phaser holder and unplugged it setting it to stun as Cmdr Murphy ordered.

The shots flew over their heads. One Klingon said to the other, "Return Fire!"

Seconds later phaser fire would ring out of their weapons hitting one security officer. He was dead before he hit the ground.

As the woman ran closer they could see the outline of a Starfleet uniform, but it looked torn and older...the flap where the rank would be was still up and before long it was clear the blond haired women born the least on the uniform...of Captain.

"What the heck is going on here?" Lt. Ryan muttered seeing the Starfleet uniform and shooting to provide help and cover for the colleagues.

Seeing the Starfleet uniform, Commander Murphy changed his tactic and took a shot at the lead Klingon. He thought back to their time on the Klingon space station, and decided to try surprising them in a way that might open a dialogue. He shouted "wo' toy'taHvISHegh 'e' tul Hoch tlhIngan!" (translation: A Klingon warrior is always prepared to fight)

Commander Murphy's comment stopped the Klingons in their tracks as they did not know what to think...a human that spoke their ancient language??

While the Klingons stood still, the lady moved behind the landing party. "Thank you for your help; whoever you are. I am Captain Sara McDaniel, Commanding Officer of the USS Montana NCC-1889 (A). Who are you and where did you come from?"

"Wait, what?" Ryan exclaimed still keeping the two tall Klingons under aim and awaiting for Commander Murphy to do the presentations, given his rank.

Murphy was confused, and momentarily distracted from the Klingon threat. Was this the future, or was Lieutenant Ryan right about another universe? "Did you say the Montana-A?"

A blast from the Klingons singed his left shoulder and brought him back to the situation at hand. He fired a shot back at the Klingons, but it missed. "Never mind, we don't have time for this. Lieutenant Ryan, you and Crewman Fuller provide covering fire. Captain, you and I are going to get Crewman Davis back to the shuttle with us." He hoped Captain McDaniel wouldn't be offended by him giving orders given the situation, but didn't stop to worry about it as he grabbed one of the fallen security officer's arms.

To her credit, Captain McDaniel did not hesitate to grab Crewman Davis's other arm, and soon they were dashing to the shuttle as fast as they could.

Ryan nodded “Yes, sir” he answered while kneeling to limit the chances of him being an easy target for the Klingons and aiming towards them shooting a few bursts to disengage them from Murphy and McDaniel.

As they arrived at the shuttle, Murphy got Crewman Davis into a chair. Murphy left Captain McDaniel to handle seatbelts and take care of herself as he jumped into one of the pilot's seats in the front.

As soon as the two were safely inside the shuttle, Steve shot a few more shots before making a run for the shuttle hatch and jumping in, unscathed. Crewman Fuller jumped in right behind the Lieutenant.

“I think we can go, commander” he finally said while fastening himself to one of the seats inside the shuttle.

"Hang on!" Murphy said, as he brought the engines online, closing the rear hatch simultaneously. He then applied maximum thrust as he pointed the shuttle towards the sky. Warning alarms went off as he pushed the shuttle beyond it's limits to make their escape as quickly as possible. They took about a half dozen phaser hits from the Klingons at first, but soon they were leaving the ground far behind them.

Once they were out of the atmosphere, Murphy piloted the ship on a path that ended with them flying straight at the front of the Montana. He wanted to make sure they saw the shuttle without having to use communications. He then flew around to the back, waited for the shields to be down, and docked the shuttle.

They were safely home. Well...most of them.


Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer


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