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Strange Assumption

Posted on Sat May 22nd, 2021 @ 3:17am by Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara & Lieutenant Stuart Mann
Edited on on Sat May 22nd, 2021 @ 3:19am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Current

On the Bridge at 0600:

Lt. Mann was still in command as the ship sped through space at warp 8.5. The helmsman looked at the Mann,

“Sir if we don’t slow down we are going to forced too after we break the ship”

Mann was unmoved, he sat in the command chair and responded very matter of a factly,

“Maintain course and speed, that is an order.”

One could feel the ship shake as it flew faster than normal. Suddenly, the Communications Officer said,

“Lt. Mann, we are receiving another communication from Commander Jefferies..”

Mann stood up from the chair and said,

“Put it on speaker”

The voice came cracked but one could hear it again….

“Is there anyone out there? This is Commander Jefferies, Starfleet ID Number……..” Then the message went dead.

“Get him back,” ordered Lt. Mann.

“I cannot sir, he is gone” responded the Communications Officer.

Mann Sat back in the command chair and then said,

“Helm, increase speed to warp 8.7”

The helm officer looked back at Mann and responded,

“Sir, you are going to burn the engines up. This ship is not designed for that type of speed.”

“Just do it!” ordered Mann.

T'Ponga was fighting to keep the ship from flying apart. The speed of 8.7 was pushing it but .3 points more and they would be at warp 9, which was dangerous. Pulling power from all unused areas, she funneled the raw power into the engines, and the SIF fields to keep her in one piece. Adding power to the IDF to keep the shaking and rattling to a minimum, the Montana slowly crept towards warp 9.
"Hang onto your hats…...we're flying at warp 8.99999 approaching warp 9! You realize this is gonna cost three weeks in spacedock redoing the engines, Right?" she said watching the control board as they approached an incredible warp 9.

The ship increased speed and the helm officer exclaimed,

“Lt. Mann Engineering is pushing the ship beyond the redline to wrap 9. At this speed we will reach the space station in 3.1 hours.”

“Very good, Ensign. Maintain course and speed as long as possible” responded Mann.

Turning the command chair over to the Communication Officer, Mann ordered:

“Please inform the Captain of our new time of arrival..”

WIthout even waiting for the Communications Officer to respond, Mann turned his chair around and stared into the viewscreen.

‘What is going on with Jefferies and that Spacestation’ he thought to himself.

Marcus had gotten out of bed yet again. Damn she couldn't rest for even a minute.

She was first distracted by a meeting with S'relle, now here she was making her way back to the bridge.

Marcus grabbed her communicator off the table and put her badge back on.

She flipped open the side of the communicator. "Marcus to Mann get the second officer ready. We will be in orbit in about 20 minutes. Marcus said.

“Aye sir” came the response.

Lt. Stuart Mann
Navagiaton | Acting First Officer

Capt Emmalyn Marcus
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander T'Ponga Shemara
2XO/Chief Engineering Officer


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