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Bar talk

Posted on Tue May 21st, 2024 @ 12:20am by Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: The Romulan War
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Present


[officers observation lounge]

Kestra couldn't sleep. Well, that wasn't true; she was afraid of sleeping. Every night for the past few days, she would fall asleep. Then that darn Reman would visit in her mind. It wasn't like she could walk away or anything. Blast him! So, here she was drinking. Maybe it was not the best thing to do with her time, but it was fun.

The bartender smiled. "Another Samarian Sunset?"

"I am not on the floor yet, and after the day I had, yea, I need another."

The Captain walked into the bar, at about the same time as Kestra's next drink showed up. The bartender walked over,

"Your usual, sir?"

"Why not, I mean, it is not like I will be able to sleep anytime soon."

A few seconds later, a tall glass came with a dark substance and ice.

"Thank you," said the Captain.

Kestra smiled as the bartender set her drink down, and then she laughed as he flicked the glass, making the liquid change colors.

Kestra turned to smile at the captain. "Having trouble sleeping too, sir?"

"Always, on these types of missions. It is always hard with the weight of the world on your back."

Kestra nodded "Seem like you have pretty strong shoulders to handle the weight but remember." Her hand moved to room and the people still up. "We all signed on for this mission. Live or die we want to make the galaxy a better place. You need to rest to make sure you make the best decisions. " she smiled

The Captain smiled, "Yes, but only I signed up to (sometimes) order people to die. That is not something I care to do, I will, but I do not like it."

He took a breath and then said,

"Bartender, we take two shots of whatever you got..."

She grinned. " 'It's the maybe, and you might have to'. That's the problem. All things that might never happen, so you live in the now. Things you are doing now. Not sleeping isn't going to help any of those problems." she grinned as the bartender put another glass in front of her, then flicked it. Changing the colors of the drink to a perfect sunset or sunrise, depending on how you look at it.

The bartender shook his head. "I thought you had a limit on how much you drank?" He asked her. Kestra gave a playful grin. "Normally I do, but there is this one particular Reman that likes to talk when I go to sleep." She gave a shiver." I am drinking, then listening to Klingon Opera all night. S'Rinarix doesn't stand a chance." She chuckled.

The Captain took his shot and held it up. "Here is to getting home safely."

Kestra nodded "and many more adventures." She tapped her shot against his then downed it.

Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Office, USS Montana

Lieutenant Kestra Ral
CSO USS Montana


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