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Posted on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 @ 8:40pm by Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Lt. & Ensign Trevor Andrews Ensign & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok & Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: James & Trevor's Quarters, on deck 5
Timeline: Apropriate

After Lieutenant Niles McCulloch Assistant Chief Engineering Officer get's Squeazal out of his crate and settled in to their quarters somewhere on deck 5. He deals with Ensign Trevor Andrews , Engineering Officer, power-recharge-wise. So, Trevor can conserve his relatively infinitely charged power pack.

"You still haven't reported into the Captain yet." Ensign Andrews reminds, Lieutenant Niles McCulloch.

" This our new home cozy, is it not." Chirps Che Herrera Squeazal, adding, "But point that beside, James. Introducing yourself to Captain Emmalyn Marcus, Trevor, is right in saying, you should do."

Squeazal sagely intones as he continues looking for a place to put his 45.72 CM by 60.96 CM bed.

"Okay! Okay! I know I should have reported, to Capt. Marcus first." LT. Niles James McCulloch laughs, as he tries to find his duty uniform.

"I will access the ship's computer files and see if I can track down, the ship's Capt, James. While you make ready, so you can find her location, at which to report. " Trevor remarks, as he wirelessly "patches-in" to the USS Montana's Main Frame. In his never-ending 'personal mission' to be helpful.

Finally after James pieces himself together, while Trevor keeps insisting James goes to where he "told", him to go so he can properly report in, to the Capt.

Plus, saying not to worry he will watch Squeazal, so he doesn't get into trouble "Like he always Does." Also, that he will finish putting James' things away.
AS ...Lieutenant Niles McCulloch, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer negotiates the USS Montana's Maze of lifts & corridors, he does his best to socially interact with the crew as he make his way to meet the Captain. Since so far he only Knows for sure the names and faces of three command people on the whole Ship. The Capt, the CEO/ Second in Command, and CSO

AS...Science Officer, Ensign Trevor Andrews puts away and organizes James and Squeazal belonging.

"Oh! Beetle Fuzz!" Chirps Squeazal, as finally find a place out of everyones way, for " large-sized 'Doll-Bed' ".
"Trevor, you toaster-brained tin-man you crew, too." He states emphatically, staring at Trevor as Trevor stops what he's doing and turns toward Squeazal.

"Yes!?! You are correct as usual, Squeere', old man." Tervor acknowledges crisply. "I must catch-up with James immediately, thank you." he continues as promptly/ neatly leave what he hasn't put away on James' bed.

"Me Promise I stay here and be good. Until one or more of get back." Squeere' says, as he puts on a "body-glove" more formal than one he was shipped in.

Trevor, taking Squeere's word "He'll be Good.", as he makes himself look presentable. Then exists their Quarter's on his Quest to find Capt. Marcus & CSO, Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson, to Report In.
The USS Montana's Senior Officer's Lounge, on Deck 2.
S'Relle was with the others looking around as her whiskers twitched and tail wagging ...
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Both Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Niles McCulloch and Science/ Engineering Officer, Ensign Trevor Andrews, catch-up with each other in the USS Montana's Senior Officer's Lounge, on Deck 2.

Lt. McCulloch is already in the process of engaging in conversation with Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant S'Relle, and the group she is in hope of locating Commanding Officer, Captain Emmalyn Marcus, when Ensign Trevor Andrews enters.

"Hello, Lt, S'Relle, I'm Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Niles James McCulloch and this is Science/ Engineering Officer, Ensign Trevor A. Andrews, we new aboard the Montana, and we were wondering if You or your friends could help us locate the Capt. so that we can formally report in." James, inquire politely as gestures toward Trevor.

Who is now at his side.
Trevor adds, " We have already reported to Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Commander T'Ponga Shemara, and is one of you Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson?"

Lt S'Relle, Chief Security,USS-Montana
S'Relle looked at him,"I'd be glad to help you." S'relle said with a caitain grin.
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Both Lt Niles James McCulloch and Ensign Trevor A. Andrews, both thanks Lt S'Relle, for her assistance.

" Since we're now crew aboard the Montana, Off-Duty, Lt. S'Relle, you can refer to us as Trev, and James." Ensign Andrews informs her as politely as he able. Ensign Andrews figures he can tract down Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG, Travis Ryson, by assessing the ship's Main Frame Computer if need be.
Trevor posits to himself, as he Continues, "Lt., do you have an informal personal self-referent you use, Off-Duty, or is "S'Relle" you whole name."

James, looks toward Trevor rolling his eyes "sky-ward", while thinking, "Trev, you do have a way with words, don't you." and trying not to look embarrassed.

