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The Sound of Thunder

Posted on Fri Feb 25th, 2022 @ 6:27am by Captain Jackson Adams & Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey & Ensign Trevor Andrews Ensign & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: The Sound of Thunder
Location: Normal Space
Timeline: Nightshift


Location: USS Montana, NCC-1889-- In Deep Space

The Executive Officer was in charge of the night shift. There was little to no reason for anything to go wrong. Lt. Mann was on the bridge teaching a new Ensign the basics; the night patrol was always quiet.

At 0200 hours the ship hit...something....and an explosion occurred on four decks. The ship came to a complete stop......

Klaxon Horns and Red Lights Flashed all over the place, "RED ALERT" The Ship's Computer intoned, interspersed with "Hull Breach, on Decks 4 thru 7 Port-Side; Ship Integrity Field Engaged."

Assistant CEO Lt.Niles McCulloch, from Bridge Engineering Station," Mr. Murphy, sir! Port Nacelle reports intact, and the Engine Auto-Shut-Down has engaged. " he said immediately, adding, "Trying to reach CEO, Lt. Shemara in Engineering, Sir. From Bridge Panel extent and exact location of port-side damage indeterminate."

" Lt. Shemara, come-in, Lt. Shemara, come-in, Engineering Please Report...T'Ponga are you there." Niles entreated to just static.

Sci/Eng, ENS Trevor Andrews, from Bridge Science Station, "Mr. Murphy, Sir. Science Station had picked-up an object of indeterminate origin; size; composition and speed approaching from the Ship's Port Side just coming into Sensor Range."

He continued with, "Sir, please confirm from Tactical ...Object was possibly 'Natural' and not militarily offensive/defensive in nature."; adding calmly, "Sensors finally report object was still of indeterminate: origin; size; composition; but speed was measured in zeptoseconds."

"I have full helm control," Lieutenant Dubois stated. "But as previously stated by Lieutenant McCullugh, the engines are shut down."

Lt. Mann looked over at the NE Ensign he was training. She had died in the explosion. "What the hell is going on?" asked Mann.

"That's exactly what we're trying to find out," Lieutenant Commander Murphy answered, as he moved to the tactical stations.

"Lieutenant McCullugh, I'll give Engineering about one more minute to answer you, but after that I'll need you to go find out what's going on." He stops for a moment to analyze the data at the Tactical station.

"Emergency forcefields are in place at the hull breach. I agree with Ensign Andrews, I see no evidence of this being unnatural at this time. Since the object never exited the ship, I'll assign a security team to check it out." He issued orders through the Tactical console for a security team to do just that.

Location: Captain's Quarters

Captain Adams was tossed out of his bed as the ship rocked. He hit is head but it was nothing serious. Grabbing a belt communicator he always carried he used it and said,

=/\= "Captain to the Bridge, Commander Murphy, what the hell is going on? What have we hit, or whatever?" =/\=

As he waited for an answer he reached into his closet and got a uniform to put on. He was going to the bridge and in a hurry.

=/\= Murphy here. An unknown object penetrated our hull. Emergency forcefields are in place. We don't know the full extent of the damage, some of our communications are down, and our engines are shut down. =/\=

"=/\= Very well, I am on my way"=/\= answered the Captain.

Location: Bridge

A few minutes later, Adams made his way to the bridge. Still getting his uniform into good condition, he sat down and finished getting his boots on.


Michael looked up from the Tactical console. "Sir, we're having trouble gathering more information about what's going on because of the communications problems. Once those come back we will have a lot more information. We do know that at, at least right now, we are stable."

"Then let's work on finding out what is going on and what has caused all this mess."


Location: Engineering

Bamn….bang…...explosion…...consoles exploding, people being thrown across the engine room and somewhere in the mix was T'Ponga. Bodies, some bloody, others unconscious, others still with injuries unknown, a voice barely audible over the intercom……"Engineering? T'Ponga….T'Ponga…….whats going on?," and then static.

Trying to clear her head, blood running down a gash in her head, she gingerly tried to move. No dice…..a bulkhead had settled on her chest yet again. That would make it the third time in 6 years. Looking around to see if she could find some type of leverage device, she did see something but could not reach it. She called out and finally an engineer responded.

"Oh boy boss, your a mess...let me get this off you," he said, hefting the beam. The minute she was free she rolled on her side to a horrible wave of pain that signaled broken ribs again.

"Damn it! See if you can get the coms back up. We need to communicate with the bridge," T'Ponga said as she sent the engineer to do as she asked.

