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The Briar Patch

Posted on Wed May 8th, 2024 @ 2:06pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Kestra Ral & Lieutenant JG Aubrie Fox

Mission: The Romulan War
Location: Low orbit around Etaantiale

The Ship moved into its hiding spot, and, for a moment, they were safe.

While repairs were made, the command team assembled in the Captain's quarters for a meeting.

Drinking his Diet Pepsi, the Captain said, "Okay, what have we learned, and what do we do next?"

Looking over the Commander, "Would you like to start XO?"

Kestra rubbed the back of her neck as she looked around a little nervous. She shifted her weight from foot to foot and waited for the XO. At least she wasn't put on the hot seat. So was the captain going to be really mad at the decision that had been made?

Murphy cleared his throat. "The away mission was a success. Lieutenant Ryan, Lieutenant Ral, and I were able to get a good look at the blueprints of the polaris ship. We've already met with Lieutenant Mitchell about what we can remember from them. We sabotaged their coolant system, so that if they don't catch it, it should blow when the matter antireactor reactor overheats. It feels like to truly complete our mission, we next need to stay hidden, verify the polaris ship explodes, and then make it back to Federation space without being detected. Unless something else comes up, of course."

Kestra nodded yes that sounded so much better than the things running around in her head. Choices, it was all about choice. They either let the Romulans build their doomsday machine, and they will destroy the federation and probably time itself. Or the other choice, kill a few 100.... Maybe more people when the ship blows up...... Crap she was back to feeling sick again. Still, it was the only thing they could have done.

Steve stayed at his position while Murphy filled the captain on the mission. He simply nodded, hoping his engineering skills worked. He would know for sure only when they will hear the boom coming from the romulan ship.

Fox stood and just listened, This mission seemed to be turning to crap bit by the minute.

Kestra rubbed the back of her neck. "We did meet with our contact. Seems the Remans aren't to happy with the Romulans. Sir the Remans are telepathic." She thought she should warn him.

The Captain listened to everyone and then chimed in, "Okay, I will just be honest. We must get word to Starfleet. Let's face it, we will not get out of Romulan space without help. I suggest we look for a way to get a message to Starfleet, and we do it very soon."

Looking over at the Executive Officer, "Do you agree?"

Murphy nodded in the affirmative.

Fox spoke up, "Captain, I may have an idea. What if we set up some buoys on a specific distress frequency, where other Starfleet ships could pick it up and come to help?"

"Not sure they would come help us. It would mean starting the war. They told us we were on our own." Kestra stated. "If possible the Remans might be able to start some chaos in another area of space. The Romulans might go to investigate leaving a path clear for us to leave." Shrugged her shoulders

"A suono buoy?" he shook his head "might work but Romulans would find it too. It's pretty much the same like contacting the fleet ourselves from the ship. We might use the buoy to divert Romulans' interes tho" he smiled accomplished by his idea awaiting for the senior staff to approve or challenge it.

"We still have to be careful," Murphy responded, while he considered the ideas being presented. "We don't want the Romulans figuring out that we're here."

"Well, I think they pretty much know" Steve pondered "They've seen the Montana and they know it's a Starfleet asset, plus I think they can follow our trails till this very specific hiding spot. They don't know exactly where but they have a pretty rough idea of where" he shrugged.

Kestra nodded it was true they might find where they had gone, but it would take time if they even thought of it how to do it.

The Captain suggested, "What if we just make a run of it for the boarder? We just kick it into full speed and not look back. Can we run the blockade before they know what hit them?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. With any luck they will send the new ship after us and it will blow up on them. After that we know it's just a war we are dealing with." Kestra nodded. She would rather run then hide any day of the week.

"Sounds like we have a consensus?" Murphy asked, surveying the room.

Steve nodded.

"Alright," Murphy said, with enthusiasm. "We're making a run for it. No need for silent running. This time we want to be found. Everyone report to stations and let's make it happen."


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications and Operations Officer

Lieutenant JG Aubrie Fox
Assistant Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant Kestra Ral
Chief Science Officer


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