Growling, livid, and angry, T'Ponga enters the lounge and demands a bottle of bloodwine. Yaking it, she starts for her usual table and see's her new assistant and side kick. Stomping to their table, "So this id where you two ended up! Have you reported to the captain yet?" she asks, suddenly laughing.

James, assumes T'ponga knows Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant S'Relle, "Not Yet, T'ponga." James replies politely, " Trev and I with hopefully with the Help of Lt. S'Relle, here will be able to Suss-Out the Maze known as the USS Montana, and find the "illusive" Captain Emmalyn Marcus, so that we can formally report in."

Trevor, trying to be helpful, "May I inquire, as to what has you at 6's &7's?". Trev , asks calmly, " Everything alright when last we parted company, T'Ponga. Has somethingelse go off-center in Engineering since we left?"

"Security Officer, Lt. S'Relle, Please report to Central Security immediately.Security Officer, Lt. S'Relle, Please report to Central Security immediately. That is All."

" Sorry everyone Duty Calls." Lt. S'Relle, says politely and finishes with as stands upand turns to leave, I Hope you finally find someone to report to, Eventually."

James and Trevor, Thank her as she leaves the Officer's Lounge. While Staring expectantly at T'Ponga to see if is coherent to response to them and the others around her.

"Oh sorry about the rant, found a problem in the dilithium frame hatch. Bloody base engineers don't know their asses from their elbows. Had to replace the hatch coupling before getting here", she said calmly. "You were saying?"

Meanwhile back on Deck 5 in James' & Trevor's Quarters Squeazal discovers one of The Montana's Food Replicators.

"Can you make for me a bowl of Honey Baked Dried Crerelocktos Beatles and a 98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit glass of Tollaurau Spring Water. " Squeazal asks the Food Replicator, after he fianlly figures out it is accessed by "talking" to IT instead of having to use a keyboard. Like the Food Replicators on the Cargo Ship he arrived on.
(Meanwhile back on Deck 2, in the Officer's Lounge.)

" I hope it was nothing serious, T'Ponga,?" James asks, seeing that T'Ponga had regained her composure. Plus, see that since Security Officer Lieutenant S'Relle had to leave, decides it wasn't worth mentioning her, again in his rephrasing, of his last remark, stated, " Also, T'ponga, hopefully with Your Help Trev and I, will be able to soon find the "illusive" Captain Emmalyn Marcus. By Suss-Out the Maze known as the USS Montana, with your assistance. So that we can finally formally report in, to the Captain."

"I would also appreciate any help you can give me in finding Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson, T'Ponga." Tevor, adds pensively.

They both await T'Ponga's reply, as they covertly look around to see if, either Captain Emmalyn Marcus and/or CSO, Lt,jg Travis Ryson, have entered the Lounge while they wait.

Travis strolled into the officer's lounge with a cup of coffee in hand. He noted that there was a relatively decent amount of officers in the lounge at the moment, as well as some new faces, so he wouldn't be surprised if he needed to meet any new officers, possibly in his department.

"Guess Who just walked in, Trev?" James said, as he nodded toward CSO, Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson, as he walked in to The Officer's Lounge.

"Thank You, James, for pointing him out." Said Trever as stood-up from his Chair, adding Politely, "Excuse me, T'Ponga. Hopefully I'll be back so we can start our Capt. Quest. If, not I'll find her later."

Trevor catches-up with The CSO, as he sits down at a Table with his cup of coffee.
"Science Officer, Ensign Trevor Andrews, reporting for duty, Sir." Trevor formally introduces himself to CSO, Lt-jg, Travis Ryson. Standing at Parade Attention Saluting, as he awaits a reply.

"Welcome aboard Ensign. And welcome to my rather small science department." Travis chuckled.

Meanwhile Back in James' and Trevor's Quarters on Deck-5.

Squeazal is wondering what taking James and Trevor so long to find the people they were looking for. So he Coms, Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok.
"Chief Security Officer, Lt. Sykon, this is a Passenger on board the USS Montana, are there. I repeating, Chief Security Officer, Lt. Sykon, this is a Passenger on board the USS Montana, are there. In short, is anyone on duty in Security, Squeazal, my name. Would someone please reply, Thanking You Muchly. Over."
Squeazal sits munching his Honey Baked Dried Crerelocktos Beatles and drinking his Tollaurau Spring Water, which by now is getting a little tepid.

"Sorry, Mr. Squeazal, Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant Sykon Son of Sran. Son of Kanok, is Preparing for an oh-eight-thirty hours Briefing , with Capt. Marcus. At This Time." a female voice politely replied.

Squeazal had heard Ship Wide Announcement calling the Briefing, that James and Trevor had Heard in the Deck-2 Officer's Lounge.
Where, Trevor Had Just Introduced Himself to The CSO; and James sat With T'Ponga.


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