It was about 15 minutes later when she was able to get a message to the bridge,

"Engineering to bridge…...I'm alive but barely. What in the name of Kahless is going on? Engineering is a mess!" T'Ponga finally said.

Location: Bridge

Lt. Niles McCullugh, "LCDR, Murphy, I have Lt.Shemara, Sir."

Niles quickly switched Comm. to answer Lt.Shemara, "T'Ponga, we were hit in the Port Side. Sensors are screwed up bad. We can't tell exactly where IT impacted or Extent of damages. All we know It didn't hit the Port Warp Nacelle and the Engine otherwise seem okay, at the Auto Shut Down Worked. Can You give us any Idea of How Bad We're hit, ..Oh Yeah, T'Ponga, at least he Ship's Integrity Field System is working. From the Bridge that's about all I can tell. Except It hit awfully fast from port. Out."

Niles switch the Comm System set-up so T'ponga's reply would be on Bridge open Comm. and that LCDR Murphy could talk to her Direct.

" Mr. Murphy, you're Directly connected To Lt.Shemara In Engineering on Your Command Chair Comm Link., Sir.", as Niles; LCDR, Murphy; and everybody on Bridge awaited her answer.

At least this was working, thought Michael. The orders he issued through the Tactical console had never gotten a response, which implied that they had never gone through. He nodded in thanks to Lieutenant McCulloch, as he waited with them to hear the Chief Engineer's reply.

Location: Engineering

Managing to painfully stand, she saw the extent of the damage. The Montana had been hit and hard. Thank the stars she had the hindsight to reinforce the SIF fields and IDF fields before they started out otherwise the damage would have been more extensive. "Well it is a mess, warp is offline, impulse is salvageable. Three hours to repair to full impulse. Warp is another question. Power taps and constrictors have been damaged from the explosion in the ODN conduits. That's gonna take 8 hours of hands on repair and right now I don't have the manpower to get it all done. I have many people still down including myself if you get my drift," T'Ponga said holding her ribs as she slid to the deck.

Location: Bridge

"First, LCDR Murphy, sir. If I'm not being too presumptuous I hope someone has informed Capt. Adams of our present situation, Sir." Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lt. Niles McCulloch, stated politely to LCDR Murphy, while Niles stood at parade attention facing the LCDR.

"Secondly, Mr. Murphy, Requesting permission for Sci/Eng, ENS Andrews and Myself to leave the to assist in Engineering, Sir." Niles continued calmly. As both Niles and ENS Andrews went to full attention and saluting, LCDR Murphy.

They then stood at Parade Rest awaiting an answer.

Captain Adams cut in, "Permission granted. But the turbolift is down in certain areas. This means you will have to get there, at least part of the way, through shafts."

While all this was going on ENS Andrews directly "Head Comm.ed" T'Ponga in Engineering on her personal communicator, as well as the Engineering-wide 'public comm. channel', " Hang in there T'ponga the Calvary is on the way."

Weakly T'Ponga answered, "Yeah just hurry.....," saying as she slipped into an unconscious state.

{<>* Location- Sick Bay *<>}:

Lt.(j.g.), Ethan Sanguina upon "receiving" Lt. T'Ponga Shemara in Sick-Bay on a 'Replcator System' added stretcher, adds her to his Immediate Care section of his patient tirage list.

"Jonathan; Emrys you know the drill tend to T'Ponga ASAP and keep me advised." The Doc, barks. Getting an immediate postive response from the respective Med.Techs.
{<>* Location- Bridge *<>}

Andrews, bluntly says, as he stands at Full Attention, " Mr. Murphy, Sir. CEO Lt. T'Ponga Shemara is now in Sick-Bay. Sir."

Andrews then turns and looks at Assit. CEO, Niles McCulloch and Before Niles can say anything Both Andrews and Niles have been "beamed" to Engineering.

Where They were standing on the Bridge, now stands Eng./Officer ENS. Julia Bell Rosenthal and Assitant CSO, Lt. Wallace Wilson. Both in uniform, and surprised as hell.

Lt. Wilson was a sleep, in his quarters, wearing pajamas, less than a second ago.

While ENS. Rosenthal Not only is she surprised, to be on the Bridge, but in completely clean Uniform.
She was slightly-pinned by damage in Engineering, but only lightly bruised; conscious; with her uniform alittle worse for where.

From: Engneering, Andrews Com.s the Bridge and Mr. Murphy, "The Calvary has arrived bending recall, Mr. Murphy. ...I hope I didn't over step my Rank and Bridge Command Position authority, Sir."

