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A Chance For Answers

Posted on Sat Oct 8th, 2022 @ 3:56am by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: USS Montana briefing room

Commander Murphy and Captain McDaniel entered the briefing room. McDaniel took a seat towards the head of the table, while Murphy poured two cups of water. Murphy then sat down opposite McDaniel and passed her one of the cups of water.

Lieutenant Ryan joined the two captains in the briefing room. He could sense the tension and the uncertainty that filled the area. He silently nodded a salute while entering and sank into one of the empty chairs and pulled his data PADD out to take notes.

Five minutes later, Captain Adams joined the group. "We have finally got rid of the Klingons, at least for now. But I suspect we have issues."

Looking over at McDaniel, Captain Adams continued, "Welcome to the USS Montana. Can you please explain to us why the federation is at war with the Klingons?"

Captain McDaniel looked around and replied,

"You really don't know...come on...I don't have time for this."

"We truly do not know" replied Adams.

The idea of the truth started to sink to McDaniel.

"Who are you, and where did you come from. Captain, I must insist."

Adams looked over at Murphy; their eyes met for a minute. He finally decided this was no time to be coy.

"Captain, we, the U.S.S. Montana, are from the United Federation of Planets. We believe, that in some way, we have been moved into another realty or world. In our world, we are at peace with the Klingons. It is an uneasy peace, but at peace nonetheless."

McDaniel looked over and replied,

"That is impossible after what the trial of Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy. To make matters worse, the Klingon Chancellor was murdered while a peace conference and war started..."

Captain Adams did not immediately reply.

"So the Khitomer Accords were never signed?" Murphy asked. "That would explain a lot. After the destruction of Praxis, the Klingons needed access to more resources so they would survive. In this timeline, instead of obtaining them through trade and mutual assistance, they obtained them through conquest."

Captain Adams nodded and (at the same time) looked amazed.

Ryan listened carefully and silently to the explanation before requesting the attention of the commanding officer.

"Sir, if I may, I heard we are headed for Vulcan but...given what we found on Earth we should not give for granted that *this* Vulcan is the Vulcan we are used to" he glances around towards the other officers. "Maybe Captain McDaniel can help us with further details" he concluded.

Captain McDaniel replied.

"Well, I can help you there. Once it was clear that the federation was going to fall, everyone that could left Earth and headed for Vulcan. There is now the United Earth and Vulcan resistance. Of course, the federation, at least the one you remember is all but dust. The Vulcans somewhat call the shots but every citizen of Earth is given protection there while the ships that are left conduct war operations against the Klingons. What is left of the federation also has a command station there. We will have to input my code to enter orbit."

"How goes the war effort?" Murphy asked.

"And" Ryan added "what stardate are we currently in?" trying to grasp the whole picture and to figure out how and why they found themselves into such a situation.

Captain McDaniel addressed Murphy first,

“Not well, Commander. We do hit and run raids, and send out small teams to conduct sabotage, but we can’t win any engagements outright. So far the Vulcans have found a way to crank up their shielding at their homeworld, and the Klingons haven’t been able to crack it. But the Klingons also haven’t launched an all out offensive yet. It’s hard to say what they might be waiting for, but some believe they are developing a new weapon to use against the Vulcan shields. Even if they don’t have some new weapon, we will lose. It’s just a matter of time.”

She turned to Ryan,

“The current Stardate is 9679.14, Lieutenant.”

Murphy frowned. The Stardate was about 5 years into their future. This was definitely a bleak timeline. But could the inclusion of the Montana and it’s crew make a difference?

Captain Adams then replied,

"Could it be possible we were 'put' here to rewrite history. What if we some how changed the past? Maybe when we entered warp drive we were some how spared the time change?"

Murphy puzzled that idea. If they had discovered something that significant they could become famous. Like USS Enterprise famous. If they got back to the normal timeline, that is.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Captain McDaniel
Commanding Officer, USS Montana-A

Commander Michael Murphy,
Executive Officer, USS Montana

Lt. Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer


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