=/\= "We can discuss it later, let's focus on damage control for now," =/\= Murphy replied.

Having just arrived are already Niles and Andrews have gotten down to work in Engineering, while awaiting a reply.

While, on the Bridge: ENS Rosenthal is beginning to catch on to what's just happen.

"Eng./Officer ENS. Julia Bell Rosenthal, reporting for Engineering Bridge Station, LCDR Murphy, Sir.", she says crisply, as she salutes; standing at attention. Then assumes the parade rest position, awaiting a reply.

Running around trying to get things done, Captain Adams, once again, cuts in, "Welcome to the bridge. Just don't stand there, get to work."

By now Assist. CSO Lt. Wallace Wilson has finally grasped the situation thinking: "ENS Andrews has done IT again.", As he gathers some 'Dung has has impact an air exchange'.

While hoping Mr. Murphy and/or ENS Andrews, will fill him in.
Mr. Murphy 'in Person' and Andrews over the comm. link at The Bridge Sci. Station. In short, during the time between ENS Andrews message; ENS Rosenthals 'intro, to Mr. Murphy', he's had time to get his grey matter together, to report in, too.

"Assist. CSO Lt. Wallace Wilson, reporting for Bridge Station Duty, Mr. Murphy, Sir.", he says,crisply and susinctly as possible.

Saluting then going to parade rest, hoping he'll be brought up to speed, by Mr. Murphy and ENS Andrews, eventually.

Since Captain Adams was busy, Murphy turned and put a hand on Wallace's arm. "Lieutenant Wilson, go ahead and take over the science station. There's been a hull breach and engines are offline, we're still figuring out the rest." Murphy then turned back to the tactical console and checked for updates.

Meanwhile in Engineering:

Niles McCulloch; Trevor Andrews and The Engineering Personnel, with the help of reports from the impact area are Only just starting to begin to figure-out what the "BleeeP!?!" happen.

In short, if ship can be made to move on it's Own, warp-wise, or by Impulse Engines. We need to get a Friendly Space Port ASAP (Understanding that the ship was in deep space and it would take weeks to return to federation space at maximum warp. In fact, the ship was closer to a Klingon port).

So, Far the Consensus is: Firstly, what is shape is the Warp Drive situation in ....The Warp Nacelles are both intact...But, unless the Warp Engines auto-shutdown, was precipitated, by something other than a: 'to maintain still operational condition safety auto-shutdown' Situation. We're left with the Impulse Engines; with-out them we're going to have to be towed.

The good news all Essential Systems are operational at this time and between what's in storage and the replicator system the Outer Hull area of the impact can be patched. Plus, with help of the ship's integrity field internal structural repairs can be started.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer, USS Montana

Lieutenant Commander Michael Murphy,
Executive Officer and Chief of Security, USS Montana

Lt. T'Ponga Shemara
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Montana

Lt. Stuart Mann,
Helm Officer

Lt. Peter Ramsey

Dr. Ethan Sangunia


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Comments (1)

By Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. on Mon Feb 28th, 2022 @ 2:56am

Impulse Engine Salvageable could take-up to Three hours to repair to full impulse. Was T'Ponga's Assessment before She "Went Off-Line", to Sick-Bay.
Impulse Engine are a Top Engineering Priority, but intial assesment time frame-wise is...."Under Debate" Power sourcewise. May have scavange shuttles for parts, but...
ENS. Andrews; Lt. Mitchell; and Lt. McCulloch have come with Two ways to power the Impulse Engine once repaired.
Both are a "Rube-Goldberg" way to do IT:
1) Involves Scanging the The Drive Systems of the Ship's Shuttles.
2) Is nearly impossible to explain and Re quires the Capt.'s approval. Most of the Engineering & Science Crew Involved have nickname IT: AYFSAT, or "A-Sat" (The Acronym stands for: Are,You,Fucking, Serious, About,This.)
Both have a roughly "equal" chance of failing before They get to "Safety" (And The Engineer staff in toto define that very losely.*)
In short, if Option (2) is used and fails the USS Montana NCC-1889, will really need IT's Shuttle Craft.

Internal repairs continuing, a Stop & Start Steady Pace.
Port Outer Hull Repair complete, but still be buttressed by Integrety Field.

Exact Casualty Numbers of Injury and Dead still not exact, but so far Dead numbers in low teens, but some of the injured could use "better" Care Facilities ASAP.
Then there is OPTION No.#4, which is completely "safe", for getting the USS Montana, NCC-1889 to a Federation Port of call. ... But Really Calls for a Command Level Conference.
* Further discussion available.